I Play Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game

Chapter 909: The World!
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Chapter 909: The World!

Saio's face looked ugly.

He really didn't expect that a decent person like this Duel King would take action without asking anything. Isnt there generally at least a process that should be followed?

But Yuei Vu didn't mean to talk nonsense with him at all. He started the Duel Disk directly, and the deck of cards was automatically shuffled.

The meaning expressed was very clear: Either play cards or directly pull out the deck. Don't waste my time!

It doesnt matter if theres evidence or not, and it doesnt matter if you are the real mastermind behind it, anyway, its you that I'm going to beat today!

"All right."

Saio tried to keep his coolness. He stood up calmly and straightened his clothes. The crystal ball, round table, and tarot cards in front of him all disappeared out of thin air. White light transformed into a Duel Disk and appeared on his wrist. The deck was already installed in the slot.

"It seems that there is nothing to talk about, Duel King. Okay then." He narrowed his eyes, "I have wanted to give it a try for a long time, my Arcana Force' and your HERO', which one is stronger?

Of course, you will know the result even without trying it. "

He hummed and smiled, closing his eyes briefly, and then his eyes suddenly widened, and his expression became ferociously distorted.

"Because fate has been decided a long time ago, hahahaha!!!"

Yuei Vu had no expression on his face and took a few steps back to distance himself.

"Duel!" x2

Saio, LP 4000

[Yuei Vu, LP4000]

"I'm the first to go, draw!" Yuei Vu said, "I summon the Chocolate Magician Girl'."

A magic circle opened, and a magical girl who looked like a cute little devil flew out, her wand spreading fluorescent light.

[Chocolate Magician Girl, ATK 1600]

"The effect of Chocolate Magician Girl' Once per turn: I can discard 1 Spellcaster-Type monster; draw 1 card."

After drawing a card and adding it to his hand, Yuei Vu immediately picked out another card.

"Set a card, I end my turn."

"Magician Girl? It is too weak!" Saiou laughed with a distorted expression, "Arcana Force' is the strongest deck to promote destiny! Both the attack power and the effect are far superior to Magician Girl!

My turn, draw! Activate the Spell Card Graceful Charity! Draw 3 cards, then discard 2 cards. "

The two cards in his hand were discarded to the graveyard, and then he immediately revealed a card in his hand: "The Spell Card Necro Sacrifice'! Select one or two monsters in my graveyard and special summon them on the opponent's field!" (Animation card )

The two cards that had just been discarded into the graveyard were quickly ejected from the graveyard area of the Duel Disk and returned to Saio's hand. He pulled out the two cards and sneered at the corner of his mouth.

"According to this effect, I special summon Arcana Force VII The Chariot' and Arcana Force IV The Emperor' on your field!"

Two black vortexes opened in front of Yuei Vu, releasing rapid air currents. A strange, black machine with a metal shell appeared on his field, its body covered with silver-white steel tentacles. The other one is a black chariot covered with tentacles and with a circle of strange eyes on its shell.

[Arcana Force VII The Chariot, ATK 1700]

[Arcana Force IV The Emperor, ATK 1400]

The Emperor and The Chariot appeared on the playground, one on the left and the other on the right, with the Chocolate Magician Girl sandwiched between them. The poor magical girl shrank her head, like a little cute girl shivering between the bosses.

Two rotating cards appeared above the heads of the two Arcana Force monsters.

"Each of the Arcana Force' monsters corresponds to a tarot card. When they are summoned, the cards above their heads will randomly stop in the upright or reverse position."

While Saio explained, there was a sinister smile on his lips.

Just like the upright and reverse positions of Tarot cards represent different prophecies, Arcana Force monsters will also obtain different effects depending on the upright and reverse positions.

Upright positions gave beneficial effects on the controller, bringing powerful power and leading to victory.

On the contrary, reverse positions gave side effects that would backfire on the controller. "

Having said this, he couldn't help but open his arms, like a fanatical believer.

"This is the Arcana Force', and it is the most suitable monster to represent the choice of destiny! Hahahaha!"

Saio's mouth was filled with amusement.

"Then Mr. Yuei Vu, can you guess whether the two Arcana Force' I gave you are in the upright position or the reverse position?"

"Reverse position." Yuei Vu said without thinking.

Saio's power as a BOSS was "fate control", which can make all futures develop in a direction that is beneficial to him. So when he tosses a coin, it must be in his favor.

It's a very abnormal ability. Even God of Gamblers would stumble and get an unwanted result sometimes, but Saiou would not.

It's just that this ability was completely useless against Yuei Vu.

It's not that Yuei Vu's luck value was so sky-high that even the goddess of fate couldn't shake it. On the contrary, it's because his luck value was too low so Saiou's so-called "superpower" could be ignored.

As a result, he never expected that the two cards of the Arcana Force were actually parked in positive positions that were beneficial to the controller.

Yuei Vu raised his eyes slightly.

What's going on?

Could it be that I bully the passers-by for too long, enough for my Luck 20 to be accumulated, so when I fight BOSS, my luck explodes?

But looking at Saio's reaction, he knew that he was probably overthinking it, and Saio laughed loudly: "It seems that you are lucky, Mr. Yuei Vu.

The upright position effect of Arcana Force VII The Chariot: When this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle, you can special summon that monster on your field!

The upright position effect of Arcana Force IV The Emperor: The attack power of all Arcana Force' monsters on your field increases by 500! "

[Arcana Force VII The Chariot, ATK 1700 ATK 2200]

[Arcana Force IV The Emperor, ATK 1400 ATK 1900]

Yuei Vu frowned.

There are tricks, there are definitely tricks.

He had always had absolute confidence in his own luck. When he tossed a coin, it would come up wrong.

He didn't even forget to check his attribute panel again. His Luck value was still an unshakable 20, and there was no change.

This was worth pondering.

As we all know, gifts from opponents were worthy of careful attention, and there must be something wrong with them.

"Of course, giving you two monsters is not without cost." Saio said, "The subsequent effect of Necro Sacrifice'. I can reduce the number of Tributes required for 1 Tribute Summon, equal to the number of monsters Special Summoned this way.

I Special Summoned Arcana Force VII The Chariot and Arcana Force IV The Emperor on your field, a total of two monsters, so I can reduce the sacrifices required for the Tribute Summon by two! "

Saio held up a card in an exaggerated manner and shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Come! Arcana Force XXI

ZA WARUDO! (The World)! ! ! "

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