I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World

Chapter 32: Business Dealing of Paintings
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Chapter 32: Business Dealing of Paintings

" MM???"

Long Ming frowned at the sudden pop-up window as he was admiring Xiao'er beauty.

' This fucking system…Where I can turn off notifications?'

[ Ding! Harem King of Nine World is pitying on you. He says the Miser Dragon is a eunuch]

[ Ding! Gold Guarding Miser Dragon is furious! He is challenging the Harem King of Nine Worlds]

[ Ding! Harem King of Nine World is laughing! He is asking the Miser Dragon is ask his wife first]

' Sheesh! He even railed that dragon's wife?' Long Ming almost spat out when he saw the notifications.

' However, Selling an item that I made in 10,000 Mid grade spirit stones? That sounds hella difficult. Not to mention, I have only two days worth of time.' Long Ming pondered.

" Young Master, Are you…not pleased? Did Xiao'er did something wrong?"

Long Ming returned to his sense as he saw Xiao'er was already on the bed, looking at him with a soft glance. Before Long Ming could say anything, she already climbed on him, pinning him down beneath her.

Long Ming gulped a mouthful of saliva as he could feel Xiao'er ample mountains weighing on his chest. Long Ming gave a soft sigh as his arms wrapped around her waist, pulling him into a tight embrace.

Xiao'er was a bit surprised, buts he didn't resist. On the contrary, she cooperated with Long Ming as she untied his robe while kissing her neck.

" What is it? Not eager anymore?" Xiao'er grinned as her tongue traced Long Ming's neck. Long Ming snorted as his hands caressed her flawless back.

" That's not it… I just suddenly think about something."

" What is it?"

Long Ming looked at Xiao'er as he held her and rolled on the bed, pinning her down beneath him.

" Nevermind, We should just continue."

" That's more like it, Young Master…" Xiao'er grinned as she kissed Long Ming passionately.

Suddenly, Long Ming noticed something different. The string of Fragrant Yin Qi coming from Xiao'er turned into a deeper shade of pink. It felt much different… Much powerful.

Long Ming suddenly paused as his mind started to revolve faster. Looking at the Fragrant Blossoms of Eternal Spring Arts, he understood the reason.

' I see… The quality of the Qi is affected by the rate of affection and the amount of body contact. The more emotion a woman feels, the stronger Fragrant Yin Qi one can gather. Quality over quantity, huh…'

' Since I can't increase the quantity of energy for now… How about replacing the energy with better quality Qi?'

Long Ming kissed Xiao'er as their tongues interwind. He could feel her soft, bouncy breasts in his palm as they both entangled with each other.

Long Ming circulated the Fragrant Blossoms of Eternal Spring Art as he replaced the light pink qi with the darker pink qi.

As their body heat rose, Long Ming and Xiao'er looked at each other with passionate eyes. They could feel each other's body heat as their embrace became tighter.

However, At that moment, Someone knocked on the door.

" Wh-What the fuck!"

Long Ming trembled as his expression turned twisted. " Goddamn it, It's already nighttime. And you are still bothering me?"

Xiao'er was stunned as she giggled. " My dear Young Master, are you forgetting that the real business of Eternal Spring Towers opens in the night? I am sure there must be something important if Sister Meng is calling you."

Long Ming sighed as he nodded. He got up and adjusted his clothing as he walked out.

" What happened?"

" Young Noble Long, Something happening in the gambling hall. Lady Meng wishes you to go and see it."

" Mm?"

Long Ming was surprised when he heard that. " Ruckus? Here? Let me see…"

He walked lightly as he went to the gambling hall. With his gentle but sacred aura along with his perfect figure, the hall became silent as Long Ming entered.

" Is this you? The one who painted those vulgar paintings?"

Long Ming paused his steps as he saw a young man sitting at the gambling table. He wore a purple robe with golden stripes. With a sword on his back, he looked like a noble martial artist.

" Well, You are correct. It is me…" Long Ming's paper fan opened as he spoke with a light smile. " Perhaps are you also from Orthodox Sect…..Here to condemn me?"

The young man stood up as he laughed loudly.

" Hahaha! You thought I was like those old geezers? No way, I am going to preach to someone about righteousness."

Long Ming was startled as he looked at the young man. He turned around and looked at the maid.

" Go prepare some fine dishes along with the best wine. Prepare a good seat for sir on the terrace."

" As Young Noble wishes…"

Long Ming closed his paper fan as he pointed at the way. " Well, Why don't we chat while enjoying some wine?"

" Of course! The wine is one of the main reasons I came here." The young man laughed as he followed Long Ming.

