Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 512 - The Straw Hat Pirates
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What a confident little fellow.

Monkey D. Luffy, who was standing in front of Mihawk, did not know the difficulty of this matter when he mentioned that he wanted to become the Pirate King.

Mihawk’s eyes flashed, and he whispered, “If you want to become the Pirate King, this is comparable to becoming the world’s strongest swordsman…”

Mihawk wasn’t boasting.

Rather, Mihawk believed that if he wanted to become the real world’s strongest swordsman, he had to defeat that terrifying man, Uehara Naraku.

If he wanted to become the Pirate King…

He still had to defeat that man, Uehara Naraku.

It just so happened that according to Mihawk’s understanding of Uehara.

Once Uehara mentioned a certain person, and this person happened to have not joined the Akatsuki Organization, it meant that his life might be rather unlucky.

In other words…

Whether it was Monkey D. Luffy or Roronoa Zoro, they might all be under Uehara’s control. If they wanted to realize their dreams, the difficulty was no less than letting Uehara be a person.

What a pity…

He doesn’t know how far these two little guys can go!

Just as Mihawk sighed in his heart, Luffy suddenly grinned and stuck out his tongue, “I don’t care! Anyway, I will definitely become the Pirate King!”


Mihawk was silent for a while. He slowly approached Luffy, “Why do you want to become the Pirate King?”

“Because I want to.”

Monkey D. Luffy clenched his fists, and a firm look flashed across his face, “So I must become the Pirate King!”

His theory was extremely simple.

Compared to other people talking about the wealth that could control the world and great treasures, Monkey D. Luffy’s reason was very simple.

Because he wanted to…

He was determined to do it!

However, Mihawk frowned and punched Luffy in the abdomen. Luffy could not help but bend down in pain, “What are you doing…”

“Remember the pain at this time.”

Mihawk withdrew his fist and looked at Luffy calmly. He continued, “If you want to become the Pirate King, you must become stronger… stronger than the previous Pirate King, Gol D. Roger!”

Even according to Mihawk’s rough knowledge, he believed that Uehara absolutely had the strength of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger!

Mihawk landed on his own coffin boat. He looked at Luffy and shouted, “Brat, your real test has just arrived. This is just an appetizer…”


Luffy couldn’t help but mutter.

Mihawk didn’t explain too much. He just drove his own coffin boat and slowly sailed away, leaving the last sentence for Luffy and others.

“There will be a marine coming to East Blue soon. The name of the marine is Uehara Naraku. His strength can easily destroy all the pirates of East Blue. It is not easy for you to enter the Grandline…”

When he left, Mihawk saw that the Krieg Pirates who were making trouble near Baratie Restaurant were in the way. He completely disintegrated the Krieg Pirates with one slash.

This was also disappointing…

Luffy scratched his head and looked at Mihawk, who left. Suddenly he couldn’t help but say: “Eh? That guy Uehara Naraku finally became a marine? I thought that he might not be able to become a marine and wanted to invite him to join my pirate group!”

Unfortunately, Mihawk didn’t hear what Luffy said.

The others ignored Luffy.

Ocean-going restaurant Baratie exploded in an instant.

“Uehara Naraku… is that Uehara Naraku the one who came to our place before?”

“The bastard who ate without paying and stole three million Beli?”

“I heard that Saji was about to go crazy from anger at that time…”

The group of cooks immediately became noisy.

Just as they were making noise, a voice suddenly fell into their ears, “That Uehara Naraku you guys are talking about… is he a guy who looks very kind when he smiles but isn’t human at all when he does things?”

The person who asked the question was a young and beautiful girl.

This beautiful girl was Nami from Cocoyashi Village. She was currently serving as a temporary navigator in the Straw Hat Pirates.

Although Cocoyashi Village didn’t have Arlong Pirates anymore…

However, Nami didn’t change her habit of stealing from pirates. Moreover, Nami was now in new trouble. That was the Captain Nezumi of the East Blue marine branch.

