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1709 A Pull

The number of Void Stalkers was rapidly decreasing!

“Boom! Boom Boom!!!”

The metal gate in front of them kept exploding like a death talisman, and its durability rapidly decreased.

The players didn’t have time to think and did their best to farm monsters.

They had just cleared out the Void Stalkers with great difficulty, but before they could catch their breath, the explosions from the metal gate behind them became more and more intense.

In the blink of an eye, two metal gates had been broken through, and the durability of the last metal gate was rapidly decreasing.

“Warning! Durability is less than one-third. Please evacuate immediately.”

The Captain of the federal team immediately waved his hand and shouted, “Open the gate! Follow me, we’ll retreat first!”

The metal gate behind them rose.

Fang Heng followed the federal team and retreated.

After passing through more than ten gates, the team entered the temporary resting area after an intense battle.

Taking advantage of the break, the player found a place to sit down and began to pour potions into their mouths.

The Captain of the federal team, Dormer, walked to Fang Heng’s side and handed him a bottle of medicine. He said, “Friend, you’re very powerful. I would like to thank you for that. Which company are you from? Are you interested in joining our Federation?”

“Thank you. I’m from Starfish Company.” Fang Heng nodded, took the medicine, and poured it into his mouth. He said, “I don’t have any plans to enter the Federation for the time being.”

“Starfish Company…Fang Heng…”

Captain Dormer muttered softly. He had never heard of this name before.

“Are you new here? Where’s your team? Are you alone?”

Fang Heng smiled and scratched his head. He said embarrassedly, “Yes, I just followed the team here today. I didn’t expect to encounter such a lineup as soon as I arrived. I accidentally got separated from the team. I felt that I could help, so I came down to join the battle.”

“It’s okay. Just follow me. After we defeat these monsters, I’ll bring you to your team.”

Dormer patted Fang Heng’s shoulder.

Everyone did not have time to rest for long. Soon, a player rushed over and shouted, “Reporting! Captain Dormer, a large number of mutated beasts are attacking the B-1223 alloy gate. Its durability is rapidly decreasing. The command center has requested our support!”

Due to the Federation’s built-in radio system being severely interfered with, sometimes, the communication between the federal team and the central command room could only be done manually.


The Captain stood up and bowed to the liaison officer. He then nodded at Fang Heng and said,” We will be going to B-1223 area to carry out a guarding mission. We need your assistance. After the mission is over, I will report to you and provide you with additional points. Is that okay?””

Fang Heng agreed without hesitation.

“Sure! No problem!”

Seeing Fang Heng’s reply, Dormer nodded and waved to the team behind him, “Get ready! Let’s continue!”

The team started moving again, moving quickly towards the right side of the camp.

Fang Heng then followed them into a few areas to fight and kill Void Stalkers.

As the number of times they fought with Fang Heng increased, the players felt that Fang Heng was more and more terrifying.

What kind of special defensive skill was it?

He was actually able to withstand the attacks of nearly a hundred Void Stalkers!

After it ended, he still acted like nothing had happened!

Terrifying recovery ability!

Although the team could complete the mission every time, every time they cleared out the Void Stalkers, the alloy gate would be attacked until it was on the verge of collapse.

After three consecutive attempts, the Federation had yet to discover anything wrong with Fang Heng. However, an accident happened first.


With a loud explosion, the alloy metal gate was blasted open by the Void Stalkers!

The Void Stalkers leaped out of the hole and surged into the Federation like a tide.

“Not good! Retreat quickly!”

The team had just cleared a wave of Void Stalkers, and the entire team was not in their best condition. Thus, Dormer quickly called for the team to retreat!

At the same time, a backup team from the Federation immediately came to support them!

Originally, both sides only needed a simple handover to completely eliminate the risk.

However, an accident happened inadvertently.


With a dull thud, the alloy metal gate in the middle of the area that had fallen halfway was stuck in midair!

It did not fall!

Oh no!

There was a malfunction!

The players’ expressions changed when they saw this.

It still malfunctioned!

The power facilities in the entire federal camp were overloaded, and the failure rate was extremely high. 𝗳r𝐞𝐞w𝐞bn𝚘ve𝚕.co𝐦

It was already very lucky that they had not suffered any malfunction until now.

An ear-piercing alarm sounded from the horn.

“Warning! There is a power failure in the area B1923-B1982. Repairmen, please rush to the maintenance point for repair…”

“Warning! Area B1923-B1982, please increase the number of members immediately!”

The other two federal teams that had come to provide support quickly rushed forward to provide support!

However, it was a step too late. The Void Stalkers broke through the opening and forced their way into the federal camp!

Perhaps, in another situation, it would be fine if the alloy metal gate that was stuck appeared in other areas. The two federal teams were enough to deal with this group of Void Stalkers for a short period of time before reinforcements and the subsequent maintenance teams arrived.

But Fang Heng was present!

The Void Stalker’s target was Fang Heng.

The Federation team’s few meat shield players were unable to hold the mutated beasts’ aggro.

After the Void Stalkers came out of the hole, they immediately chased after Fang Heng’s team!

From the players’ point of view, the Void Stalkers were invading the Federation’s territory!

Everyone’s expression changed drastically.

Big trouble!

Fang Heng raised his eyebrows.

The opportunity had come!

He had seen the internal map of the Federation and had personally checked it last night.

He was extremely familiar with the passages and structures within the Federation’s inner region!

In this situation…

Their team’s current location was not far from the central teleportation point of the federal camp!


He could think of a way to lure these Void Stalkers into the Federation’s teleportation point!

“I’ll go block them!”

In just a few seconds, Fang Heng quickly made a decision after weighing the pros and cons in his heart. He shouted and bent down to dash forward!

“Whoosh! Shuu!!!”

A large number of Void Stalkers sensed Fang Heng and rushed towards him!

In the eyes of the Federation, the Void Stalkers were about to break into the federal camp.

At this critical moment, Fang Heng stepped forward alone and used a taunt skill to lure all the Void Stalkers back!

This was the first time many of the Federation soldiers had seen Fang Heng. They were shocked to see how ferocious he was, pulling hundreds of monsters with his own strength.

“Hurry up! Help him!”

Seeing this, veins bulged on Dormer’s forehead as he shouted for his team to help!

Fang Heng’s body quickly emitted shields and various damage-reduction support skills.

At the same time, a dense number of Void Stalkers rushed over!

[Hint: The player has received laceration damage from the Void Stalker. Received 2,331 damage. The player has entered a bleeding state…]

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