100 Days to Seduce the Devil

Chapter 447 Ethan Found An Important Clue
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Day Fifty-Two…


Ethan's words didn't make sense to Dave. Perhaps, he was referring to Abigail's memory. In order for his woman to be back, she should remember those memories with him.

Dave stroked Ethan's head, giving him a grateful look. "Thanks, Ethan." He knew that the young boy just wanted to comfort him.

Ethan just smiled faintly and shifted his gaze back to Abigail. "Is she so important to you, Uncle Dave? Do you love her?"

"Yes. She is important to me. I can't bear to lose her. And I love her…" Dave admitted to Ethan. He didn't want to lie to this young boy.

"Uncle Dave, let me apologize on my father's behalf. I know… you might be thinking that he stole her from you. But that was not the case." Ethan could only see things differently. He was the only one who knew about Phantomflake's existence.

"Don't worry, Uncle Dave. I will find her… my Dad's real woman." Ethan added, reassuring him.

Even though some of Ethan's words were strange and weird, Dave tried to understand him. He never questioned him.

"Ethan, thank you for helping me. Because of you, I was able to see Abigail. I promise… I will catch the culprit and investigate this case thoroughly." Dave was so determined to find the culprit whoever did this to Abigail.

Ethan and Dave continued watching Abigail in silence. As Ethan looked at her, suddenly he recalled something. His eyes lit up when finally he found a clue where he could start finding Phantomflake.

Abigail reminded him of the patient he saw before. 'Oh! That's right! I remember. I saw Mom… a patient who looks exactly like her… in my Uncle Stephen's house.'

Ethan snapped his fingers when he remembered it. At first, he thought his eyes were just playing tricks on him. But now he thought of the possibility that the patient in his Uncle Stephen's house might be the real body of his mom.

"Uncle Dave, I'm sorry. But I have to go. I must check something!" There was a hint of urgency in Ethan's voice.

"Where are you going?" Dave asked him curiously.

Ethan smiled at him cheerfully and said, "To my Uncle Stephen's house. I will search for my Dad's woman! My mom!"

Dave: "..."

Ethan didn't wait for Dave to say another word. He dashed out of the room. He was excited, hoping he could find Phantomflake there. He found hope!

Upon leaving Abigail's VIP ward, Ethan headed to the parking lot where his grandfather was waiting for him.

"Grandpa! Can we go to Uncle Stephen's house? I have to confirm something." Ethan was still panting when he talked to his grandpa. He ran so fast because he was in a hurry.

"Okay, Grandson. I will drop you off at your Uncle Stephen's house."

Ethan bobbed his head with a bright expression on his face. Old Man Xu noticed the changes in his grandson's mood. He was no longer low-spirited. He wondered what happened.

"Where is your Uncle Dave?" Old Man Xu asked after motioning for their chauffeur to start the car and leave the hospital.

"I left him there. Don't worry Grandpa. Uncle Dave is a trustworthy person."

"Hmm. Okay. But I'm just worried. You left him there. Your father is a jealous man, remember." Old Man Xu could sense that Dave was not only a friend. That guy had feelings for Abigail. He could see how worried he was a while ago.

Meanwhile, Ethan just let out a soft giggle. "Grandpa, don't worry. I will fix things. Uncle Dave and my Dad didn't love the same woman."

Old Man Xu could only sigh helplessly. His grandson was talking strangely once more.

It did not take long before Ethan and Old Man Xu reached Stephen's house. He just dropped Ethan there because he had to go to the office. He would just ask the chauffeur to fetch Ethan once he was done visiting his Uncle Stephen.

Ethan quickly alighted from the car and rushed to Stephen's entrance door. He found Cherry and Aiden in the living room.

"Uncle Aiden, where is Uncle Stephen?" Ethan immediately looked for Stephen.

"Ethan, he is not here. He had just left… going to your father," Aiden responded. "Why are you here?"

"I came here to see the patient whom my Uncle Stephen is keeping in that room!" Ethan pointed his finger upstairs.

Cherry and Aiden exchanged glances with one another. Both of them were thinking of the same thing. Maybe Ethan could help them bring back Phantomflake.

"Ethan, the patient is not here anymore." Cherry sounded sad and disheartened.

"Huh? Why? What happened to her?" Ethan suddenly got worried.

"She finally regained consciousness… However, your Dad's men took her away." Aiden informed Ethan, hoping this kid would do something. Though he didn't know why Ethan was looking for Phantomflake, he would seize this opportunity to get his help.

"What? My Dad took her?" Ethan's eyes went round.

"Why don't you ask your father where he brought her?" Aiden urged Ethan.

He ignored Stephen's warning. The last time they talked, Stephen was against the idea of seeking Ethan's help to save Phantomflake from his father's wrath. However, Aiden just wanted to help Cherry bring back Phantomflake safe and sound. Aiden was truly a rule breaker sometimes, doing things on impulse.

"Why did my father take her?" Ethan became more curious. 'Does he know her already?' He mused to himself.

"We don't know…" Cherry replied. She was anxious because until now she didn't know the reason why Nathan's men captured Phantomflake.

"But your Dad… seems angry at her. We are worried about her. By the way, Ethan… why are you looking for her?" Aiden asked the young boy expectantly.

"Because I want to know her. You and others forbade me from seeing her before. Now, I want to know why Uncle Stephen kept the patient here," Ethan responded.

"Uncle Aiden, let's go back to the hospital. I will ask Dad about her whereabouts." Ethan requested.

Aiden bobbed his head frantically while grinning from ear to ear. He liked how Ethan reacted. 'I knew it! Only Ethan can help us. He will confront his father!'

"I'll come with you. I want to ask Nathan myself why he took my sister." Cherry decided to tag along with them.

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