Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

Chapter 543 543 Between Knowledge And Experience
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Chapter 543 543 Between Knowledge And Experience

For Wolfe, the entire Festival week was one big blur. Between the food and the hours spent studying, everything had just blurred into one long scene of food and magical circles, with a side of fireworks and dancing bunnies.

But he was finally starting to get the hang of the Advanced Magic that the Inheritance had put into the training list for those between nineteen and twenty years old. Not just the essential combat magic, he had moved though a lot of the Important Skills category and was well on his way to starting with the spells that he had deemed simply useful to know.

Wolfe was beginning to understand now that the categories by age were not to do with skill, but if you went through every related skill and not just the mandatory basics, it really would take you a year or more just to learn the spells at each level of complexity.

According to the Inheritance, almost all of these could be cast as a First Rank Magi, though as he progressed some of them would be pushing on the maximum power level that they could produce.

Each of the mandatory spells was the simplest form of a category of related spells. Fireball was the most basic form of fire conjuring, but the difficulty from there only kept increasing as you tried to do more and more complex things with the fire.

Grenades, Flame Walls, even Flame Armour were based on the same core Elemental Inscription, with the rest of the circle being the descriptors that made the spell possible. If Wolfe could have actually read the ancient runes, he likely would have realized this earlier, but working alone, it wasn't so easy for him to make the logical leap from the meanings of the runes, to the circular nature of a foreign written language.

Jumping ahead to the Adept level to see what sort of things could be done with fire, Wolfe stumbled across the [Fire Elemental] spell.

It created a basic version of the helper spell, but it only knew a half dozen commands, and a some Elemental Magic. It would store and gather massive amounts of mana that you could either use yourself, or order it to use in combat, and until the enemy managed to destroy the core that the Inscription was on, it was virtually indestructible.

He war far from capable of using it, and although there was bound to be a Lightning Elemental version as well, he still wouldn't have the skills to make an array that complex work.

But it gave him hope that he wouldn't have to keep increasing the scale of his magic to make it impressive, eventually he would be able to simply make it more complex and capable, so it could do things that nobody would expect.

One week hadn't been enough that he could get through everything that he wanted to learn, but his spell repertoire was much more impressive now, and he just needed some practice to get used to using them before his mind relegated them to the folders of irrelevant information.

So, his mission for today, the cleanup day after the festival, was to help out in any way he could, but only using new spells that he had learned. Wolfe didn't intend to do anything at all through physical labour all day. He wasn't even planning on walking, as he had found a [Flying Disc] spell that was a combination of Wind and Gravity magic. So, he would be floating through town while holding the spell in mind, instead of permanently creating it.

It was a good workout for his mana control, and it would help engrave the spell in his mind so that he could us it instantly if he needed.

Wolfe headed to the stage where the shows had been held all week and saw that there were multiple workers headed up the scaffolding to get the banners down from the top beam.

"Hold up, I will remove the banner for you, and you can put it into storage for next time." Wolfe offered as he floated over on his flying disc.

"You look extra boss man today." The Fox Kin man on the scaffolding laughed as he saw Wolfe floating around instead of walking.

"I'm working on my mana control. But it's no problem to get the banners down. Do we need to save the rope?" He asked.

"Nope, it's been cut into little bits already anyhow, we can make another roll for the next event, it's a pretty common trade item anyhow, since it's the same string we use to tie meat." The beast kin explained.

"Alright then, this will be quick and easy."

Wolfe sliced through the strings with one of the new Utility Spells called [Knife of Wind] that he had determined was under the [Important Skills] priority. It was much like an advanced Wind Blade, but only one blade and much more precisely controlled. It was made to serve the job of a pocket knife and kitchen knife in one, chopping and cutting everything, but with a finely tuned low output that wouldn't chop through your cutting board or the countertop.

It did a wonderful job on the strings, and Wolfe created a ball of air magic to catch the falling banner.

[Magi Hand] was a gravity spell in the same group of utility magic, and Wolfe used three of them to carefully extend and fold the banner, creating a tidy square for the workers to carry into the storage rooms.

Keeping all of those precision spells up at once was a mental workout, but as he kept going, using the Magi Hands to pick up trash, fold signs, stack crates and everything else that was needed the morning after a week-long party, it was getting easier and easier.

The trick was all in mental conditioning. Once you started to get used to your mind needing to do multiple things at once, it began to adapt. It wasn't a fast or easy process, but Wolfe was pretty sure that he could handle twice as many layers in an Inscription now than he could a week ago.

It was only three different spells all day long, but the practice left him exhausted by the end of the day, and Wolfe was only too happy to settle back into bed to do it again the next morning.

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