Debuff Master

Chapter 267
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Chapter 267

“This is insane…” Siegfried muttered in shock at the effects of the buffs that Chae Hyung-Seok was showering the battlefield with.



The Holy Saint’s overpowered Holy Rain skill, along with the Heavenly Resonance, made Chae Hyung-Seok look like a god.

The descent of an almighty god!

There was a reason people called Chae Hyung-Seok God Hyung-Seok?or Holy God whenever he was in large-scale combat, and the synergy between him and the papacy’s priests and holy knights proved that it was indeed a befitting title for him.

His combat prowess was hopeless, and he only had his high HP and Defense going for him, but he stood out far more than anyone on the battlefield. He turned the weak into the strong and the strong into the stronger.

The wide area buffs he cast made it an understatement to call him a god on the battlefield.

That bastard’s really scary. The day will come when I have to face him head-on, but I don’t think I can do it?with?my current level…’?Siegfried felt conflicted after seeing the difference between his guild and the Genesis Guild.

He ran a simulation in his head of what would happen if all of his forces fought head-on against Chae Hyung-Seok’s Genesis Guild, and the result of the simulation was…

Total annihilation.’?

Siegfried didn’t want to admit it, but he knew that it was an inevitable result. He couldn’t defeat the Genesis Guild, even with the combined powers of the Head Crusher Guild and the Proatine Forces.

Siegfried’s debuffs easily overpowered Chae Hyung-Seok’s buff, but the problem was the size of their skills’ range. He could use Discharge to increase the size of his skills’ range, but it came at the cost of efficiency.

Meanwhile, Chae Hyung-Seok’s Holy Resonance created a massive network of Buffers, with each Buffer representing a single node. In other words, his buffs’ range was virtually infinite.

In other words, Siegfried held the advantage in small battlefields, while Chae Hyung-Seok had the advantage in larger battlefields.

I need to find a way to overcome this. There’s a limit to how much I can use the terrain to my advantage, and I will have to fight on a large battlefield at one point sooner or later. I have to be prepared for that battle…’?Siegfried thought.

However, he couldn’t come up with anything at all. ‘What should I do? I can’t cover as much area as he does even with Discharge and my Quad-Turbo Set cranked up… Sigh…’

A mountain beyond the mountain in front of him was waiting for him. He finally managed to enhance the effects of his debuffs, but his skills’ tiny range was holding him back. He had to find a way to increase the range of his debuff fields without losing efficiency.

“Hyung-nim!” Seung-Gu shouted at him.

“Behind you!”

“I know!” Siegfried shouted in response before he turned around and smashed the skull of an enemy that had sneaked up behind him. He decided to think about his dilemma for another time, as he was currently in battle.

He had to focus on what was in front of him.

“Let me have a taste of how good your buffs are, you bastard,” Siegfried muttered under his breath with a mischievous smirk. If one knew one’s enemy and oneself, one need not fear the result of a hundred battles!

Siegfried decided to focus on savoring Chae Hyung-Seok’s buff and running wild.


He kicked off the ground and rushed into battle.

[Alert: Your ally has buffed you!]

[Alert: Your ally has buffed you!]

[Alert: Your ally has buffed you!]

Siegfried was getting showered by the Genesis Guild’s buffs as he ran into battle, and he could feel himself getting stronger the more buffs he received. However, he was not the type of person that would be satisfied with just this.

Fwaaaa! Fwaaaaah!

He placed down Blaze Field while under the buffs.

“Die! You dog of the papacy!”

A Level 150 Knight of the East Constantine Forces rushed at Siegfried.


His +15 Gaia’s Fist collided with the knight’s sword, but…

Huh?’?Siegfried noticed something amiss.

C—Crack! Clang!

The knight’s sword was shattered into pieces and…


His +15 Gaia’s Fist slammed into the knight’s breastplate.


The knight fell to his knees and died right there and then.

Instant Kill!

A Level 150 NPC died from a single normal attack, which was actually no different from a skill considering its massive damage.

“W-What the hell is this damage…?” Siegfried doubted his eyes.

“Hyung-nim? Aren’t you a bit too strong…?” Seung-Gu asked.

