Guild Wars

Chapter 1066 The Genocide Of Primordials 1
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Before the Evil Trio could even check their rewards for the World Boss Raid apart from what was given, they were forcibly logged out on the spot regardless of what they were doing as the AI began to prep Update 3.

The Evil Trio woke up in their pods and then ejected themselves after following the procedures. They also noticed that Lucitian and Lucitera were coming to as they too got ejected, having spent all this time in Draco's Inner Universe playing around, most likely by bullying their other siblings.

Eva and Shuangtian smiled and picked up their babies, kissing them all over the faces. Unsurprisingly, the little ones enjoyed receiving this type of love from their mothers. They giggled cutely, making Draco feel left out and jealous.

As such, he suddenly barged in the way of the display of motherly affection and placed his cheek there for some love. Eva and Shuangtian were left speechless and helpless, knowing that Draco would definitely seek revenge on them and their babies in the future if he wasn't satisfied.

Tsk, tsk, who asked them to be Soulmates with such a greedy and narrow-minded person!

Funny enough, Lucitera giggled and kissed the other side of her dad's face that was facing her, making Draco exclaim with joy.

"Hahahah, my darling Lucitera is truly the best! This is why Daddy loves you the most!"

Lucitera was filled with happiness after being praised by her dad, while Lucitian was crazy with jealousy. As such, he directly bit Draco's ear and began munching furiously.

Draco only glanced at him askance. "Brat is your teeth made of keratin or is it made of cotton? Put some energy into it if you want Your Father here to squeal in pain."

Lucitian was depressed. Dammit old man, wait until I grow up and surpass you! I will bully you every day by chewing your ears until they are mush!

Draco saw that his son was feeling down and then lifted him up to his face. "Brat why are you sad? Because you can't beat daddy? Think about it, if you could beat daddy, then wouldn't life be boring?"

Lucitian was stunned. That's right, his father was the strongest being he knew! If he could even beat his father at this stage, then what was the point of seeking strength? Who would he set as his target as a budding young man in the future?

Lucitera glanced at Lucitian askance and wondered what his problem was. Why couldn't he just be happy with their amazing dad? Not only was their dad handsome, but their moms were so beautiful that just looking at them made them feel soothed in life.

While the family of five were causing trouble, the other core members left their pods and stretched. They had been in the midst of clearing the sea around Cario Continent as they moved to conquer the next area.

Now they were suddenly kicked out and it seemed like it would take a while before they could go back in. As such, they had to deal with the real world and catch up on many things they had either ignored or put on hold.

While they moved out, Draco, Eva and Shuangtian shared sharp looks as they knew what they had to do next. This time, instead of leaving their babies with Amber, Eva and Shuangtian kept them since they didn't plan to fight.

Draco alone was more than good enough.

The father smiled and slashed to the side, opening a portal that led to their first target. The family then entered the portal, aiming to rob- *cough* indefinitely borrow something that fairly belonged to another being.


Meanwhile, in the arctic regions of Earth.

A polar bear was swimming along a cold river that was almost frosted over, diving occasionally to search for prey like seals or fish to eat. However, the bear was shocked when it dove once more and saw that there was a giant being staring at it beneath the water.

All it saw were two huge red eyes that were staring at it and before it could flee, it became limp.

It had died just from a look!

The being with the red eyes boredly looked away, speaking to another humanoid shaped being which was similar to a mass of deep sea algae, coral and rocks merged together with actual sea water as it rose to form a giant, towering body.

"Hmph, Oceanus, you have become more cowardly over the years. Thanks to your work over the past month, all 12 of us Main Primordials have been, yet you still admonish us to keep in hiding." The red eyed Primordial spoke.

Oceanus harrumphed with dissatisfaction. "Hyperion, you complain all the time, but you didn't see what I saw, nor did you fight what I fought."

Oceanus gritted his watery teeth with hatred. "Those damed extraterrestrials lied! They somehow reincarnated themselves using the blood of the Lesser Race they left behind, which allowed them to copulate. Now, they rule the planet and have enough power to not only seal us, but kill us!"

Hyperion's eyes narrowed and his body came out of the darkness. What appeared was a humanoid body made up of golden flesh that glowed with splendor, clothed in light itself.

He folded his arms behind his back as his glowing red pupils narrowed. "Oceanus, do you understand what you are saying right now, you old fool? How can we be killed when we possess the origin of the world, inherited from Mother Gaia?"

Oceanus sighed. "Do you think I would jest about such a matter? I don't want to believe it either, but you must have felt it! The instinctive fear that Gaia had a few months ago when the planet was about to be destroyed."

Hyperion's expression changed slightly. "That? I do somewhat remember that. I was still sealed in the darkness of the depths, but I could feel that power that was about to be unleashed."

Hyperion's face became filled with fear. "Wait, that was them?!"

