Divine Rune Awakening: Starting With Various Divine Runes and Dominating the World

Chapter 34: The Killing Gu Changqing Alliance Is Formed! Who Will Win?
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Chapter 34: The Killing Gu Changqing Alliance Is Formed! Who Will Win?

It was late at night.

From time to time, huge birds of prey would fly over the capital.

On the top floor of a 30-story building, in Lin Chen's office.

Lin Chen had just finished dealing with matters regarding the alliance and was about to go back and cultivate when he received a satellite call.

'Which country is calling?' Lin Chen frowned, puzzled.

"Who is it?"

"Hello, Mr. Lin. I'm President Puig of E Country," a dignified voice said in standard Mandarin from the other end of the line.

"Puig? What do you want from me?" Lin Chen asked, surprised. He really did not understand why the other party called him.

'Shouldn't he look for Gu Changqing, the strongest person in the Nine Region Empire, if he wants to cooperate?'

"Do you want to kill Gu Changqing?"

"What do you mean?" Lin Chen's guard went up immediately. He was worried that Gu Changqing was using E Country to test him.

Puig seemed to sense Lin Chen's wariness so he said, "Don't worry. I'm not in cahoots with Gu Changqing. I have people on my side who can kill him. If you can help, the chances will be greater."

Puig decided to contact Lin Chen, the leader of the Nine Region Emperor's Divine Runemaster Alliance, because he did not think that Long Zhanguo and the others would cooperate with him to kill Gu Changqing.

"You have people who can kill him?" Lin Chen said with a sneer, "Are you kidding? Do you know anything about his strength? He has 11 divine runes of powerful beings from the legends. How can you kill him?"

Frankly speaking, after witnessing Gu Changqing's display of strength, even if Lin Chen had the thought, he did not have the guts to become Gu Changqing's enemy.

"So what if he has 11 divine runes?" Puig said in a low voice, "I have someone who has awakened the divine runes of the Sun God, the Thunder God, the Three-Headed Eagle, Koschei the Deathless, and the Black God. These are all powerful mythical beings as well. Why can't we kill Gu Changqing?"

Lin Chen's heart skipped a beat. He asked, "You're really not lying to me?"

"What's the point of lying to you? I've seen your information. You possess the Emperor divine rune and the Fire Dragon divine rune. Your potential cannot be underestimated," Puig said.

"I've been neglecting my cultivation recently. I'll be going into seclusion soon," Lin Chen said. He had to admit that he had been neglecting his cultivation recently.

"Try to raise the level of your divine runes first. Then, let's join forces to kill Gu Changqing. What do you think? As long as we can kill Gu Changqing, you'll be able to inherit his prestige with your Emperor divine rune," Puig said seductively.

"I'll call you in an hour to let you know of my decision. That's all for now."

Lin Chen was indeed tempted by the other party's words. However, he did not agree immediately. He planned to ask for Su Youwei's opinion. At this time, he was already rather dependent on her.

He felt that if Puig did not lie to him, it would be possible for him to help kill Gu Changqing once he was at the sixth rank and awakened the penultimate ability of the Emperor divine rune.

The capital of E Country.

Around 2 AM in the morning.

In the office of Keli Palace.

A man who was about 2 meters in height sat on a soft and luxurious couch. His appearance alone made him look incomparably fierce. He took a light puff of his cigar before he looked at a calm and dignified middle-aged man and said, "Brother, do you think Lin Chen will agree?"

Pug took a sip of tea and said with a faint smile, "As long as he's ambitious, he won't refuse. Let's just wait for the news."

"Whether he agrees or not, Gu Changqing must die. Tomorrow, I'll also go into seclusion to cultivate and break into the seventh rank," Bogdan said in a low voice, "M Country has a good relationship with Gu Changqing. They gave him a large amount of resources as well. With such a relationship, if we don't get rid of Gu Changqing, we won't be able to make a move on M Country."

Puig nodded. "That's right. Even if Lin Chen refuses us, there's still that person from S Country. If you join forces with him, there shouldn't be any problem."

There was also an extraordinary figure in S Country called Yao Xueji. The other party had awakened three divine runes: Yamata no Orochi, Yuki Onna, and a Yasha. The other party was the only one who was relatively strong in the country. The overall strength of S Country was very weak, and less than 30% of the population survived.

In a luxurious villa in the capital of the Nine Region Empire.

Lin Shuiyao was sitting on the couch watching the news. When she saw Lin Chen come back, she said in a low voice, "Brother, you're back. There's food left for you in the dining room. Go and eat."

"I'll talk to Sister Youwei about something first," Lin Chen said before rushing upstairs to Su Youwei's room.

Su Youwei was wearing a nightgown, just coming out of the shower. She was drying her hair at this moment.

Without waiting for her to speak, Lin Chen told her about Puig's offer. Then, he asked, "Sister Youwei, do you think we should agree to his request? This is a good opportunity to get rid of Gu Changqing."

After hearing Lin Chen's words, Su Youwei put down the hairdryer and frowned. Her beautiful eyes flashed as she said, "If it's true, then it's a good opportunity."

Lin Chen asked, "Are you worried that Gu Changqing will find a reason to kill me?"

Su Youwei shook her head and smiled. "I know him too well. He's an extremely conceited man. If he wants to kill you, he'll kill you directly. He wouldn't come up with schemes to kill you."

Su Youwei followed Gu Changqing for six years after all. She had a certain understanding of him.

Lin Chen asked in a low voice, "So… You're saying I should agree to Puig's request?"

Su Youwei pondered for a moment before her beautiful eyes glinted coldly as she said, "Yes. This is your only chance."

Knowing that she could return to Gu Changqing's side, Su Youwei had long developed a strong hatred toward Gu Changqing. Previously, she kept telling Lin Chen not to provoke Gu Changqing because she did not see any hope of killing Gu Changqing. Now that there was an opportunity, how could she let it go? If Gu Changqing died, Lin Chen would become the most powerful Divine Runemaster in the Nine Region Empire. As the woman behind Lin Chen, the day she had been dreaming about since she was young was finally about to arrive.

"Alright, I'll call the other party now!"

Lin Chen was only twenty years old; he was still too young. He listened to Su Youwei's every word without any doubts.

When the call connected, Puig's friendly voice rang from the phone.

"Alliance Leader Lin, have you made up your mind?"

"If you really have a powerful Divine Runemaster who can contend with Gu Changqing, I promise to join you in killing him," Lin Chen said.

Puig laughed. "Good! Apart from you, I found a relatively powerful Divine Runemaster to join our cause as well. If the three of you join forces, no matter how monstrous Gu Changqing is, he still won't be able to escape death."

"Who is the other person?" Lin Chen asked.

"Someone from S Country with three divine runes of powerful mythical beings as well. Don't worry. There won't be any accidents. You should focus on your cultivation during this period of time. When the time comes, don't drag us down," Puig said.

"Don't worry, President Puig. When I reach the sixth rank, I'll be a different person," Lin Chen said.

"Alright, I look forward to cooperating with you."

With this, the Killing Gu Changqing Alliance was formed.

However, it was still unknown who would emerge victorious.

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