Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

Chapter 814 814 Reunion
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Chapter 814 814 Reunion

Once everyone was in their respective rooms and the spells were activated to soundproof them and insulate them from outside prying eyes, Reiko activated the hidden panel between her room and that of both her new Advisor and Wolfe.

"Nobody but the Coven Leader and a few select others know that these doors exist, so I must swear you to secrecy. Now, where is my hug?" Reiko asked when Wolfe stepped through into her room.

"I knew you wouldn't hold out forever. It's good to see you again. How is the married life treating you?" Wolfe laughed.

"You have no idea. First off, they're all spoiled rich sons with a sense of superiority because they were raised to be trophy husbands, and then the Slave Bond that was put on the during the ceremony makes them fawn all over me in the most disgusting way.

Then to top it all off, you stole Mary away to play with the bunnies. I want to play with the bunnies too." Reiko whined, while her Advisor tried not to laugh.

"Leadership is a heavy burden. I take it that there are no inheritance parties coming up in our immediate future, then? It's been six months, and you're still as slender as ever." Wolfe commented.

"I would expect one from you first. Seriously, with the way you carry on, how do you not have an entire sports team worth of children already?"

Cassie laughed. "We've been thinking the same thing as well, but from what we've gathered, it has to do with the flooding of the body with mana. The mana overload prevents pregnancy, so his signature technique is what is keeping him child free."

Reiko looked intrigued at the concept, and began to twirl her blonde ringlet unconsciously.

"Where might you have learned such obscure information?" She asked with fake innocence.

"We asked the Succubi. They know all about it and wholeheartedly approve of the technique, as it keeps them from overrunning every planet that they're on. As their reputation suggests, the Succubi enjoy recreational intercourse as often as they can possibly get it, as it is their primary method of growing their power." Cassie informed her friend.

"Can I trade a husband or two for one of them? I kicked most of them out of my quarters after the wedding night. Do you have any idea how horrible it was to have ten disappointing first times in one night? I mean, just practising magic with Wolfe brought me closer than any of them did.

I don't think they even knew where to look." Reiko pouted.

Her Advisor raised her hand to ask a question. "I don't understand that reference. Is there something pleasurable about practising magic?"

"You really haven't been with him, have you? Wolfe, will you please give the Advisor a small sample of the sensation of mana transfer with a Magi?" Reiko asked.

The Advisor held out her hand, and Wolfe gently massaged her mana system, expanding the flow just a little and clearing a bit of debris that must have gathered from incompatible training methods.

The Fae moaned happily, and her eyes got wide.

"Oh, that could get addictive. I reproduce externally, there is no concept of sexual pleasure in my species, but that was better than any massage I have ever had. It was like he took all the stress out of my insides and turned me to putty." She informed Reiko in a serious tone.

"Exactly, but with a sexual overtone that you might not truly understand. And it only gets more intense as he deliberately focuses on the pleasure." Cassie informed the Fae.

The Advisor turned to Reiko and clicked her heel on the ground, a technique that she had often used to get the attention of her students.

"We must obtain a Magi. Do you know where there is another one?"

Wolfe and all the other women burst into laughter.

"This is his hometown, all of his family members are here, but the ones who know that technique are all in Forest Grove training their magic.

Speaking of which, it should be safe to bring them back after this deal is done. We could use some more of them here for general magic purposes." Reiko informed Wolfe.

"Alright, I will make sure to send some of them back here to be with their families. They've mastered the basics, and they can use various Elemental Magic, though most of them haven't reached Rank Two yet.

I will work on that with them when I get a chance, and then send them back to help renovate the city. I'm certain that a little massage after a long day of planning and implementing the improvements shouldn't be too much to ask of them." Wolfe agreed.

"Tell me everything that happened. I hate secondhand news, and even from the Noxus Advisor, I didn't get much of a satisfactory answer about what has happened to you. How did you end up controlling a huge chunk of the continent? Why do all the Demons and Fae look to you?

They're more powerful, and some would say an invading force, but from what I can gather, they were invited?"

Reiko's accusation didn't escape Wolfe's notice, but he just shrugged it off.

"There were other issues that had to be dealt with. The world's mana level dropped too low to sustain the planet's balance, and everything was going to die if we didn't start bringing it back up right away.

So, yes, I invited the Demons and the Fae to come here and start getting things under control, including dealing with the ongoing wars and spreading powerful people around the world to help normalize the mana levels.

What you were used to was a fraction of what the world's mana level should have been, and now it is becoming closer to its proper level." Wolfe explained.

"That answers precisely zero of my questions." Reiko reminded him.

"Alright then, dress off and get comfortable, this is going to take a while." Wolfe instructed, and Reiko's hands reached for the buttons before she stopped herself.

Ella laughed, and Reiko shot her a dirty look that made the blue-

haired tomboy smirk.

"You need to find a proper man. Or perhaps we can train the ones you've got? Maybe send them a succubus to literally whip them into shape?" Ella taunted.

"At this point, I wouldn't even object to that. Now, how about some details while our clothes are on?" Reiko replied.

"Alright, I will start from the beginning, with the battle against the One World Army, since you were here and not on the front lines of that one."

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