Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 514 - The Yami Yami No MI(Dark-Dark Fruit) Appeared in the World
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Mary Geoise was really terrifying.

The people here really had very few brains.

When Uehara left Mary Geoise, he actually wrote seven to eight names in the small notebook. No matter if it was male or female, they were all Celestial Dragons whom he had encountered in Mary Geoise wandering around.

Kizaru glanced at the small notebook in Uehara’s hand and could not help but ask curiously, “What will Mr. Uehara do in the future?”

“You will know in a few months…”

Uehara slowly put away his small notebook and turned to look at Mary Geoise, “Fate has already made her choice… Let’s go!”


Today’s headquarters was a bit lively.

Admiral Akainu, who has been out to exterminate pirates, and Admiral Aokiji, who has been patrolling in the first half of Grandline, all of them were actually there.

Even Kabuto, who had been in charge of Enies Lobby, rushed over. Vice Admiral Garp, Vice Admiral Tsuru, and the other higher-ups of the marine were there.

When Vice Admiral Tsuru saw Kabuto, she was a little surprised, “Little Kabuto, why did you come back to Marineford today?”

To tell the truth.

Vice Admiral Tsuru had complicated feelings about Kabuto.

She had always been optimistic to Kabuto about the development of the marine, but she didn’t expect that he would climb to a higher position in just a few years and even become Sengoku’s future opponent.

Kabuto was still humble to Vice Admiral Tsuru. He slowly pushed his glasses and smiled, “Captain Uehara Naraku is going back to Marineford to report in the next few days. I am here to welcome the return of our SWORD unit hero…”

In fact, Admiral Aokiji and Admiral Akainu also stayed at Marineford in order to welcome Uehara.

These two Marine Admirals… were more worried that Uehara would directly blow Marineford into the sky.

Hearing Kabuto’s words, Vice Admiral Tsuru could not help but frown, “Is it for Akatsuki’s information?”


Kabuto nodded and continued with a smile, “This time, I came to Marineford because I needed to get specific information about Akatsuki from Captain Uehara Naraku. I need detailed information to provide a more suitable plan for the Five Elder Stars.”


Vice Admiral Tsuru fell into silence.

This young man, who she once thought was strong enough to carry the banner of the marine, slowly used the marine as a stepping stone to enter World Government and become a celebrity in the eyes of the Five Elder Stars.

But this can’t be wrong…

After all, a talented person like Kabuto, whether in World Government or in the marine, will definitely be valued and will go higher and higher later.

Kabuto looked at Vice Admiral Tsuru with a complicated expression and whispered, “This matter is also related to the future of the marine. This year’s new pirates seem to be much more extraordinary.

We have to consider whether to put the power of the marine in the first half of the Grandline or the New World according to the threat of the Akatsuki Organization and Yonko(Four Emperors) Pirates.

This year’s pirates…

There was indeed a lot of them.

In other words, there were a lot of pirates every year. But this year, the new pirates were a bit strong. The marines in the North Blue, South Blue, and West Blue could no longer suppress them.

This year, two super rookies appeared in the Grandline.

A tall Marine Vice Admiral stood beside Kabuto, scratched his hair, and slowly asked, “Are those new pirates so important? Why don’t I feel that it’s strange? It seems that there are no powerful people…”

“Vice Admiral Strawberry”

Kabuto looked at the Vice Admiral and honestly explained, “Those newcomers who can stand out from the four seas and enter the Grandline will have the possibility of causing trouble for the marine in the future…”

Kabuto pushed his glasses and continued, “What if someone as troublesome as Fire Fist Ace appeared?”

“Fire Fist Ace?”

Strawberry couldn’t help but frown and whispered, “That guy did cause a lot of trouble for the marine.

But his greatest threat is his companion, Uchiha Sasuke…”

Just as they were discussing Portgas D. Ace and Uchiha Sasuke. Whitebeard Pirates, who were in the New World, were in a fierce battle.

This was a large fleet of pirates that challenged the Whitebeard Pirates.

Since Whitebeard attacked less and less, the pirates in the New World gradually noticed that the strongest man in the world might really be too old!

If you don’t challenge him…

Whitebeard might have died of old age!

This battle completely kicked off in the Whitebeard sea region!

The large fleet that came to challenge Whitebeard was composed of several super-large pirate groups in the New World. The captains of the large fleet were not only strong individually, but also had tens of thousands of pirates under them. They entered the Whitebeard sea region as a challenger.

This large fleet was divided into three groups but still maintained an absolutely strong advantage to defeat the pirate group under the Whitebeard’s banner and attacked the Whitebeard Pirates’ own team from three routes.

1st Division, 3rd Division, 5th Division, 6th Division, and 10th Division snipe the enemy on the left flank under the leadership of Marco and Jozu. The captains of the 11th to 16th Division were responsible for facing the enemy of the right flank.

2nd Division, 4th Division, 7th Division, 8th Division, and 9th Division were led by Whitebeard, responsible for going to meet the strong enemy in the middle

The tall Susanoo flew in the air!

On the surface of the sea, countless pirates were fighting against each other!

Sasuke controlled the Susanoo to cut off the enemies one after another, and with each slash, dozens of pirates were cut down!

This war didn’t even need Whitebeard Edward Newgate to make a move. When Sasuke made a move, the victory had already been determined.

After the battle ended.

This super large fleet was completely disintegrated, and the few remaining ships fled like headless flies. Whitebeard Pirates did not pursue and slowly cleaned the battlefield.