" Well, I would like to know more about fellow brother."

" I am Ling Yuan from Six Sword Pavilion. I am sure you know me already." Ling Yuan laughed. Long Ming's eyes narrowed as his Heavenly Revelation Eyes became activated.

' This aura…This is the same as Mu Qinglian. This means This bastard is at Primordial Spirit Unification Realm?' Long Ming pondered. That means Ling Yuan must be a big shot of Six Sword Pavilion.

Suddenly, His eyes narrowed as he could feel a strange aura from Ling Yuan as it enveloped Long Ming's body. Long Ming patted his closed paper fan on his palm with a light laugh.

" Brother Ling, probing others at the first meeting isn't courteous at all."

Ling Yuan was startled as he gave a wry smile. " Well, I guess I got caught. I apologize for this misconduct."

Long Ming shook his head as the maid served food and wine. Long Ming poured the wine for Ling Yuan. " So, Brother Ling, How come you came to meet me? Do you seek something from me?"

Ling Yuan drank a cup of wine as he smacked his lips. " Haah! Now, This is called a wine!"

" Well, My question is… Are you the one who painted those banners?"

Ling Ming laughed. " I thought I answered you already?"

" Very well, Then." Ling Yuan became serious. " I want you to make a painting."

" Of whom?"

" Mu Qinglian."


Long Ming spat out his wine as he looked at Ling Yuan with a shocked expression.

" Impossible!"

" I will pay as much as you like."

" This isn't about payment." Long Ming shrugged. " Here, I will make one, and there, My head will be severed."

" Oh, Come on!" Ling Yuan slapped his thigh in frustration. " You painting quality is so superb. It felt like those figures were moving inside the painting."

" Well, I can make you such a painting if you wish. However, I won't draw Mu Qinglian." Long Ming spoke in a firm voice.

" Hmppph!" Ling Yuan sighed. " Fine, I got it. However, Five."

" I will need five exclusive paintings from you."

Long Ming chuckled. " Well, That's something I can do. However, How about we discuss the price?"

" 1000 Mid grade Spirit stones." Ling Yuan spoke. Long Ming raised his brows as he looked at him with a calm expression.

' Damn, He actually took out 1000 mid grade spirit stones like that? Looks like he is filthy rich. I should drain him even more.'

Long Ming shook his head. " Well, Brother Ling thinks I lack money? I am doing this for money?"

Ling Yuan was startled as he looked at Long Ming. " Haha, My bad. A master like you, How can you lack money at all."

" But, What do you need as payment? I will try to get as long as it is under my strength."

Long Ming chuckled. " Well, How about this? I need some treasures that contain pure Yang energy. Do you have something like that?"

Ling Yuan's eyes narrowed as he looked at Long Ming. " Hmm, Something like that… I do have something like that."

He waved his hands as a bright red colored crystal with yellow veins appeared in his hands. " This is called a Sunset Energy Crystals. Mainly, these are used in the formations. I have some pieces of it. If you wish, I can give it to you."

Long Ming picked up those crystals as he got up. " Give me a few days, I will give you the stuff."

" Haha! Good! Very good!" Ling Yuan laughed as he cupped his fist. " You are really a cultured scholar, Fellow Brother Long."

" Actually…" A grin crept on Long Minh's lips as he turned around. " Is there any sort of guy who is willing to spend any amount of money to get such an item?"

" Well, While I am someone who is a refined Daoist who only collects some exquisite paintings, There are indeed some weirdos who are willing to collect anything related to beauty."

Long Ming looked at him with a dead serious gaze. 'Seriously? Just say that you are a porn lover.'

" Haha, How about you give me their names?"

Ling Yuan was confused by Long Ming's question. " Well, If you insist…"

Long Ming remembered their name as he turned around and left.

' Hah, My cash cows, Here I come…'

Ling Yuan was still drinking his wine as he took out his sword and started to caress it.

' What an unfathomable body… The moment I tried to probe his cultivation, I felt like my divine sense sunken into an abyss.' Ling Yuan pondered.

' Concealment treasures? I don't think so… Could it be…"𝘧𝘳𝓮𝓮𝓌𝘦𝓫𝓷𝘰𝘷ℯ𝑙.𝓬ℴ𝘮

' A hidden weapon of Four Season Valley?'

A grin cracked on Ling Yuan's lips as he caressed his sword.

" Don't be hasty, buddy. You and I going to have fun soon."

Long Ming entered his room as he saw Xiao'er already dozed off. He smiled as he sat on the floor.

' Now, Time to increase my power…'

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