Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

Chapter 686 The Sword of Soulbreaker is damaged?!
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Chapter 686 The Sword of Soulbreaker is damaged?!

The battles among the guardians of the Cosmic Entities have been ongoing for 500 million years. Throughout these years, the guardians have fought back and forth, with the Cosmic Entities betting sacred auras just for the thrill, to watch the spectacle, and to feel the excitement and pleasure.

The key point is that the chosen guardians of the Cosmic Entities are generally of similar strength, and a battle usually takes about 50,000 years to determine life or death.

The longest battle on record lasted a full 100 million years. π˜§π“‡π˜¦π˜¦π”€β„―π˜£π“ƒπ“Έπ“Ώβ„―π˜­.𝑐𝓸𝓂

For someone like William the Obliterator to fight three battles back-to-back, achieving three consecutive victories without rest, was unprecedented!

"This is what makes it interesting, otherwise, it would take tens of thousands of years without a clear winner!"

"Continue! Continue! Who's up next?"

"Big brother, didn't you want to claim that Sword Spirit?"

The Cosmic Entities of various universes are a group of utterly bored beings, and seeing William's performance has excited them even more.

As for the defeated Cosmic Entity of the Twelfth Universe, though shocked and pained, he felt more excited than anything!

The Cosmic Entity of the First Universe pondered for a moment before saying lightly, "Bloodfury, send him on his way!"

The Cosmic Entity of the Twelfth Universe didn't act rashly because William the Obliterator's performance was too bizarre. And with the First Universe's Cosmic Entity stepping in, he could afford to wait.

Most importantly, even if he won against William the Obliterator now, there wasn't much to gain.


That strike from William the Obliterator made him think that he needed to wait longer, to observe the situation further before deciding!

A hundred strands of sacred aura power descended onto the arena.

Yes, a hundred strands of sacred aura power!

This amount was enough to recreate an entire universe.

"Little Thirteen, do you have any objections?" The Cosmic Entity of the First Universe sat aloft in the space above, looking down at Dolly with disdain.

Looking up, Dolly said with a cheerful grin, "What Big Brother wants to do, how could Little Thirteen have any objections? But Little Thirteen would like to wager something else with Big Brother."

"What do you want to bet?" The First Universe's Cosmic Entity looked at Dolly coldly. He had descended a hundred strands of sacred aura power into the arena space, meaning, the guardian he sent down could use not only their own power but also the power of these hundred sacred auras!

Absolute domination!

The attitude of Sword of Soulbreaker's Sword Spirit made the First Universe's Cosmic Entity somewhat displeased.

And William the Obliterator pretending to be weak, that performance was interesting.

He liked it, but he would enjoy even more seeing such a person die without a place to be buried.

Dolly laughed, "Little Thirteen is willing to wager the entire universe against Big Brother. One hundred and twenty-two strands of sacred aura power!"

The First Universe's Cosmic Entity didn't think of anything else,he realized that this William the Obliterator was very strong!

Previously, he was just pretending to be weak, but so what?

In the face of absolute power, William the Obliterator had no chance of winning!

"Fine!" The First Universe's Cosmic Entity didn't waste any words. He was clear that if Dolly dared to bet all her chips on him, it meant she had absolute confidence in this William the Obliterator.

But he had absolute confidence as well!!

No matter where Dolly found William the Obliterator, he couldn't possibly lose!

As the voice of the First Universe's Cosmic Entity fell, a giant cloaked in blood-red armor appeared in the arena space.

William looked at this giant and slightly raised an eyebrow.

This guy seemed quite strong!

Bloodfury was the guardian of the First Universe's Cosmic Entity, having won thirty-three battles in the guardians' battles without a single defeat, perfectly absorbing the power of one hundred and forty sacred auras. His Crimson Eclipse Armor was also a top-tier divine artifact, surpassing in quality not just Zeus's 'Thunder Sword,' Apollo's 'Sun Sword,' Athena's 'Wisdom Sword,' and Ares's 'War Sword' by more than a little.

