Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

Chapter 624 624 Patch Job
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Chapter 624 624 Patch Job

"Alright, it's not like it's actually a secret or something. There just aren't many Magi, and they've always been fairly particular about who they bond with, due to certain reasons." Wolfe agreed.

Rail waited impatiently for his answer, and then Wolfe flooded her body with mana, bringing out the most undignified moan as he expanded her mana pathways and let his incredibly dense mana strengthen her mana system.

The Intelligence Minister cleared his throat. "Miss Rail, I believe that's enough. If you want to interrogate him that way, you can wait until you're alone."

Rail squeaked as Wolfe cut off the mana flow, then weakly thumped on his chest in indignation.

"That wasn't my doing. This Angel of a Magi flooded me with mana, and it didn't feel normal. I've never felt anything like that, even with an Incubus. There was no life force transfer, just pure mana. But I can feel a change in my body. I'm stronger." Rail complained, panting with longing and shock as her body recovered.

"It's not always like that, you get used to it after a while. But with the Pentacle link, not only can I share their mana flow, they can share mine, and we all grow at an accelerated rate. In direct contact, I can directly push mana through other bodies, which helps purify their mana system and strengthen them." Wolfe explained.

"I've heard from staff that your presence is warm and comforting. Is that part of being a Magi?" The Chief Investigator asked.

"Indeed it is. I'm not sure what sort of training Demons do to grow their power, but the assistance of a Magi is incredibly effective compared to the natural growth rate for Witches." "So, you can help Demons grow faster than just meditation or natural growth? But only for a small number of them that are intimately linked with you?" The Intelligence Officer asked.

"Something like that." Wolfe agreed.

"How does that work? Would it be possible for you to link with some of our more powerful agents and help them break through to Sainthood?" He asked eagerly.

Wolfe shook his head.

"It works the other way around. A Pentacle linked with a Magi shares growth. They will all grow at the same rate, and the gains are shared among the six of them. So the most powerful among the group pulls the others up to their level at an accelerated rate.

A Rank Five Magi is hundreds of times more powerful than a young Rank One Demon. So, one percent of progress toward Rank Six is enough to drag a Rank One Demon to Rank Two. Five Percent growth for me would make them all Rank Two. At first, their growth wouldn't influence me much, but as they grow, the feedback will be much more significant. Once the strongest of my Pentacles of Witches reach Rank Four, they will feed me enough that my progress to Rank Six will move from a crawl to a steady walk." Wolfe explained.

"Are there restrictions other than rank?" Rail asked, still staring directly at Wolfe.

"Only personal preference ones. You know, like adults only." Wolfe shrugged.

"Does it not work on awakened juveniles?" Rail asked, seeming annoyed by the prospect.

"Oh, it works very well. But it's an intimate sort of experience, and I'm not that sort of guy." The Succubus blushed, while the men smirked.

"Wait, I heard that Magi can repair damaged mana systems, is that true?" Rail suddenly asked, grabbing Wolfe's face so that he couldn't look away.

"Somewhat. I probably can't repair everything, but most little things I can fix." He agreed.

The door opened as he was speaking, and the sound of rattling cups as the maid almost dropped the tray she was carrying pulled everyone's attention.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize that it was sort of meeting." She mumbled as she hurried to put down the tea and snacks.

The Intelligence Minister shook his head. "It's not. You just walked in at an awkward moment, while Investigator Rail was excited about a spell that Patriarch Noxus was explaining."

The maid bowed in acceptance. Succubi were excitable at the best of times, so it shouldn't shock her anymore, but she was still new on the job, and hadn't grown up around many other sorts of Demons besides her own Rakshasa kinfolk.

She turned to leave, but the Chief Investigator held out a hand to stop her.

"You were injured in a banshee attack as a child, weren't you? One that crippled your mana system?" He asked.

The maid nodded, but didn't speak. Clearly it was a painful memory.

"Go stand beside Patriarch Noxus. He will see if there is anything that a Magi can do to repair the damage that was done to you. They have a particular affinity to raw mana." The Chief explained.

The maid moved to stand beside the chair, but Rail stood up and pulled her down to Wolfe's now vacant lap.

"If this works like I think it will, you will want to be seated." She explained.

The maid looked at the empty chair beside Wolfe, but didn't say anything to question the situation. Every low-ranking Demon learned early in life that you didn't start arguments with people who could snuff you out with a thought, and though there was a new spell over the Palace that prevented bullying, nobody had tested how far it would go to protect them.

Wolfe gently probed her mana system, curious what sort of damage a Banshee did to the Mana system with their attacks. If he recalled his Demon Mythology right, it should be a form of mental attack, not physical damage, but he had never actually seen one.

The Demon's mana pathways were basically torn, like someone had dragged her through a metaphysical thorn bush, and now any attempt to strengthen her mana system just leaked the mana back out.

But the repairs were nothing more than mana manipulation, not a physical organ that was damaged, like with the mana gland that was filled with sludge from the bloodline curse on the Witches.

So, he started at the feet and worked his way up, repairing the damage with carefully controlled mana that would let the veins bond back together once he had everything sealed and mana could flow through them again.

He lost track of time as he worked, but he had everyone's full attention the entire time, even Minister William's, once he returned from his meeting with the King.

With all the leaks patched, Wolfe gently poured mana into her body and let the mana veins mend themselves as they activated for the first time since childhood. They were too weak to do much else, but after a few weeks of healing, they would be good to go again.

"There you go. No heavy mana use, or you will tear them again, but for now, you are patched up. I recommend lots of rest and meditation, with no spell casting, not even innate magic." Wolfe informed her.

The maid burst into tears and wrapped her arms around Wolfe, while Minister William began to explain the deal he had made with the King to the Intelligence Minister.

The Royal Trial would be announced tonight, and held in the city's central square in five days. The official charges wouldn't be announced until that time, only that there would be a Royal Trial of Demon Nobles on that date, with an expectation that the locals would come to see justice served.

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