Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

Chapter 626 Urgent Request
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Chapter 626 Urgent Request

The Prince left as soon as his lunch was finished, leaving Wolfe and Rail sitting at the table while Rail sipped her tea.

"Well, that was unexpected, but we should be getting back." She reminded Wolfe, while gesturing to the door.

"Not directly back. We have somewhere to stop off first." Wolfe disagreed as he noticed one plainly dressed man with the hard eyes of a soldier watching them from across the street while pretending to shop at the cloth vendor's stall.

With that, Wolfe led Rail out into the market, slowly stocking up on snacks and treats, finishing with the wine vendor where he picked up a couple of decent bottles and loaded them into the large cloth bag the wine vendor had kindly provided.

"Alright, now we are ready to begin the night." Wolfe informed her with a wink.

Rail knew that their primary goal was to bore their tail into giving up on following them, but she was getting more interested in what Wolfe had in mind now that it was obvious that their tail wasn't going to give up on following them until they reached their destination.

If they went back to the Investigators' apartments, the follower that Prince John had assigned would surely inform him that at least one of them was living there, but if they tried to check into a hotel, there was no way that he would miss the fact that they were checking in.

Their luck changed for the better when Investigator Chen, Wolfe's neighbour, walked past them on the street, coming out of a mead makers' shop with a small cask under one arm.

"Sister Chen, just the Demon I wanted to see. How about we all head back to your apartment and have a nice little snack before dinner." Wolfe suggested.

The man following them, along with half the Demons on the street, looked scandalized by the suggestion until they noticed the Succubus with him, then they pointedly ignored the situation.

Chen, on the other hand, was all for her misconceived notion of what Wolfe was after.

"Oh, good idea. I will have my favourite pasta place send a delivery runner with food." She agreed, and stepped between Wolfe and Rail, wrapping them in her large, black feathered wings.

Their follower kept his distance as they made their way to the investigators' apartments and left as the doorman welcomed Chen back and told them all to have a good night.

Once they were back in her apartment, and Rail had set out the assorted snacks they had collected, Chen finally decided to ask the obvious question.

"Now, I know you were only teasing me with the promise of a good time, but who was following you, and why?" She asked.

"We ran into Prince John of Nephrite at the pastry shop, and the Ministers have some concerns about what he's up to, so we don't want him to know right away that we work for the Investigation Department. There is a good chance that he's going to leave in a hurry in the next day or two, so it shouldn't be an issue, even if we have to stay in the Palace for a night tomorrow." Rail explained.

The dinner order showed up just after they finished the first bottle of wine, free of charge, thanks to the Investigation Department perks, and Chen's outfit was becoming lighter by the drink. Even Rail was looking a bit flushed from the combined effects of the alcohol and the aura from the randy Demoness, while Wolfe silently celebrated a not so intricate plan coming together.

Their good mood was only dampened the next morning, when they had to disentangle themselves to get showered and dressed for work.

"Hey, Wolfe. I know this is an odd question, but what did you do to me last night?" Chen asked, while Wolfe smirked and Rail giggled.

"No, not that. Well, yes that. But Rail, do you feel the excess energy as well? It's like I'm supercharged with mana right now." The muscular golden Demoness explained.

Rail frowned and placed a hand on her belly, then glared at Wolfe. "Yes, I do. What did you do to us, Magi?" She demanded.

"It's not my fault. It's a side effect of being Magi. We're flooded with mana all the time. Every part of us, so when we get intimate, we leave behind a lot of extra mana. I could withhold it, but the extra mana actually serves as a contraceptive, since an embryo couldn't withstand that much energy." He explained.

The two Demons shared a look and then Chen turned her best smile at him.

"You said every time, right?"

Wolfe laughed and pointed at the shower. "Get dressed, or we're all going to be really late for the morning briefing."

"One last question, how many people know about that?" Chen asked. "Anyone who has had sex with a Magi, I would assume." Wolfe shrugged. He honestly had no idea if any other Demon had ever experienced the sensation before. Unlike his famously insular kinfolk, Wolfe was much more open-minded.

Chief Investigator Marcus was not impressed when the trio showed up ten minutes late to the meeting, but they weren't the only ones who were running behind, and he hadn't gotten to the important parts yet.

"Good of you three to make it to work today. Now that you're here, we can get to the details of today's major malfunction. It appears that someone from the maid staff has been spreading a rumour that Wolfe can heal damage to the mana system, and we're very close to having a riot on our hands if we don't turn you over to help the magically crippled in the Palace.

I don't know what the requirements are, but the Palace can't operate without them, and we have a "surprise" visit from the Nephrite Royal Family today that needs to be catered." Marcus explained.

The room fell silent as the other investigators took in that news. Marcus had been in the room when it happened, as had Rail, but it came as a huge shock to the others. Damage to the Mana System was generally considered irreparable if it didn't heal naturally. Only Mana Beasts and a few others could fix it, and they were notoriously irritable creatures.

Wolfe smiled and placed a consoling hand on the Chief's shoulder. "Sorry for the trouble. Leave it to me and I will get it taken care of. Just make sure that it's all being recorded because I don't know what sort of time that should take off my fine."

The investigators laughed at his joke. If he could repair the damage to even one member of a Minister's Family, they could petition to have his trespassing charge forgiven. There were plenty of injured Demons after the battle for succession, and many of them were parents and siblings of the current Ministers.

Even if he wasn't under a sentence, Wolfe would have to stay for a while longer. They wouldn't let him leave that easily now that everyone knew.

"Alright, I will leave it to you. But maybe shower again. You three still smell like body wash and sex." Marcus complained, but Wolfe could tell that it was almost all jealousy and not a matter of a sensitive nose.

Rail reached into her purse. "No problem boss, I've got a scent neutralizing spray. We can head over there right away."

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