It could be said that even if Poseidon, or even the three high gods of Olympus combined their forces, they might still be unable to break his Crimson Eclipse Armor and then be annihilated in a collective instant kill!

If it weren't for certain rules, even the entire Thirteenth Universe could be directly annihilated by Bloodfury.


Without any superfluous words, Bloodfury launched a punch towards William.

The speed of this punch goes without saying.

His fist was also enveloped in the gauntlet of the Crimson Eclipse Armor.

William drew his sword, thrusting it out, causing the entire arena space to tremble, with lightning covering the sky, sweeping across the entire arena.

"Hm? It didn't break through?" William was somewhat surprised.

This was probably the first time he hadn't managed to cut through something!

"Ha?" Bloodfury was also surprised, blood light flickering in the eyes beneath the Crimson Eclipse Armor helmet, as his fists swung continuously.

In almost an instant, millions of punches were thrown out, each capable of annihilating high gods like Poseidon.

William didn't go on the offensive but merely used his sword to parry, with sparks flying brilliantly, and neither of them took a step back.

"Where did this William the Obliterator come from, to be able to fight Bloodfury to a standstill?"

The Cosmic Entities were incredibly shocked. They were also excited about the bet Dolly proposed. Just how much did she believe in this William the Obliterator?

Sword light and fist shadows merged into one.

If such a battle took place in the Thirteenth Universe, the entire universe would collapse, and all planets would be annihilated.

There was a reason the Cosmic Entity of the First Universe put up a hundred strands of sacred aura as a bet.

If just a temporary arena created with the power of twenty sacred auras were used, it would quickly collapse under Bloodfury's attack, and the surrounding Cosmic Entities might even be affected by the energy.

"Hey, this guy is pretty strong!"

The Sword Spirit of Sword of Soulbreaker also became excited, starting to make a ruckus arrogantly.

For tens of thousands of years, the enemies of Sword of Soulbreaker eventually became ingredients for William, and this formidable power was no joke.

Now that there was something that could clash head-on with Sword of Soulbreaker and fight William to a draw, what a delightful thing it was!

The battle between William and Bloodfury continued, and if both maintained this state, they might indeed fight for over a hundred thousand years until one of them exhausted their power first.

"You're quite good at this!" Bloodfury commented, while swinging his fists, a blood-colored giant axe appeared in his hands, chopping towards William.

William, positioning his sword in front, was actually sent flying thousands of miles by this strike.

A white mark appeared on the Sword of Soulbreaker.

"No way! Mr. Johnson, you can't be losing to him, can you?" Sword of Soulbreaker was somewhat taken aback.

To its knowledge, the power William was now displaying had far exceeded his previous levels by tens of thousands or even billions of times.

Yet, he was sent flying by an axe, marking the first time the sword was damaged.

"Not necessarily!"

William's aura began to surge violently, but Bloodfury's attack didn't stop. His blood axe cleaved through the air, causing the entire arena to shake as if it could break apart at any moment.

"This William the Obliterator was indeed pretending to be weaker than he is; the energy aura he's now emitting should be at least worth 100 Divine Power Value!"

"No, his energy aura is still climbing!"

"It's reached 130!"

"He's still slightly less powerful than Bloodfury... it's at 140 now..."

"His energy aura grew stronger again! Almost scared me!"

"Indeed, he's hidden a lot of his strength; his power is actually comparable to Bloodfury's."

"Too bad, in this arena, he can't win against Bloodfury!"

The space arena where William now fights is bolstered by a hundred strands of sacred aura power from the First Universe's Cosmic Entity. Even if William's inherent Divine Power Value is similar to Bloodfury's, as the guardian of the First Universe's Cosmic Entity, Bloodfury can utilize the arena's bolstering power of a hundred sacred auras.

William, not being the guardian of the Thirteenth Universe's Cosmic Entity, can't even utilize the arena's ten strands of sacred aura power.

With such a significant power disparity, how could he possibly win?

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