“I-I think so?” Siegfried replied.

He inspected the knight’s breastplate and saw a twenty-centimeter-deep dent in it. The +15 Gaia’s Fist shattered a Level 150 knight’s sword and dug a crater?in his breastplate—all in one hit.

“Hey, Seung-Gu…”

“Yes, hyung-nim?”

“I think we need to find ourselves some Buffers.”

“I agree. I think we’re going to have more fun if we have one. Just imagine your debuff and a few strong Buffers—Hiiik!”?Seung-Gu squealed at the thought that came to his head. He reckoned that with that combination, Siegfried would become…

“Let’s think about that later and focus on fighting,” Siegfried said with a smirk before he rushed deeper behind enemy lines.

“Hey, Hamchi!” he shouted.


“Spin the wheel!”

“Roger! Kyu!”

Hamchi took out his magical wheel and started running on it to cast his buff. Siegfried was already overpowered, thanks to the multitudinous buffs he had received, so Hamchi’s buff only made him even stronger.

Let’s try it out again,’?he thought and went on a rampage with his +15 Gaia’s Fist.

Pukeok! Pukeok! Pukeok!?

His enemies fell one by one like dead autumn leaves being blown away by a powerful gust of wind.


Chae Hyung-Seok trembled in anger after seeing the comments on his livestream channel.

Why are they focusing on that piece of trash?!’?He screamed inwardly because he had to keep up appearances.

—[Northwood]: Wow…;;;

—[Ink_PS]: Freaking awesome…!

—[Keke28]: Isn’t he that guy that won against Raptor and made him quit the game when he was a newbie with his control alone?

—[DankeYou]: He’s killing everyone with normal attacks…?

—[Billy Herrington]: Omg! Who is that guy?! So cool!

— [Hiru1121]: Is he a live streamer? DM me his link if he does!

The entire chat room was only talking about Siegfried.

The chat room moderator—a member of the Genesis Guild—kept on telling the viewers to refrain from talking about Siegfried to no avail.

The viewers were held captive by Siegfried’s way of annihilating the enemies. f𝗿𝚎eweb𝗻o𝐯𝐞l.𝚌om

Of course, there were a few Chae Hyung-Seok fans who tried to downplay his performance by saying that it was all thanks to Chae Hyung-Seok’s buff that he could put on such a display of strength.

However, the viewers turned a blind eye to their attempts.

They only had eyes for Siegfried right now.

However, it wasn’t really strange that Siegfried was overshadowing Chae Hyung-Seok.

After all, the latter was a healer who could only stand on the rearguard to give buffs to his allies while Siegfried was going on a rampage behind enemy lines.

It was the same thing as how the vocalist would usually be the center of attention, no matter how skilled the guitarist, bassist, and drummers were in a rock band.

That son of a bitch! I set the stage for that bastard! He’s getting all the attention, and it’s all thanks to my buffs!’?Chae Hyung-Seok raged inside.

It turned out that he had done so much work just to set the stage for Siegfried.

He felt like he was going to go insane from having to watch from the sidelines.

He wanted to kill the bastard a hundred times over, both in the game and in real life, but he inadvertently set the perfect debut stage for Siegfried in the biggest event of BNW, where the entire world was watching.

This fact alone was more than enough to make him gnash his teeth in anger.

However, Siegfried couldn’t care any less about Chae Hyung-Seok’s thoughts right now.

He was busy sweeping through the enemy ranks.

Ah, there’s too many of them… I guess I should put out a big one,” Siegfried muttered under his breath before smirking.


He smashed his mace into the ground and used Splitting Heaven and Earth.

An extremely loud sound echoed, and it seemed like both Heaven and Earth were collapsing at once.

Kwang! Boom!

Siegfried immediately used Earthquake right afterward.

It seemed like he was dissatisfied with killing his enemies in one blow, so he decided to show off his area of effect skill, which killed everyone around him.

“That son of a bitch!”

“Damn it!”

“I would have beaten him to a pulp if he were our enemy!”

The Genesis Guild members gnashed their teeth in anger upon recognizing him, but they couldn’t do anything. Chae Hyung-Seok wasn’t the only one live-streaming the event.

