Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

Chapter 728 728 Benefits
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Chapter 728 728 Benefits

Wolfe woke up in the small stone room the next morning to the sound of even more cheering and celebrations than there were when he went to bed. He had to give it to them, the Fae and the Demons certainly did know how to party.

With a simple trick known as [Sand Shower] he scrubbed himself clean and activated the Magi Patriarch robes outfit to rejoin the festivities.

"Mister Wolfe, it worked!" One of the Fairies shouted from right beside his face.

"What worked? I need a bit more detail, I just woke up."

The tiny Fae pointed toward a table where one proud Nymph was sitting on a wooden chair, getting her photo taken with two Fire Demons behind her.

It was the hybrid Elemental and the girl he had taken down into the volcano, and the Nymph was now at Rank Seven, she had broken through sometime overnight.

Wolfe walked over to give the short woman a hug, and she beamed up at him. "I knew that you were good luck. I have been stuck at the blockage for nearly a decade already, and now I'm finally a Saint. Plus, these two both broke through to Expert understanding of the Fire Element last night. That alone is a huge feat, and with an understanding like that, they will be Saints in no time."

"Congratulations on breaking through. I guess that the superstition was right, someone who attends the parties really does have a better chance of being the next one to make it to the Saint or Overlord Rank." Wolfe laughed.

"Or get pregnant. I swear, the party isn't usually so wild, but this time everyone was just going all out. Some of them might not be far behind me on the breakthrough, either. The amount of mana in the air last night was way beyond what was normal for a Saint's awakening."

Wolfe nodded. "I used a mana gathering array to peak out the effects and make it easier on myself, but that mana takes a while to disperse, even if I didn't add to it on my own."

The Nymph smiled and gestured toward the small stone house. "We gathered your gifts and put them in a big box beside the building. There should be at least a few good things in there, and maybe you'll manage to break an elemental ability through to the expert level as well.

I can just imagine it, a Magi Saint with Expert level or higher affinity. It would be like having our own Elemental on call, but without all the mindless violence.

Purebred Elementals have to be mind controlled to make them docile, if not, they tend to just tear everything around them apart if it doesn't match their Element. We could get so many things done if there were Experts in things other than fire and nature.

Ooh, there's an Earth Stone there for you as well. Maybe you could be an Earth Expert."

Wolfe sighed and patted the excited Nymph Saint.

"Sorry, I already have three Adept Rank Elements. Fire, Unholy and Lightning. Until I reach Rank Nine, the suppression won't let me bring another one up to that level." He explained.

"Lightning? Oh, that could be good. I heard that your people are going all high-tech, with automated factories. Lightning Magic is great for that, but Expert Unholy would be much cooler. Yeah, all the Demons have a chance at it, but they're so uptight.

Did you know that if you use Unholy Magic to enhance your senses, you can see through clothes? Everyone is just naked all the time. It would be great." The Nymph announced.

The Demons laughed and one of them stuck her tongue out at the green-haired Fae in her short leaf dress. "Trust the Nymph to be an exhibitionist. Yes, we can use a spell to see through clothes, but nobody constantly does that, it's just rude and invasive."

"But you are right now. I saw you blush when you first looked at the Magi." The Nymph countered, not understanding the concept. They put clothes on to be socially acceptable, not because they actually understood why everyone was so uptight about it.

"I am not, don't go giving him strange ideas, he's already got a harem of Demons at home."

"See, that's my point. He clearly doesn't have a problem with sharing, so if you just ask the others, I'm sure you can get a turn."

Wolfe patted the small Fae to end her tirade. "It's fine if you don't understand. Think of it like keeping a secret, only special people get to know, and it's rude to try to pry and find out if you're not one of the people they willingly include."

Many of the Fae looked stunned, and the Demons tried not to laugh as someone finally explained the concept in a way that they understood.

A pale blue Wrathbringer smiled at Wolfe and nodded his head in agreement.

"This is why everyone wants you to be the Continental Representative. We don't understand each other's ways, and frankly, most of us don't care to learn. It's not like we will have to deal with the Fae on a regular basis. So, we want you to be responsible for mediation, and representing us to whoever is in charge on the other continents." He announced.

"I knew that had to be part of it. The Fae and Demons come from different realms, so it makes sense that they don't interact much. But you're all doing pretty well at getting along here, so maybe there is a chance that you have enough in common that I won't have to send people to constantly break up arguments.

If you do have issues that you can't solve, I will either be in Forest Grove, or I will have appointed someone there to help while I'm gone, so you can bring your problems directly to us instead of fighting with each other.

Most of you are responsible for a city, or even a larger region, and we want the people to look up to you." Wolfe replied.

"Well said. Overlord Noxus. I should be returning to my town today. Congratulations on your advancement, and I will be eagerly awaiting the news of your official title."

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