Devil Slave (Satan system)

Chapter 139 The Will Of Pain On The Moldable Mind
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Now, Lenny was really beginning to get on his irritated side.

This was a battlefield. This meant that it was very chaotic. The devil's too, with their continuous unusual form of attacks did not exactly make things easier for him.

Time was ticking away.

Lenny made attempts at cutting a devil, and for the first time since he started butchering them, he actually missed the attack.

This made him frown even more.

Others might not have noticed this, but definitely not Lenny.

He knew clear as day what this meant.

This meant that his efficiency in fighting had greatly reduced.

This was as a result of his mind concentrating on multiple things at a time and his emotions getting in the way as even he had to admit that he was getting frustrated.

Firstly, killing the devils required for the Task was proving to be a difficult process.

There was one Devil he had killed and he discovered that the second Eye was hiding in between it's butt cheeks.

To say he was not only surprised but very pissed off, would be a gigantic lie.

Secondly, this battlefield was creating for the perfect opportunity to be teased by other gladiators.

Lenny was also of the half mind to kljust slaughter any and everything that moved, but that would definitely not be a good management of his time and strength.

Besides, his life was on the line.

A full thirty minutes had already passed, and he had not gotten one kill.

Lenny was not dumb.

If he could not complete it during the first thirty minutes, it meant that they was a high percentage chance that he was not going to do it on the later thirty minutes.

However, he was not going to just hand over his life like that to the chopping board.

Chiron knew he had to think of something and he had to think of it fast.


For the first time in a very long time, Lenny felt as if time was moving a little too fast.

In fact, he wondered if the System was actually current with the timing.

Then again, e en if it was wrong, he was not ready to die to find out.


A scream reached his ear, and he immediately looked behind him.

Once more, Tank was trying to tackle him.

For Tank, Lenny had already tried to use the Kitana blades on him.

However, he too had taken the Chaos pill.

This made his already hard skin much tougher and stronger than ever.

In fact, Lenny clashing his blade against the skin of the big man made sparks with noise attributed to iron hitting iron.

Also, Lenny did not have time to observe Tank and get a good look at his body in other to find a weak point or something in the same light.


While Lenny was in mid air after dodging Tank's attack, Poison sent Acid Spit his way.

Lenny waved his sword, cutting the Acid spit with incredible precision.

The unfriendly liquid fell on either sides of his sides.

Lenny's frown got deeper.

Meanwhile, as far as those at the Arena could see and were concerned, Lenny was actually doing very good.

He was handling the devils and the gladiators at the same time.

This was impressive.

However, a sudden calculation error on his part and a devil on the ceiling dived on his body.

As the Devil did, so did the other devils.

These devils were chaotic, but that did not mean that they were incapable of taking advantage of a situation when they found one.

As more Devils fell on him, more also rushed at him.


They mounted him as their claws penetrated.into his body.

Lenny knew he had messed up.

His other teammates wanted to help, but everyone was just too occupied with saving their own neck.

After all, a drowning man could not save another drowning man.

At the same time, Poison far off at a corner, could not help but smile.

This was an incredible opportunity.

*Spit! Spit! Spit!*

She sent waves of acid spit at Lenny with the pile of Devils on his body.

"Mmm!!!" Lenny groaned.

Just as expected, the acid touched him too.

In their frenzy against the acid spit, the Devils attacked even more ferociously.

Long razor claws dug into his body like swords being placed back in their scabbard.

The Claws of these devils was laced with Chaos magic. Their touch on his body was anything but pleasant.

The disadvantage with chaos magic was it's ability to act in the nature of it's name.

For Lenny some parts of his body felt cold, some felt blazing hot. Some felt as if worms with thorns on their bodies were making a slow enduring stroll through his veins.

Some other parts felt as if veins were contemplating escaping his body.

All these were pain.

In fact, he felt the pain of the Devil claws far more than that of the acid spit.

This was all because for a.splitbsevond, he had let himself get distracted.

He was strong, and he could surely use one of his abilities that would ensure better success.

After all he still had his white Flame.

However, those in the Arena were watching. As it stood, many of his fighting skills had already been fed to the open.

As one that had been through many battles that involved life and death, Lenny was not so ignorant to know that in the future this could be detrimental to his plans.

After all, his target was to destroy all demons and devils.

It was best to maintain and hide some of his gifts.

Not withstanding, he was currently at an heavily disadvantage.

He was soon to be crushed, or even melted by the acid.

Yet, the timer was still there to remind him that his doom was impeding and unavoidable.


Just then, as some acid liquid fell on his face, a long nearly forgotten memory was reignited.

This was back when he was in his former world.

In fact, it was during his early days in the Monastery of Pain and Pleasure.

On this particular day, Lenny had been practicing with his Teacher on the art of enduring and converting extreme pain while maintaining ones focus.

He was raised on high ledge with ropes to spread his body on each hand and leg.

On his body were what seemed to be acupuncture needles, only thicker and bigger.

Also, they dug even deeper.

The tip of these needles had their pointy edges bathed well with the world's most deadly PEPPER before they were inserted a over his body.

The pain he felt was insane. It was like lava flowed inside his veins.

He was spread like this for an hour. After which he was let down, and with the needles still in his body, he was to maneuver a maze with Dire wolves in it.

The test was so strict that if one needle fell from his body, regardless of how far he had gone, he was to start over again.

This was a 20km maze. This was distance that Lenny could normally cross in a short amount of time.

However, the Maze had one extra flaw, and that was the fact that it was constantly changing.

The aim of the Test was to ensure that he could calm his mind regardless of the danger around him while enduring extreme pain to finish the test in the allocated time frame.

This test was not one that the ordinary man could withstand.

During the training, Lenny had ran mad three times. Both of which he attempted suicide, but was stopped by his Master Teacher.

This was not just a test of endurance but of the tethering of the unconscious mind to the control of the conscious mind.

However, the conscious mind was minute and little while the unconscious mind was vast, and unending. Encompassing all the eyes and other senses had ever embraced and mixing them in a pool of undefined chaos.

The subconscious mind was the reason for unexplainably dreams.

Yet in it's bottomless confusion, it was it self the architect of the conscious mind.

Judging it's actions by the indepth vast amount of information it held.

Once upon a time in Lenny's former world, the mind had been broken onto three.

With each part explained with an iceberg at sea.

The little tip of ice that could be seen above was the conscious mind, the point at water level of it's submission was the subconscious mind and the vast Ice beneath was the unconscious mind.

One had to use the small conscious mind with the subconscious mind as the link to control the Behemoth unconscious mind beneath the waters.

Lenny lost control a few times and the unconscious mind swallowed his conscious mind and that was why he ran mad.

His master explained that many had taken this test and many, even them could not pull back to redemption....

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