Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

Chapter 804 804 Lord Noxus
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Chapter 804 804 Lord Noxus

The soldiers raised their rifles, and the staccato clatter of a dozen automatic rifles discharging at once roared through the gymnasium, echoing off the walls and causing the students to cover their ears in pain.

But through it all, Wolfe simply stood still and waited for them to finish, with Professor Ashcroft standing right behind him.

"Have you had about enough of that? You're not going to be able to injure me. Not even your Emperor could do that. I know, I already killed him once. Now, put down the rifles and I will consider making this quick." Wolfe instructed. ๐—ณr๐šŽe๐˜„๐žb๐š—๐—ผve๐š•.co๐—บ

One of the soldiers charged at him with a knife, and Wolfe simply vaporized him with Nether Lightning.

"Would anyone else like to try? We can do this all day." Wolfe reminded them.

[Team Leader, Team Leader, we need assistance in the holding cell.] One of the soldiers was whispering into a glowing magical stone.

"I hope you don't mean the team leader who was here in the Academy. I already met him downstairs. He's gone as well." Wolfe informed the soldier with a smug smile.

The students were enjoying this little chance to get a bit of revenge on the cruel guards who had been holding them prisoner.

Fortunately, the room had attached locker rooms, so there were toilets and showers, but it didn't look like the invaders had bothered to feed anyone since they arrived, and the witches were in rough shape.

Some of them hadn't given up yet, though. A few of the guards fell silently to the ground, ambushed from behind by the students while they were focused on Wolfe's performance. But the others were beginning to panic as they realized that there was no way out of this situation, and nobody was coming to rescue them.

They could call the others in, with the weapons they had stolen from the Academy, but those didn't seem to work on this man, and he had no problem killing the soldiers with casual spells.

Wolfe looked around the room and found the Guardian, posing as a strange-looking witch, and heavily wounded from multiple stab wounds that had been hastily patched, but she must have been pulled in here where the was no mana before she could heal herself.

Wolfe sent the Fae a stream of power to bring her abilities back to life, which brought a moan from her that more than a few of the Witches recognized as not being pain. That told them what Wolfe had done, and that there would soon be two defenders on their side.

Whether the second one could use mana was the question in every witch's mind, but if Wolfe was going to feed her power, then it was just as good as being out of this cell, they assumed.

"Alright, I'm done waiting. Goodbye." Wolfe informed the guards, and with a burst of Nether Lightning, the burned them out of existence right down to their souls.

"Now, let's head up to the second floor prep room, and we can get ready to head out. Unless our lovely Fae friend has a foolproof way to remove interlopers from the building without harming them or the Academy itself, I will have to make my apologies for the effort that it will take to reconstruct the classrooms." Wolfe informed them.

Professor Ashcroft spoke up then.

"Wait, wait. The barrier is in effect, right? They can't openly harm us? There is no need to destroy the building to save time, even if you're off to find the rest of their force." She declared.

The Fae Guardian gave a smile that was full of very pointy teeth.

"There isn't any more invading force. The ones that are here in the Academy are here because they are afraid to leave. The woods around the Academy are a Haunted Forest now, thanks to my magic, and they didn't have the power to take on the wilderness once they were determined to be invaders.

Once we clear them out of here, that should be the last of the issue. The only problem was that I was injured and stuck in here, so I couldn't contact anyone, and we didn't know if anyone even knew that we were in danger. How did you find out?" The Protector of the Academy asked.

"Funny enough, we didn't. We came looking for the Headmistress, so we could bring her to a meeting in town, and found out after we landed that she wasn't even here. Speaking of which, I should radio my people and let them know that we're alright."

[There are invading humans from the world of mages here. I'm taking care of it right quick before I return to the helicopter.] Wolfe informed the others.

The Fae gave him a look like he might be insane, and Professor Ashcroft began to laugh as she heard the shouting and the sound of running feet on the cobblestones of the pathways.

"He just thinks that it is funnier to tell them that way and let them come running to him. He could have sent them a more normal message that wouldn't alarm them, but then he wouldn't get to watch them all freak out." The Professor explained to the Fae, who nodded happily.

"I understand that perfectly. Sometimes you just need a bit of entertainment in your life, and when you can't get it from regular activities, you get it from playing fun little pranks on others." The Fae agreed.

"See, someone appreciates my sense of humour. But there are a number of powerful witches in that helicopter, along with some Demons and Fae, so I should let them all know that it's not a big deal and the Kind Intentions barrier is back in place already." Wolfe sighed.

Cassie, Ella and Priya were all running his way with rifles at the ready, so Wolfe sent out a mental message.

[We're up on the second floor, but there are some witches in the basement. The ones in the classrooms are the humans pretending to be students. It's kind of cute, so don't kill them yet. Well, not that you likely could with the barrier active, but that's not the point. Just be calm and let things play out, I've already killed the annoying ones.]

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