Lord of the Truth

Chapter 702 Prestige
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Chapter 702 Prestige


A strong voice shook the hearts of everyone present as if thousands of people were speaking at the same time, "You said you want to meet His Excellency? This is your lucky day."

"Keeeh!!!" The intense golden glow and powerful voice alone were enough to strike fear into the hearts of lower-leveled soldiers, and even the Emperors were not spared when they sensed the aura of the owner of the voice and saw his appearance, all the Giant Martial Emperors without exception took a few steps back and their features changed for the worse, some even forgot to breathe.

What they see now is no less shocking than seeing the Wyvern... It was Titan!

And not one of the alleged Nihari giants, no, but a real, golden-colored 25 meters high colossus.

*Gulp* The giants took another step back. Whatever this thing was, it was definitely not on their side as it called the Third Heaven's Chosen *His Excellency*... And what was wrong with his aura? It gives the feeling that he is not weaker than the wyvern or Ancestor Holak himself!!

"Warlord Julian!! What is a Warlord doing here?!" One of the Human Emperors shouted in surprise, but at the same time he automatically lessened his hand on the spear, He knew that he was safe now.

"Haha, you bastards, open your eyes and see the power of the True Beginning Empire! Hahaha!" One of the Young Human Emperors couldn't hold himself back and shouted excitedly. A minute ago he was certain of death, this sudden change made him ecstatic!

As for Holak himself, he opened his eyes to the end of them, and even his ears moved slightly upward as he looked at this *Warlord* from top to bottom, smiling. It was not a smile of challenge or confidence, but rather a real smile that indicated happiness, "Nice... How many of you are inside? Is this the work of the Third Heaven's Chosen? How interesting haha!"

The Warlord stared down at Holak, "His Excellency invites you to his presence, come with me."

Holak stopped passing his eyes over the Warlord when he heard his words and went back to looking directly into his eyes, "Isn't it polite for him to come and introduce himself first? After all, he is the intruder in my area and not the other way around."

*ROOAAARR* Cryxus spread his wings and let out a loud roar that sent the clouds flying in all directions. Then he stared at the warlord with the killing intent that he had accumulated over 400,000 years, opening his mouth, "We need to go to him? Bring that human and let him prostrate before my greatness immediately. Only then will I forget this insult and leave his fate in the hands of my partner." The wyvern spoke in a voice that was heavy and bloody, to say the least, Everyone who heard him felt a shiver run through his body and soul.

"The Wyvern has spoken? The Wyvern has spoken!!"

"Beasts can talk?!"

"Shut up! Are you comparing the great Crixus to ordinary beasts?!" One of the Azil Emperors shouted proudly. No one would have expected any of the giants to praise this wyvern after everything it had done to them, but today he is on their side and that is what matters.

Warlord Julian raised his head, focusing his gaze on the wyvern for a moment, then returned to look into Holak's eyes, "I take it that you are declining His Excellency's invitation?"

Holak nodded a few times, raising his shoulders, "Sorry for insisting on such formalities, but the first meeting, in particular, must go according to a certain procedure, otherwise, my prestige will diminish. That wouldn't be good, right? I'm still the Great Holak and all that stuff... I realize that you are strong in your current form, but I am afraid that Crixus can take care of you alone. You will need much more if you want to force me to move."

"Aha, yes the prestige! ...About that," Julian nodded a few times, then gave a signal with his left hand, "Wherever His Excellency is present, this phrase is dropped from anyone else. He alone maintains his supreme prestige."

Three space vortexes appeared above the city at once

*Baam* *Baam* *Baam*

Three more shadows descended from those vortexes, one landed next to Warlord Julian, while the other two landed above the wall to the right and left of the wyvern... All three of them were Warlords and their aura did not lose much to Warlord Julian, each of them had an Emperor as the heart of the array.

*Grrrrr* The wyvern showed its teeth and began to growl as it looked right and left, Its mouth began to burn with a light blue flame, but it did not utter a word this time.

The happy and confident smile on Holak's face also disappeared, his hands folded in front of his chest finally lowered them as he passed his eyes between the four Warlords.

After a few seconds, he sighed and rubbed the area between his eyebrows, then looked back at Julian again, "...Where is the Third Heaven's Chosen?"

"Not too far from here" Julian responded with a frown

"Please lead the way." Holak extended his arm and respectfully motioned for Julian to walk before him, this time he was chuckling shyly.

Julian furrowed his eyebrows tightly... This shy smile on his face was that of a teenager who fell in front of a few girls, not at all the smile of someone facing death!

'Doesn't he feel that four Warlords with the power of the peak of the Emperor's Realm could kill him? Or did his isolation make him lose his common sense? ...It doesn't matter.' Julian shook his head, then pointed back and started walking, "Let's go."

The gentle smile returned to Holak's face and he began to walk behind him

"No... no no no, wait!!" Dawoodar forced his old body to crawl until he reached Holak's foot and clung to it, "You can't leave us now! If you abandon us, it means death! At least tell them to leave us alone!!"

The Emperors of the Azil tribe took a few steps forward as well, and even the ordinary soldiers finally opened their eyes as they watched your horror.

They were completely consumed... 13 Emperors among them fell victim to those nails, their first genius, Salidar, was still screaming, and their leader had lost the ability to fight, there was no longer any way for them to continue this battle.

Their only hope was what Holak would do next!

Holak looked down at Dawoodar with a sad expression, then turned to face Richard, "Can you find it in your heart to leave them alone? Mercy is a good attribute to have, It is clear that they cannot continue this fight any longer."

Richard gritted his teeth hard before shouting, "Why didn't they have mercy on me?! Even if it were the last day of my life, I would definitely--"

Before Richard could complete his words, Holak looked down again, raising his shoulders with an incent expression, "I tried, but he said no. Good luck."

Then he shook Dawoodar's grip away and continued walking at a fast pace until he disappeared from sight.

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