Oceanus nodded solemnly. "That's right, it was them. What's more they have personally sealed their own powers once they understood that the world cannot handle their full strength."

Hyperion shuddered at such a scenario and he couldn't help but become silent. He wondered if it had been him in Oceanus' shoes back then, what would he have done? In the end, he couldn't help but be grateful that Oceanus was the one to have encountered them first, because he had chosen the right path to take after surviving that fight.

"Don't fret too much. I rather see how things ended as a win." Oceanus stated as he noticed Hyperion's worry.

Hyperion was stunned by this and couldn't help but glance at his fellow Primordial with a strange look, wondering if everything was alright up there?

Oceanus noticed this and smiled. "They could have released their full power and shattered the planet, but they didn't, which shows that these incarnations of theirs have scruples. With their power, if they couldn't build a planet for themselves, they could at least protect their Lesser Race and carry them away to another habitable planet in the universe."

"However, they didn't, and that is good for us temporarily. Now, we just need to recuperate and try to increase our strength by generating more Origin Energy through Gaia. One good thing about the existence of their Lesser Race is that their presence has enriched Gaia greatly. In a matter of a few years, we should be twice as strong as before!" Oceanus stated with a glint in his eye.

Hyperion also remembered this fact and calmed down greatly. He couldn't help but feel happy deep down and his fear subsided greatly.

"Hehe, at that time, we might be able to finally kill or at least, banish them from our home." Hyperion stated with killing intent in his heart.

Oceanus nodded with a similar feeling. "That's right, I also think- WHAT?!"

The two were about to continue their chat about their fantasized future when they noticed that a portal opened beside them, revealing the form of Draco as well as his two beauties.

When Oceanus saw them, his heart leapt to his throat as worry and fear coursed through him. He would never forget the aura and power fluctuations from Draco and Eva when they released the seal on their bloodline slightly, almost causing the planet to collapse.

Now that they were before him, he noticed that there was yet another one with them. Not only that, but the two women were holding offspring. At that moment, Oceanus understood many things, and the fear in his heart escalated greatly.

"HYPERION, RUN!" Oceanus bellowed as he dispersed into sea water and tried to escape deeper into the planet. Hyperion was a bit too slow but also changed into a single beam of light and fled.

If was a great idea and fast reaction to run, but they were dealing with the Evil Trio. Unless they specifically wanted you to succeed, you would never succeed.

"Hehe, why are you running? WHY are you running?" Draco questioned as he waved his hand. A portal appeared before the two fleeing beings, forcing them to enter inside due to their sheer speed and then be teleported right back to Draco's front.

When they realized they had been captured back so easily, Hyperion and Oceanus paled greatly. They knew they were trapped and that running was probably futile, so in order to survive, they needed to fight their way out.

"I simply do not believe you are truly almighty! Die!" Hyperion roared to motivate himself as he rushed forward and manifested a great axe made of light energy.

Draco chuckled and fired an orb of Destruction Energy as the incoming slash. This caused the attack to fizzle out be disintegrated while the orb was intact and rushed towards the fellow.

Hyperion's expression changed and hurriedly manifested a barrier of made of his light, but that too was corroded in no time before the right side of his body was disintegrated and turned into a gaping hole.

Hyperion naturally screamed so loudly and so full of agony that even Draco paused for a second and couldn't help but feel bad. However, those feelings quickly disappeared as Hyperion glowed with an orange-gold light.

His injuries - parts of his body that had been destroyed with the purest Destruction Energy that shouldn't be recreateable or healable unless it was the work of Creation Energy - were being restored.

There was only one explanation for this, and it had to be an element or energy higher than Destruction. There were few that fit this category and Origin Energy was one of them!

This presented the main difficulty of dealing with these goddamn Primordials that the 9 Original High Humans were lamenting about, so in the end, could only seal them in different places.

However, Draco, Eva and Shuangtian would not have come here without finding a method to deal with them. This manifested itself in Draco's cruel smile after the Hyperion fellow restored himself.

He waved a hand and the world around them shook. Hyperion and Oceanus' faces changed as they felt like they were rushing into the sky on a jet. Before they could figure out what was happening, Draco had dragged them out into Saturn's orbit.

Draco sneered as he placed his hands behind his back, as if looking at two dead rats. "Quickly kneel and beg me to spare your life. If you try to fight back or flee, the only future you will have will be one in which you'll be instantly killed!"

The two Primordials were shocked as they looked around in space, but they weren't too worried. With Origin Energy in their grasp, they could at least protect their lives if they couldn't fight back!

However, the two Primordials' faces explosively changed as their entire bodies quaked like small children in the snow, endless fear appearing on their faces.

The Origin Energy! The Origin Energy of Earth was gone because they were too far in outer space to receive it from Gaia. As such, they were just normal combatants without the ability to protect from death or regenerate endlessly.

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