Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

Chapter 858 858 Solutions
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Chapter 858 858 Solutions

?Not only would they be good for looking after villages, but in larger numbers they had proven that the constructs could hold off entire armies. Now, what Wolfe would be making would hardly be at the level of the ones that had been summoned as Familiars, unless he found one of their cores to duplicate it, but they should be easy enough to grant various spells which could adapt to most situations.

Wolfe was pulled from his reverie by the arrival of the seventh team from the magic spires, who immediately closed the portal behind themselves and cast invisibility.

The humans weren't going to have any clue what happened to them, as long as the team leader understood the messages that the Grand Dutchies Guardian was sending to them.

"We really need to get cell service in the spires. They are such convenient devices that sending magical directions seems bothersome in comparison." The Guardian sighed.

Cassie smiled and gave him a consoling pat on the shoulder. "And magical messaging is brilliant in comparison to sending an actual letter or messenger. The easier we have it, the easier we want things to be."

The Guardian looked at her suspiciously. "Can't you just directly mentally communicate with Saint Noxus and the other members of your Pentacle?"

Cassie nodded. "Of course. We don't do it much, unless it is something urgent, but we can all talk to each other individually or as a group."

The Demon sighed in longing for such convenience. "I can only imagine. Though I suppose that it would end up mostly being used for arguments and lewd thoughts, if my analysis of the interpersonal relationships between the demihuman races is correct."

Wolfe laughed. "He's got a point there. Who knew that Demons understood the other species so well?"

Cassie rolled her eyes at him. "Can we focus on the situation at hand? How are the battles going, other than the one that required intervention? If we need to send additional troops and witches from the Coven to bring things back in order, we can do that. There might be some heavy resistance to change, no matter who comes to try to get them to behave in a more civilized manner."

"Right, of course, Miss Cassie. We haven't encountered any other problems that I can see, and my alert hasn't gone off with any requests for reinforcements yet. I have an assistant in the largest of the Grand Dutchies' military bases who can open portals, so troops can arrive immediately if they are required." The Guardian explained.

"Alright, we will watch and make sure that nothing else goes wrong. Those humans who are using the dungeon spell must not be allowed to return with any of the special magical items that we have developed in this world.

They don't have them, but they have a wide variety of dangerous magical items of their own. Also, if your people didn't get the memo yet, they have a virus that collapses a Witch's aura by making their blood mana resistant.

It can be fixed by a healer pushing all the infection to one end of a limb and then cutting it off and regrowing it, but it will be incredibly dangerous in battle.

We don't know if it is effective against anyone else yet, as it was only used against one Witch that we know of, and she won the battle using a rifle.

They also have infected some of their soldiers with that same virus, as it makes them resistant to spells." Wolfe explained.

"It sounds like these people are going to be a real problem. Do you and your allies have a plan already?" The Guardian asked.

"Nothing formal yet, as we just discovered the larger problems, but we will be coming up with something. It might not be possible for us to remain on the defensive any longer." Wolfe replied.

"That sounds promising. I get the feeling that there is new magic involved. There is new magic, right?" The Guardian asked, suddenly getting excited.

Ella laughed at the Demon's sudden change in demeanour.

"Well, that was a hard switch. I get that you don't know Wolfe very well, but did you really just realize that he was planning to come up with some long forgotten bit of magic to deal with the issue of the Dungeon Spells?"

The Guardian looked a bit sheepish, while most of the room looked like they had whiplash.

"Is anyone in the room actually following this conversation?" The Elder whispered to the young witch beside her.

"Probably not. But from what I can gather, the Magi Saint saying that his people are making a plan that involves not being on the defensive means that they are going to introduce some new magic, and the feathered guy is really into new spells." The young witch whispered back.

"I see. Who are they talking about?" The old woman whispered back.

The young witch rubbed her temples to eliminate the headache that she could already feel coming on.

"Nona, there are dozens of battles on the television screens, and one of them has soldiers from another world attacking. They are talking about that." She whispered.

The old woman took off her glasses and changed them for a different set, then looked around the room again.

"I see. Well, isn't that something." She muttered.

The Grand Dutchies guardian smiled at the old woman, whose eyesight was so bad that she needed a separate set of glasses to see things more than three metres from her. If they had a more powerful healer, that could have been fixed, but for now, he would have to ignore the sideshow so he could find a way to get involved in Wolfe's plan.

Wolfe cleared his throat. "I think that we need to call a full meeting. If you would kindly return with me to Forest Grove, I will gather a larger group of national Guardians and the Continental Representatives. They will all need to be involved in the meeting, and I want you present to explain what we are seeing here today from an outside perspective."

The Demon gave him a sly look.

"And to keep them from biting your head off for calling on them twice in the same month?" He asked.

"That too."

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