On the Moby Dick.

The 4th Division Captain, Thatch, came back with a box. His face could not help but be happy, “Hey, Ace, Sasuke, come and see what I found!”

“Thanks, Teach.”

Sasuke reached out and took the juice handed to him by Marshall D. Teach, then slowly looked in Thatch’s direction, “Did you find any fresh ingredients again? Don’t make those strange dishes again…”

Because in addition to being the captain of the 4th Division, he was also the cook of Whitebeard Pirates; this guy will definitely search for ingredients every day.


Ace’s face revealed a hint of curiosity. He looked at the thing in Thatch’s hand and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Devil Fruit?”


Thatch reached out his hand to hold a strange-looking Devil Fruit, “My luck is really good. I actually found a Devil Fruit…”

“That’s enough.”

Sasuke waved his hand in disdain, “Then eat it! It seems that when you fall into the sea in the future, I need to fish you up…”


A burst of laughter came from the entire Moby Dick.

Ace stood next to Thatch and instigated Thatch with a smile, “Hurry up and taste what it tastes like. Let us see what kind of ability it is. It feels a bit like Logia-type…”


Thatch scratched his head. After thinking for a while, he said with a smile, “I still have to think about it. If a cook eats a Devil Fruit, it will delay finding ingredients at sea…”

“But it will make your strength stronger.”

After Sasuke casually responded, he couldn’t help but say, “It doesn’t seem right. Unless you get the old man Gura Gura no Mi(Tremor-Tremor Fruit) or the troublesome Pika Pika no Mi(Glint-Glint Fruit) of the marine, the other fruits don’t seem to be very good…”

Speaking of this, Sasuke even picked a typical example, “Look at Marco; he clearly ate a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit. But aside from being a punching bag, it doesn’t seem to be of any use…”

“Hey, hey, hey, Sasuke, this is too much!”

“Hahahaha, but Marco’s fruit ability is really too strange!”

“If Logia-type’s fruit can be awakened, it seems that the recovery ability is not bad… But Marco’s fruit is very handsome!”


After taking a sip of the juice, Sasuke could not help but say, “But Marco is ugly…”


The entire Moby Dick immediately turned into a sea of joy.

It had to be said that ever since Sasuke integrated into Whitebeard Pirates, these members gradually became familiar with Sasuke’s character. All the members of Whitebeard Pirates practically treated Sasuke as their own younger brother.

Although this guy’s mouth was very poisonous, and he likes to act cool…

Every time they mentioned fighting or strength, he always looked like the combat strength of the others, except Whitebeard was trash…


Sasuke had done more for Whitebeard Pirates.

In the entire Whitebeard Pirates, there were few people who had received Sasuke’s favor. Whenever they encountered danger and sent out a rescue call, the first to come to support them would definitely be the tall Susanoo!

In addition, no matter who encountered trouble, Sasuke would help them. His strength was second only to Whitebeard of Whitebeard Pirates.

Just as the entire Moby Dick took advantage of the fact that Marco had not yet returned and secretly laughed at this big brother, Sasuke suddenly noticed Marshall D. Teach’s strange face.

The honest senior member of the 2nd Division had a somewhat stunned and complicated expression at this moment as if he had seen something that surprised him.

“I remember the last time I got hold of a Devil Fruit Encyclopedia, and it was borrowed later, and who is it now…”

When Sasuke frowned and thought about it, he could not help but look up at Teach, “Huh? Teach, what’s wrong?”

“Zehahaha… I’m fine.”𝚏r𝗲ewe𝚋𝐧𝚘vel.𝚌𝚘m

Teach hurriedly revealed a smile and shook his head guiltily, “I just remembered seeing a crushed cherry pie on a boat today…”

“Then let Thatch make one for you today!”

Ace laughed and patted Thatch on the shoulder, “He got a Devil Fruit today! He must prepare a banquet today!”


Sasuke shook his head impatiently and shouted, “Hey, where is the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia? Check out the power of the Devil Fruit that Thatch just got today. Is it worth it for him to eat this thing that is said to be very unpalatable…”

“It’s with me!”

A pirate who borrowed the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia took it and searched the devil fruit in Thatch’s hand. Then he said loudly, “There is actually a record on it. I found it!”


Teach’s face changed.

In the next moment, the pirate slowly said the name of the devil fruit in Thatch’s hand, “It seems to be called Gomu Gomu no Mi(Rubber-Rubber Fruit)…”


Teach’s expression eased slightly.

Ace could not help but shout, “Hey, hey, hey, be a little more careful. My younger brother, Luffy, eats the Gomu Gomu no Mi(Rubber-Rubber Fruit). He should have just gone out to sea this year… Wait, Luffy? Has something happened to Luffy?!”

“Shut up, idiot!”

Sasuke punched Ace’s head and could not help but say, “No matter how you look at it, this fruit looks more like Logia-type, right?”

“Found it!”

The voice of the pirate once again fell into the ears of everyone, “The fruit in Thatch’s hand seems to be called… Yami Yami no Mi(Dark-Dark Fruit)…”


Sasuke’s expression could not help but stiffen.

Ace scratched his head, then rubbed his forehead and said, “I seem to remember hearing the name of this fruit somewhere…”

The next moment, Ace suddenly responded, “Hey? Sasuke, didn’t Mr. Itachi say he was looking for this fruit? When we first met him and visited our pirate group a few times, he also mentioned it!”

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