Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2910 Mors Apokalypsis! VI
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Chapter 2910 Mors Apokalypsis! VI

It was the Weaver of Extremity spreading himself out across Existence and Non-existence.

It would no doubt be something utterly fantastical as the cost for Noah to do all of this…was obscenely immense.

And so his main body grasped his chest.

And he felt the beat of his Heart.


Like an ancient drum that was truly only waking up now {O Mana…}

Noah called out as his main body began to be covered by an astounding blue and vermillion radiance on top of the royal purple light.

His endless swathes of Mana danced madly and churned.

It seemed like an endless cerulean sea was rising within him and just now beginning to spread out.

{O Mana…}

Noah called out again as in addition to all of this, an Aurum glow came and surged all around.

The Existential Extremity Authority of the Protagonist shone with radiance as the actions being carried out now and what Noah was about to continue doing…

Who else other than the Main Character could do this? Who else other than the Protagonist?

{O Mana…O Infinity…}


{Run wild and free.}


The weavings of his extremes shuddered. 𝖋𝔯𝖊𝖊𝖜𝔢𝖇𝔫𝖔𝔳𝔢𝖑.𝖈𝔬𝖒

Their desires rose.

And they saw they were given free rein without any limitations.

And so…


Utterly unfathomable brilliance unfolded!

From the skies of Dissolution, tears in space occurred as two illusory Dungeon Monoliths descended in different corners of this Supernal Haven.

It was just the beginning of Noah letting loose.

It was just the first day of the Mors Apokalypsis, and yet the changes that would occur on this single day would be utterly consequential and irreversible ones!

In the Infinite Hyperversal Haven.


A blaring sound boomed out that alerted all those within it, prompts beginning to rise before them.

{The Ones Above Extremity have chosen the path of Extinction of all beings.}


Such an astonishing prompt arose as the Son of Destiny gazed upwards with a somber expression.

The Queens of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven were stern as they also gazed up!

The Primogenitor of Steel opened his eyes as a Colorless light flashed through them, Quintessence buzzing around his existence as he glared upwards.

The Bard of Quintessence has bright eyes as a grand symphony had begun to play from his weaving, his whole existence lost in it.

The Cimmerian Architect felt the subtle changes along all others as the prompts continued to descend before them while the faraway vision of the boundary of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven being penetrated became clear to all!

{The gazes of the Dikastes of Extremity and the Ones Above Extremity are obscured as they cannot move.}

{In exchange, a process to erase all existences was initiated- with the tools of this process known as Mors Apokalypsis being these Existential Apokalypsis Beasts!}

{Today marks the First Day of Mors Apokalypsis, with the target of the Existential Apokalypsis Beasts being all those in the First Gradation of Extremity and below. Attacking any Apokalypsis Beasts will cause their existence to erupt with power equivalent to your Realm, with victory or defeat dependent on the breadth of your Extremes and existence.}


The weavings of secrets that would have taken countless lives to be lost before they were learned…were made clear to them by the Weaver of Extremity.

He had seen through the secrets of exactly what was occurring as he guided those below him, his words reverberating across the Infinite Hyperversal Haven!

{The Extremity of Quintessence issues an Existential Quest of Survival for all those deemed capable of standing against the Existential Apokalypsis Beasts.}

{Defend your home. Defend those at the First Gradation and below. Immeasurable rewards, glory, and loot await on the other side depending on how many Existential Apokalypsis Beasts you manage to kill.}


The Extremity of Loot imposed itself on the whole Infinite Hyperversal Haven while Noah issued such daring prompts.

The very extreme of Loot flowed within Noah's Lineage as it was budding like a silent flower within the bodies of all of his chosen Vassals.

So long as they managed to kill an Existential Apokalypsis Beast, Noah's light of Loot would shine as the maximum possible Loot would be attained.

And at this moment, a great deal of Noah's people were chosen as ones capable of standing against the Apokalypsis Beasts once they attacked them, their bodies became burdened with a great purpose as space twisted around them before they were sent towards different areas of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven!

The buzzing Infinite Hyperversal Haven was spending a great deal of authority to continue keeping the drilling Apokalypsis Beasts at bay as at this moment…

{Let them through.}

The words of the Weaver of Extremity echoed out.

The Infinite Hyperversal Haven began to stabilize.

And across its barriers and boundaries, a few massive cylindrical pathways formed as they opened up the defenses widely.


The Apokalypsis Beasts only had a single purpose as those nearby these formed Passages surged across them speedily, while those in the distance…changed their route to also come through the wide open defenses.

The path of least resistance was followed by these killing machines as they surged in seeking to accomplish their purpose!

So across the Infinite Hyperversal Haven, it seemed like abyssal pathways from above had opened as from them, tens of thousands of Apokalypsis Beasts began to descend with shocking glory and power.

The Record of Oppenheimer stared at the legions of enemies with a blinding light of Destiny.

Beside him, Commander Feng shone even brighter as these two past enemies stood side by side.

Around them, Primogenitors and some of Noah's closest Vassals could be found, with even the figures of the Daughter of Hatred and Ayame present!

Their whole existence was filled with purpose as they were warped here to defend those weaker than them.

To defend the inhabitants of the new domain they called their home.

{Today, the Ones Above Extremity made a choice of genocide and apocalypse for all those in the Vitalis and Vacuous Hyperversal Domains.}


{Against such a choice, we forge our own path. We weave…our own story.}

The voice of the Extremity of Quintessence reverberated all around as it held a fantastical sense of magnetism!

{Weave…your own story!}


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