Hundreds and thousands of other Adventurers were live-streaming the event as well.

What if the Genesis Guild attacked Siegfried? They would be scrutinized by the viewers and media, and their public image would surely hit rock bottom. Siegfried was untouchable right now, and there was nothing the Genesis Guild could do about it.

With that being said, it wasn’t like refusing to buff him would make things any different.

Chae Hyung-Seok and the Genesis Guild Buffers were no longer refreshing Siegfried’s buffs, but Siegfried was still going on a rampage as if he were the reincarnation of the Martial God himself.


The priests of the papal faction were focusing all of their buffs on him, and the Genesis Guild couldn’t do anything about it.

Fuck this shit…!’?Chae Hyung-Seok closed his eyes and trembled in anger. He was so angry that even his legs started trembling. He almost collapsed on his butt out of fury.


Huff! Huff! Kyu! Huff… Huff…!?Hamchi is tired!”

Hamchi had to run as if his life depended on it to sustain Siegfried’s rampage. He not only had to run on the magical wheel, but he also had to quickly hop off of it and pick up the items on the ground whenever Siegfried killed an Adventurer before quickly hopping back onto the wheel.


It was all because this battlefield was filled with hundreds and thousands of Adventurers, so an item had to be picked up as soon as it dropped.

[Alert: You have gained Natural Strength Champion Belt!]

[Alert: You have gained Ronnie Coleman Gauntlet!]

[Alert: You have gained Benfica Robe!]

[Alert: You have gained Frozen Rose!]

[Alert: You have gained Northwood Hunting Shotgun!]

Thanks to Hamchi’s efforts, Siegfried gained hundreds of items.


Siegfried looked around after realizing that there were no more enemies around him.

Corpses, corpses, and corpses…

He was surrounded by mountains of corpses of both NPCs and Adventurers. They had all fallen to his mace, and there was a river of blood beneath the mountains.

“Huh? They’re dead?” Siegfried muttered while tilting his head in confusion.

“H-Hyung-nim…?” Seung-Gu muttered.


“You killed some of our guildmates a while ago…”

“What?!” Siegfried was shocked at what he heard.

“I saw some of them on the imperial faction’s side, but you just went ahead and bashed their heads in…”


“Don’t you think you went too wild? I thought you were a killing machine or something… Hahaha…

Hmm… I guess I did go berserk… But what can I do? I should kill them if we meet as enemies, even if they’re my guildmates, right?”

“Why don’t you post an announcement to our guild members instead…?”

Oh, right… I should probably do that…”

“Can’t you just bring them over to the papal faction and fight alongside them?”

“Should I? But this isn’t a guild activity, right? It’s good for us to cooperate as a guild, but having personal freedom is important, too. I mean, I wouldn’t want someone telling me what to do and how to play the game…”

“I guess you’re right, too.”

“Anyway, I guess I should inform our guild members that I’m in this faction.”

“I agree.”

It was then…


“We won!”

“We killed those evil imperial dogs!”

“Praise be to the Nameless God!”

“Praise the Nameless God!”

“Three cheers for the pope!”

Hip! Hip! Hurray!

The victorious cries of the papal faction reverberated throughout the battlefield.


Siegfried’s one-man show, which was actually ninety-nine percent done by Chae Hyung-Seok, bestowed the papal faction an overwhelming victory.?They easily occupied the first strategic location and proceeded to conquer the cities around it.

Siegfried and his companions were sent to conquer a city called Aria, which was located between the current and next strategic point. Their mission was to completely conquer Aria City and maintain order until the next battle started.

Aria City didn’t put up any resistance. The civil war was between the papal faction and the imperial faction, so a small city like Aria maintained a stance of—we’re on the winner’s side.

They didn’t put up any resistance to either side and remained neutral, but…

“What the fuck are you crazy bastards doing right now…?” Siegfried couldn’t help but curse as soon as he entered Aria City.

“Die! Heretic!”


“You filthy wench! You probably received the seeds of those heretics! Your filthy body can only be cleansed by death! Repent!”


And it was all because the soldiers of the papal faction decided to massacre every single resident of Aria…

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