After Arlong died, this Captain Nezumi didn’t find a suitable source of money. Coincidentally, he heard about Nami, this thief, so he used the matter of the Arlong Pirate to threaten Nami.


When Nami heard that Uehara became a marine, she was slightly absent-minded for a moment, “That guy actually became a marine?”

Originally, Nami wanted to use Luffy’s pirate group to move together, and then after she went to the Grandline, she would secretly go to Uehara!

Because Nami still remembered that Uehara once said that Cocoyashi Village would face the wrath of the world’s strongest pirate group, Whitebeard Pirates…

Originally, Nami wanted to rely on the Baroque Works, but in these three years, the situation on the sea was unpredictable.

The Baroque Works were destroyed.

Uehara was nowhere to be found, and this was the first time Nami had heard of Uehara’s information.

As a result…

Here, she heard that this guy had become a marine.

This matter made Nami feel a little uncomfortable. She had been blackmailed by Captain Nezumi of the East Blue marine branch base all this time, so she could only continue to work hard to earn money…

“Ah, beautiful young lady…”

Ocean-going restaurant Baratie’s sous-chef, Sanji, took a graceful step and appeared next to Nami, “Do you also know that bastard called Uehara Naraku? The Uehara Naraku you are talking about is the person who once ravaged Baratie!”

After he finished speaking, Sanji did not hesitate.

This cook mentioned that the ocean-going restaurant Baratie had once received Uehara. They had specially prepared a feast that no one could find fault with, but in the end, they were eaten without paying…

They were even been robbed of three million Beli in the name of wasting time.

“Three million Beli is nothing…”

A hint of anger flashed across Nami’s face. She stretched out her palm and said, “Three years ago, the 30,000,000 Beli that I had saved up was snatched away by that guy!”

She was still angry up till now!

This was because, in addition to snatching the Beli that she had painstakingly saved up, Uehara had also dug up a lot of Bell-mere tangerines trees.

As the two of them chatted, they seemed to have a common enemy.

Luffy landed next to them and explained with a smile, “I know about this matter. Uehara only snatched away your Beli in order to help people like Sister Makino!”

“Shut up!”

Nami could not help but punch Luffy on the head, “You don’t know anything at all! Although that guy sounds like a good person, do you know how much he has done?”

“Yes, yes!”

Sanji also held a cigarette in his mouth and cheered beside Nami.

Nami punched Sanji on the head, “Hey, don’t go too far. Although that guy is not a good person, he is not as bad as you think…”

At the very least, he had eliminated Arlong.

At least no one in the entire Cocoyashi Village had died.

At the very least, the entire Cocoyashi Village had regained its freedom. The only pity was that Nami’s wealth had been stolen.

Luffy and Sanji couldn’t help but look at each other, then turned to look at Nami. Why was this woman’s character so complicated?

Who did she want to scold?

However, the two of them didn’t continue to think about Nami.

Luffy sincerely invited Sanji to join his pirate group. The first thing their straw hat pirate group had to do was to avoid the upcoming purge of Uehara!

This kind of thing…

Sanji really agreed.

Sanji joined the pirate group and wanted to find the ALL BLUE. He also had to find a way to solve the problem with Uehara. Sanji still remembered Uehara’s threat.

That guy…

He knew that he was a member of the Vinsmoke Family!

After Luffy went out to sea, his track seemed to have not changed. He got to know Nami, Zoro, and Usopp and also had a pirate ship, Going Merry.

Now, with the addition of Sanji, the Straw Hat Pirate had a complete foundation of Team, and they could finally go to the Grandline.


Nami was a little worried that East Blue Captain Nezumi would vent his anger on Cocoyashi Village because of this. After all, that guy seemed to be as greedy as Uehara…

“Forget it; I can only take it one step at a time.”

Nami glanced at the group of guys beside her and could not help but frown, “Can these guys really enter the Grandline?”

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