Fox Girl In An Apocalyptic World

Chapter 2: Eruption
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Chapter 2: Eruption

"Ara~, killing a general in broad daylight, you must have a death wish." A 5'7" silver-haired she-wolf the same height as Reia walked up to the dead body.

The she-wolf had gold eyes as well as underneath her hair and her white uniform had bright yellow accents. 2 black berettas lined with gold were holstered on either side of the she-wolf's chest.

"Lou you know how much I have been wanting to murder them and it's not like we don't have a way out." Reia watched Lou walk over to the dead half panther picking up the handgun.

"Yes, yes I know but to think they would already try to silence you." Lou spun the handgun in her hand.

"As soon as I saw the anti essence gun I knew they were here to kill us." Reia, using her sword, stabs it into the general. Dark purple energy started to flow into the sword and the lines on it began to glow brighter.

"If they disable how we fuel our weapons we basically become useless so it's rather effective." Lou pulled out her beretta and threw the anti essence gun in the air shooting it. A gold light came out of the beretta and incinerated the gun to ashes.

"Well if we didn't have Echo we wouldn't be able to extract other people's essence and store it." Reia pulled out her sword and gestured for Lou to shoot the body.

"We still have to use our own plus those are illegal devices and modifications." Lou while talking pointed her beretta at the body and fired, burning the body to ashes.

"That doesn't matter, it won't be long till they send more, we need to get out of here." Reia turned and started to walk back inside.

"Damn, I wanted to hang around and see how many I could kill." Lou put away her beretta that was holstered next to her chest.

"You will run out of essence before you even kill 1% of their forces, don't bother." Reia opened the mansion door and walked back inside.

"Tch, you are no fun." Lou followed Reia back inside.

"Reia! I told all the staff to leave the building and Echo is preparing the jeep for us to make our way to the haven." Kim came running from under the stairs.

"What about Jayde and Aoi?"

"They understood and will be making their way as fast as they can." Kim's face was full of panic as everything was going so fast.

"Good, now get as many supplies we can carry and don't forget your weapons. Lou, I want you just before we leave, to burn this place down." Reia after giving her orders walked past Kim towards the door that was underneath the stairs.

"Now that's some orders I will follow. Kim dear go grab those supplies, I have a show to put on." Lou had a grin and pulled out her berettas.

Kim nodded and quickly ran upstairs to grab her weapon alongside any supplies.


In the garage, Echo was on a computer by the car frantically typing.

"How are preparations?" Reia looked coldly at Echo, wanting a straight answer.

"We should be ready to go in a few minutes but do we have to go now?" Echo continued to type away while talking.

"Yes, those files are for a generator for a highly dangerous element and I don't want to stay to find out. Plus we all have been wanting to leave this shit hole."

"Just making sure, because we have to go in the next 10 minutes, they already sent their main force towards the mansion." Echo's face was getting more panicked as a bunch of red dots appeared on the computer.

"KIM! WE DON'T HAVE TIME, GET HERE NOW!" Reia yelled out as she wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Kim came rushing in holding a Barrett 50 cal sniper which was almost as tall as her.

"Jayde and Aoi have their guns so it just leaves supplies but I'm guessing we don't have time." Kim was out of breath as she placed her sniper in the boot of the jeep.

"Good, we will have to leave the supplies and take what we already got. The main army is already coming so hop in." Reia opened the back seat to let Kim inside.

"What about Lou?" Echo wondered where she was as it seemed they were leaving without her.

"Do you need to ask, just drive and you will get your answer." Reia hopped in the front passenger seat and Echo rushed to the driver's seat.

"Why do I have to drive?" Echo complained as he usually was the one to always be driving.

"Oh, will you shut up, last time you let someone else drive you almost killed them because they touched your electronics. Now stop complaining and drive you idiot." Reia smacked the back of Echo's head and he finally started driving.

Driving out the back of the mansion a window was heard breaking followed by a couple of gunshots. Lou had jumped out the back mansion window shooting and caused an explosion inside the mansion.

The mansion rose in flames and Lou landed on the roof of the jeep. She opened the latch on the roof and sat down in the back seat next to Kim.

"I said to burn the place down, not blow it up." Reia held her forehead as she wanted the mansion to burn slowly to not attract too much attention before the army arrived but Lou had done the complete opposite.

"You never said how, so I went ahead and blew it up, plus even if you told me to I wouldn't have done it any other way." Lou wrapped her arm around Kim pulling her in. Kim was surprised by the sudden hug but nonetheless enjoyed the physical affection.

"Tch I know but I was hoping you would have done it a bit more discreetly." Reia sighed as there was no controlling Lou.

"Fufu~" Lou chuckled to herself, finding Reia's reaction amusing.

They continued to drive down the road going past many more houses. Many drones and helicopters began flying over looking for them but thanks to Echo they were able to be unidentified by their scanners.

"So far so good we just need to get to the border of the base and we will be in the city where it will be much easier to maneuver." Echo outlined their situation and things were looking good. The only worry was Jayde and Aoi as they had no way to get there fast.

"Kim, try contacting Jayde and Aoi again." Reia wanted to know how they will be making it out as they were the only 2 yet to return.

Kim quickly pulled out a phone calling Jayde and put it on speaker.

"Hello, Kim? If you are wondering if we are getting close to the border, Aoi with her silenced weapon has helped get through undetected and we should be in the main city in about 10 minutes." Jayde spoke through the phone giving them an update.

"Jayde, tell Aoi to pick up the pace we will be entering the city soon and it would be ideal if we could pick you up before we reach gate 1." Reia hoped they would be able to be picked up but if not they would have to find each other in the city.

"We can try, but I can't promise you anything but you will see us if we do make it." Jayde wasn't hopeful but would try her best.

"Good, get going, we have no time to waste." Reia gestured at Kim to hang up and they continued to drive towards gate 1.


They were on the final stretch but sadly Aoi and Jayde were able to be seen and the situation was looking grimmer as the gate seemed to be fully locked down.

"Echo, do you have a solution?" Reia wondered if Echo had a gadget that would allow them to pass through.

"Sadly I don't and it seems they anticipated this as I see many high ranking soldiers." Echo began to sweat as things were starting to go downhill.

"Finally I can fight, I have been itching to kill someone." Lou was just about to hop out of the car but Reia spoke up.

'Don't you da-" During mid speech an explosion came from the middle of the base at the tower where Reia had the meeting. π–‹π”―π”’π”’π–œπ–Šπ–‡π–“π”¬π”³π–Šπ”©.π–ˆπ–”π–’

Like a volcano, the ground began to crack and erupt green lava.

"Shit already, I thought we had a couple of days before something went wrong." Reia suspected with the blueprints to make a generator that uses energy from a newly discovered rock would only cause disaster.

"Echo drive, we need to get far away." Reia turned back to find Echo panicking as the car was unable to start up again.

"Damnit, looks like we have to go on foot now."

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