Language Cheat Reincarnation – Young Girl VTuber Saves the World

Chapter 276: [Marriage, Childbirth, Child-rearing]
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Chapter 276: [Marriage, Childbirth, Child-rearing]

After losing the test, I was summoned to the vacant classroom as promised.

Shitenno had some of his bandages removed and no longer looked like a mummy.

Was this the recovery power of youth?

But still.

"Shitenno, I heard you got first place in the test this time. Amazing!"

I brought up the story I heard from the girls.

Honestly, I was truly surprised. After all, I even lost in the language section.

Although this test had many essays and wasn't necessarily determined solely by language abilities.

Just how much effort did Shitenno put into this test?

"So, what were we talking about? Oh, could it be you want to discuss yesterday's event livestream!? Oh, I get it! The 3D live was awesome, right!? But, today there's an after-talk session for that girl so I have to leave early."

"Totally off track!?"

"Then, how about this! The new ‘Hakotsuku' gacha that's about to be implemented soon."

"Can't you think about something other than VTubers!?"

"Well, that's a tough one."

As we laughed, Shitenno suddenly took my hand.

With this sudden action, all I could do was widen my eyes.

"Listen well. Iroha, I…"

"—I want to be with you."

That's what Shitenno said.

I pondered for a bit and then responded, "Hmm."

"Which live is that?"

"No way!? That's not it! I'm saying I want you to be my ‘significant other'! I… I like you!"

"…Huh, whaaat!? I thought it was just a misunderstanding by the Secret Service agents!?

I thought for sure you didn't really like me!

"Oh, haha… no, no. Because I don't want to reduce the time I spend on my oshi."

I chuckled and tried to brush it off, attempting to leave.

But Shitenno firmly held onto my hand.

"Iroha, I'm serious. I want to know your genuine answer."

"Well, um, that is…"

"As a man, I love you, Iroha."

I was left speechless by his gaze.

To receive such feelings from someone of the opposite or same sex? It was the first time for me.

"I once confessed to you in the past. At that time, I was full of myself, and it was a one-sided confession. I challenged fate and got beaten up, and I realized…"


Finally, it dawned on me.

Yes, Shitenno had confessed to me back then. How could I forget until now?

"But now things are different. Didn't you set a condition that you want someone smarter than yourself if you were to date them?"

"Huh!? I didn't know anything about that."

"I know. If it's now, Iroha wouldn't set such a condition. It must have been some misunderstanding that turned into a rumor. But still, I've been studying with that in mind."


"I genuinely like you, Iroha. Even if danger were to approach again, I will definitely protect you and everything important to you. I will make you happy without fail. So, please be with me."

"Um, well… I…"

I… I stumbled with my answer.

I've never seriously considered being with someone before.

Shitenno is brilliant. And he dares to put his body on the line to protect loved ones.

Moreover, I'm currently in a female body, so it's natural for me to date a man.

"Iroha, I want you to think carefully."

I imagined.

Being with Shitenno, getting married, having children. Such a future.

Having a family is more important than VTubers, prioritizing them without realizing it.

Being busy with unfamiliar childcare, gradually watching fewer streams.

But not worrying about that, with endless smiles, no financial struggles, with cute and talented children.

Utterly happy.

And in that life, there was no place for Angu Ogu or Mai, Ah-nee, or Ilyena.

They became like rarely-seen friends.

"Iroha!? Wh-what's wrong!?"


Shitenno suddenly sounded panicked.

"Wonder what's wrong?" I wondered, touching my own cheeks and realizing.

"…Huh, huh?"

They were wet. Tears were streaming down my cheeks.

For some reason, imagining a future with Shitenno and a family made me feel so lonely despite its happiness.

A gust of wind rushed in through the open window.

Summer had ended imperceptibly, and the season had shifted to autumn. The wind was slightly chilly.


Suddenly, fear enveloped me.

My mind was filled with thoughts of Angu Ogu.

What if we keep fighting like this forever?

Right now, he's just not speaking to me. But gradually, physically and emotionally, he'll drift away, and then.


"Iroha, do you… do you hate me that much?"

"N-no, it's not like that! If I were to date someone, I'd want someone like Shitenno-kun!"

Even if I had 300 more years of life, I wouldn't encounter a man as charming as Shitenno.

But still.

"Oh, I see. I… I'm haha."

It felt like a weight had been lifted off me.

Being jealous of Mai, entering into a secret relationship with Ah-nee, and being admired by Ilyena.

And then, fighting with Angu Ogu.

Amidst all these recent events, I felt like I had concluded within myself.

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