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Chapter 911: What Else Are You Trying To Summon?
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Chapter 911: What Else Are You Trying To Summon?

Maybe time has been stopped, maybe time has been accelerated, or maybe time has been erased

It didn't matter what happened, but in short, the result was that Yuei Vu's turn was directly skipped, and it was Saio's turn again.

In other words, the attack authority of "Arcana Force XXI The World" has also been reset!

"It's almost time for the curtain of destiny to fall!" Saio shouted, "Go! Arcana Force XXI The World', attack directly!

Over Catastrophe! ! ! "

Saio looked ferocious, and the shattered white beam of light shot out towards the hole that was blasted through in the ceiling! The earth trembled, the space roared, and The World's attacks were overwhelming, like the final judgment sent down by the gods.

"Successful!" Many members of the Society of Light began to cheer.

The only thing they didn't directly say was "Congratulations on the victory, Saio-sama" in advance.

"Activate the effect of Swift Scarecrow'." Yuei Vu calmly drew a card from his hand, "When an opponent's monster declares a direct attack: Discard this card; negate the attack, then end the Battle Phase."

The mighty attack hit the scarecrow's barrier, and the energy vortex was scattered in all directions. The display on the Duel Disk automatically switched to "Main Phase 2".


Saio's exaggerated smile suddenly froze.

Wait, the Duel King has always had this card in his hand, so why didn't he activate it when he was directly attacked by "Chocolate Magician Girl" last turn?

Could it be that he already knew the ability of "The World"?

It doesnt make sense!

The Arcana Force was a series unique to Saio Takuma. This was the deck given to him by fate, and it was the ultimate tool he used to write his future.

No one knew the hidden abilities of each Arcana Force card, especially the "Arcana Force XXI The World" which he saved as a trump card. He has never used the power of "The World" in front of other people.

Saio believed that it was impossible for Yuei Vu to know the ability of "The World" in advance. He could only attribute this to Yuei Vu's extraordinary intuition as a Duel King.

"It's such a terrible intuition. Your life was saved by experience and instinct." Saio silently drew two cards from his hand.

"Set two cards, I end my turn."

The members of the association looked at Yuei Vu in shock.

"The Duel King is indeed no ordinary person. He can actually take this kind of attack."

"Well, Saio-sama must have already figured it out at this level. The fate has been decided long ago, and so is the outcome of this duel! You can tell by looking at Saio-sama's calm look!"

Saio: face art-ing.

"My turn, draw." Yuei Vu said, "I summon the Keeper of Dragon Magic'."

[Keeper of Dragon Magic, ATK 1800]

"The effect of Keeper of Dragon Magic' If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: I can discard 1 card; add 1 Polymerization' Normal Spell Card or Fusion' Normal Spell Card from my Deck to my hand."

A card in his hand was discarded to the graveyard, and then Yuei Vu drew a card that popped up in the deck.

"I add the Spell Card Double Fusion' to my hand." (Animation card)

"Then I activate the follow-up effect of Keeper of Dragon Magic'! Once per turn, I can reveal 1 Fusion Monster in my Extra Deck; Special Summon 1 of the Fusion Materials mentioned on that monster from my GY in face-down Defense Position!"

Yuei Vu displayed a fusion monster: "I reveal Dark Cavalry', and special summon the fusion material Dark Magician' that I just discarded to the graveyard!"

The Keeper of Dragon Magic swiped the spear in his hand, and his cloak flew behind him. The black vortex pointed to his side opened up, and the black-robed magician flew out with a staff in his hand. After a brief appearance, it quickly covered the field and became a card.

"Then the Spell Card Double Fusion' is activated!" Yuei Vu said, "Pay 500 LP, and I can use the Polymerization' effect twice this round!"

Yuei Vu, LP 1800 LP 1300

"I fuse the Elemental HERO Sparkman' with Elemental HERO Liquid Soldier'!

The fusion condition is 1 Elemental HERO' monster + 1 WATER monster! Fusion Summon!

Born from the extremely cold abyss, freezing everything with the absolute power of ice and snow

Elemental HERO Absolute Zero! "

The hero of lightning and water flew into one of the double whirlpools in mid-air. The wind roared, and the ice turned into a white whirlwind and fell. The hero in plain white armor floated to the ground, accompanied by snowflakes all over the sky.

[Elemental HERO Absolute Zero, ATK 2500]

"The effect of Elemental HERO Liquid Soldier' If this card is used as Fusion Material for a HERO' monster, and sent to the GY or banished: I can draw 2 cards, then discard 1 card."

After completing the operations of checking and discarding cards, Yuei Vu raised his finger again to point up to the vortex in the air.

"The effect of Double Fusion' continued! I fused the Dark Magician' of the field with the Elemental HERO Absolute Zero'!"

Saio couldn't help but be surprised: "The fusion of a Dark Magician and an Elemental HERO!?"

"The fusion condition is Dark Magician' +1 Warrior monster!

Fusion Summon! The black magic knight who tramples the mountains and rivers

Dark Cavalry! ! ! "

The black-robed mage and the azure warrior flew into the air and merged again. The beam of light almost penetrated the ground, and the sharp spear opened the light curtain. The dark warrior sat astride the back of the horse, trampling with iron hooves in the air.

[Dark Cavalry, ATK 2800]

Saio frowned: "What do you want to do?"

"The effect of Elemental HERO Absolute Zero'!" Yuei Vu said, "When Absolute Zero leaves the field, all monsters on the opponent's field are destroyed!"

All the association members were shocked: "There is actually such a combo?"

"Oops, if Saio-sama's monster is destroyed, he will have to directly face the attack of the Dark Cavalry!"

"Oh, is this the idea?" Saio said in a tone, "But! Destiny has to be one step ahead! Open the set card: Trap Card Hierophant's Wand! The opponent draws 1 card. This turn, cards on my field cannot be destroyed!" (animated card)

The invincible Hierophant's Wand!

Absolute Zero's frozen wave rushed towards him, but Saio only laughed wildly and kept repeating "muda muda muda", and the cold wave was all bounced away.

"Cannot be destroyed?" Yuei Vu said as he drew a card.

"That's right!" Saio groaned, "And compared with your Dark Cavalry', my Arcana Force XXI The World' is superior in both strength and speed!"

Well, he must be referring to the attack power, right?

Then there is also the effect of the Dark Cavalry. This card will gain 100 ATK for each Spell/Trap on the field and in the GYs.

There are now a total of seven Spell and Trap cards in the graveyard on both sides of the field, so the attack power increases by 700. "

[Dark Cavalry, ATK 2800 ATK 3500]

Saio, who had just boasted, couldn't help but curl his lips: "Tsk, are you overtaking it?"

But Yuei Vus operation was not over yet: Then I remove Keeper of Dragon Magic on the field from the game, and I can special summon this card in my hand

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon! ! ! "

Saio almost screamed.

What else are you trying to summon??

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