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457 Intense Battle! (2)

“That shouldn’t be possible, right? I think it’s because Johnde wants to deal with Lu Yan quickly. After all, fighting a first-year student for so long is also an embarrassing thing for Johnde.” The surrounding audience discussed and felt that Johnde wanted to end the battle quickly, so he used such powerful strength!

At this moment, the five huge mechanical beasts around Johnde shook their necks and directly rushed towards Lu Yan.

The pressure brought by the five huge mechanical beasts was still very powerful.

The two bone dragons welcomed them and were directly surrounded by five huge mechanical beasts. A few mechanical arms stretched out and directly grabbed the bodies of the two bone dragons.

Then, they suddenly exerted strength.

Cracks instantly appeared on the bodies of the two bone dragons, as if they were about to shatter.

Under such circumstances, Ao Yun did not hesitate and directly rushed towards the five huge mechanical beasts, temporarily blocking two huge mechanical beasts.

The little Netherworld Dragon spat out mouthfuls of Netherworld Soul Flame that directly landed on a few huge mechanical beasts, melting their bodies quite a bit.

Although Johnde had metal products that could block Lu Yan’s Netherworld Soul Flame, clearly, there were not many of those metals. It could even be said that there were very few of them.

It was clearly unlikely for the five huge mechanical beasts to all use that metal product, so they could not resist the Netherworld Soul Flame.

At this moment, the surrounding undead also attacked one after another. A large number of attacks directly headed towards these huge mechanical beasts.

Many necromancers in the back also kept releasing skills. All kinds of weakening and consumption skills kept landing on these huge mechanical beasts.

The defense of these huge mechanical beasts was very powerful, but they were somewhat unable to withstand so many attacks.

Johnde’s eyes flickered slightly when he saw this situation.

Without any hesitation, these huge mechanical beasts directly spat out a large amount of steam.

Lu Yan frowned slightly and directly quickly avoided the steam.

The temperature of this steam was very high. The moment it appeared, it sent the surrounding undead flying. Moreover, the extremely high temperature also burned and shattered the surrounding undead.

Lu Yan did not hesitate at all. He held the Netherworld Soul Scythe and disappeared from his spot again.

Johnde frowned slightly and protected his body with the iron plate again.

Lu Yan’s body appeared again and he had already arrived behind Johnde. He held the Netherworld Soul Scythe in his hand and directly slashed at the other party.

Johnde relied on the iron plate on his body to block Lu Yan’s attack again, his body emitting a muffled sound.

However, traps that could restrain Lu Yan’s body then appeared on the surrounding floor.

Iron spikes that could pierce through Lu Yan’s body also kept stabbing out.

However, a black dragon phantom appeared on the Black Dragon Set on Lu Yan’s body and blocked these attacks.

Looking at Johnde in front of him, Lu Yan frowned.

The guy in front of him was somewhat troublesome. The trap just now was also made of a special metal. Because of this, Lu Yan directly used the defense of the Black Dragon Set.

He had to end the battle quickly!

Lu Yan looked at Johnde in front of him and rushed towards the other party again without hesitation.

However, at this moment, a bone dragon had already been torn apart by five huge mechanical beasts.

The strength of the five huge mechanical beasts was still very powerful. It was far from what a bone dragon could withstand.

Even with Ao Yun and the little Netherworld Dragon, they were still unable to block the strength of the five huge mechanical beasts.

After all, these huge mechanical beasts could fight a dragon!

Under such circumstances, if he could not approach these five huge mechanical beasts, the battle would be relatively troublesome.

Of course, choosing Johnde as the target and directly attacking him was clearly the best choice for Lu Yan.

However, Johnde had also seen how powerful Lu Yan was. Without any hesitation, he directly instructed the two huge mechanical beasts to return to his side, wanting them to help him.

After all, as long as he protected himself, the other party’s goal could only be him. As long as he did not die, he would be able to obtain an undefeated advantage.

However, Lu Yan would not let him complete the mobilization so easily.

Undead Twin!

Two bone dragons appeared, and Ao Yun and the little Netherworld Dragon directly headed towards the huge mechanical beasts.

Then, Lu Yan directly used Undead Rage, and a scarlet light appeared on the surrounding undead.

A violent power surged out, and the surrounding undead power increased a lot.

Then, the power of his domain also expanded, increasing the strength of the undead to the max. Moreover, the recovery ability had also increased a lot.

The cracks on the remaining bone dragon just now also began to slowly repair.

Seeing this scene, Johnde frowned even more.

This guy was really difficult to deal with.

Without hesitation, Johnde directly rushed towards the two huge mechanical beasts in front of him, wanting to gather with them.

However, Lu Yan’s figure quickly appeared in front of Johnde. He held the Netherworld Soul Scythe in his hand and directly slashed at the other party.

Johnde raised the metal wall in his hand to block Lu Yan’s attack. Then, iron spikes quickly pierced towards Lu Yan.

Lu Yan turned around and dodged these attacks.

These attacks were all attached to that special metal damage and could not be underestimated.

If he was accidentally hit, the armor on his body might be pierced.

The Netherworld Soul Flame on his body surged out again and directly pounced towards Johnde in front of him.

Although the Netherworld Soul Flame could not invade the other party’s black armor, the other party’s armor power would still be constantly consumed by the Netherworld Soul Flame.

As long as the power of the armor was consumed, it could directly cause damage to the other party.

... freew𝚎bn𝐨𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝚘𝗺

If Lu Yan used the power of the Space Soul Necklace now, it would still be very easy for him to defeat Johnde. However, Lu Yan did not plan on doing so now. After all, it was not the time for him to use all his trump cards.

Although Johnde’s combat strength was very powerful, the other party was still unable to force Lu Yan out with all his strength.

The little Netherworld Dragon born from the Undead Twin also quickly rushed over and directly pounced towards Johnde, wanting to give Lu Yan an opportunity.

Lu Yan’s body froze and he disappeared from his spot again.

Appearing behind Johnde, Lu Yan raised the Netherworld Soul Scythe in his hand and directly slashed at Johnde’s neck.

No matter what armor it was, the neck was always the most vulnerable place.

Even though Johnde had modified his body into mechanical metal, his neck was still very weak.

Putting everything else aside, at the very least, Johnde’s head was not mechanical.

Johnde clearly knew his weakness. The iron plate on his body was directly raised and completely enveloped him.

A huge iron shell appeared in front of Lu Yan. The Netherworld Soul Scythe in his hand landed on the iron shell, directly emitting a muffled sound.

At this moment, two huge mechanical beasts had already rushed over and directly stretched out their arms to grab Lu Yan.


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