Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 705 - 705 Chalcedony Essence, Thousand Chances Sword (3)
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705 Chalcedony Essence, Thousand Chances Sword (3)

With Muyang Hall stepping in, who would dare to have designs on the chalcedony essence?

On the stage, the sword judges had complicated expressions on their faces, but no one spoke.

The material used by Qin Zhaoyue was not chalcedony, but rare chalcedony essence scraps.

Who would have thought of that?

Since there was a difference in material used, the information was different.

In other words, the detailed comments of the first eight sword appraisers were all wrong.

It could not be said to be very embarrassing. After all, the sword that Qin Zhaoyue had given them this time was a little against the rules. He had used scraps to refine the sword.

However, outsiders were just watching the show. They already had their own opinions of the people on stage.

Qin Zhaoyue did not look at anyone else but at Han Muye.

“It’s difficult to find a palm-sized piece of chalcedony essence in the world. If you want to refine a sword, you have to either fuse it with other swords or transform it into a spiritual liquid essence to mold a sword of water lineage,” Han Muye said softly.

Since Qin Zhaoyue had already confessed that he had obtained the essence of chalcedony, Han Muye naturally would not hold back.

The two methods he mentioned were commonly used when refining swords with the essence of chalcedony.

However, this was clearly not what Qin Zhaoyue wanted.

If the essence of the chalcedony was integrated into other swords or turned into spiritual liquid, it would lose the most important characteristic of the essence and all techniques would be rendered harmless.

The chalcedony essence contained Dao runes and was impervious to all techniques.

Because of this, it was very difficult for large pieces to form. They would shatter into small lumps.

“However, if Master Qin is proficient in the refining method of the Thousand Chances Sword, that may be a method.” Han Muye looked at Qin Zhaoyue and said softly.

Thousand Chances Sword.

It combined a fixed number of small swords to form a sword.

This sword could be divided and fused, and its lethality was extremely strong.

By refining the Thousand Chances Sword with the characteristics of the scraps of chalcedony essence, it could prevent damage and cracks and still contain thousands of Dao intent.

Good idea!

Qin Zhaoyue’s face was filled with joy. Just as he was about to speak, a divine sense suddenly vibrated in the void.

Qin Zhaoyue nodded and bowed to Han Muye. “Thank you for your guidance, sir. If I have any questions, I’ll come and ask you again.”

With that, he grabbed the sword on the wooden shelf and turned to leave.

It was obvious that the people from Muyang Hall were interested in refining the Thousand Chances Sword with the Chalcedony Essence. That was why they sent a voice transmission to Qin Zhaoyue.

Even after Qin Zhaoyue left, everyone in the hall was still in a daze.

Many people were already looking forward to the emergence of a powerful Thousand Chances Sword on Scattered Stars Island.

“Good move,” Yu Changguan whispered.

Yu Qingzhu nodded gently.

Originally, it was a situation where both sides suffered losses, but it had turned into a win-win situation.

No, more wins.

Han Muye sat steadily on the stage after getting a name for himself. Qin Zhaoyue found a way to refine the Thousand Chances Sword and benefited.

As for the other sword judges, Qin Zhaoyue had already apologized, so no one would probe further.

Below the stage, countless people looked up at Han Muye.

Did he really see through the sword and leave behind a blank jade slip, or was it a scheme?

Thinking of Muyang Hall stepping in, many people had more food for thought.

Xu Chuanhe chuckled and took a step forward. “Although the Sword Evaluation today was a little complicated, it was really exciting.”

These words were true. It was exciting. Such a sword evaluation meeting was really not something that they could attend without spending spiritual rocks.

“Shopkeeper Han of the Imperial View Sword Shop came from outside Scattered Stars Island. The information and methods he brought shocked me.”

Xu Chuanhe looked around and sighed. “It has been more than 500 years since I arrived on Scattered Stars Island. In the past 500 years, a lot of information in the outer cultivation world has changed.”

His words made most of the cultivators below the stage fall silent.

Some of the cultivation practitioners who came to Scattered Stars Island sought to become rich, some came to seek refuge, and some came by accident.

There were more than a hundred islands on Scattered Stars Island, and there were always suitable places to stay.

Most foreign cultivators never left Scattered Stars Island.

“Alright, the next sword is made by Master Gu Qianshan.

“It’s rare to see Master Gu’s sword. Fellow Daoists, you have to seize the opportunity.”

Xu Chuanhe looked at the group of sword appraisers behind him and smiled.

Gu Qianshan, a famous swordsmith on Scattered Stars Island, had reached the level of a smithing grandmaster and was as famous as the old master of the Yu family.

It was unexpected that a sword that he refined would be presented today.

Below the stage, a white-robed young man stood up and cupped his hands.

“I am Gu Yuening, the grandson of Master Qianshan.

“Today, I brought a weapon refined by the old master here because I want to increase the exchange of weapon refining skills on Firefly Island.”

The young man was full of spiritual energy and had an upright face. When he spoke, he was also proper, causing the surrounding sword cultivators to nod.


The people sitting at the front also turned around and nodded with a smile.

Gu Yuening’s gaze lingered on Yu Qingzhu for a while. She nodded and looked up at the stage.

“Sword evaluation masters, my old master has instructed that you only need to correct the shortcomings of this sword and not praise it.

“He’s currently at a critical stage of improving his smithing art, so he can’t come here personally. Please forgive him, seniors.”

Gu Yuening’s words were humble and polite. He did not offend anyone.

No wonder Master Qianshan sent Gu Yuening here. This guy really had some magnanimity.

On the high stage, a few sword appraisers had already stepped forward and carefully evaluated the sword before inscribing on the jade slips.

At this moment, the most anticipated evaluation in the venue was the one by Shopkeeper Han of Imperial View Sword Shop.

Sure enough, when Han Muye walked forward, the entire venue instantly fell silent.

Gu Yuening stood below the stage and stared at Han Muye.

Han Muye wrapped the hilt of his sword in a silk scarf, then held the sword in his hand and gently unsheathed it.


A cold sword light flashed and spiritual light seeped out of the sword.

Faint sword qi poured into the sword, and there was a light vibration sound.

Images flashed through Han Muye’s mind.

The refining method of the sword, the origin of the sword.

In the Azure Travel Realm, Gu Qianshan, the eldest son of the Gu family whose fortunes had declined, was stranded on Scattered Stars Island for 3,000 years.

Gu Qianshan had brought this sword from the Azure Travel Realm.

The Sword Dao of the Azure Travel Realm was flourishing, and there were many scenes of sword cultivators roaming unhindered.

Through this sword, Han Muye comprehended several sword techniques that had been passed down in the Azure Travel Realm.

Putting down his sword, he returned to his seat and recorded the information he had read.

After Xu Chuanhe recorded his evaluation, Gu Yuening walked onto the stage and stood in front of the wooden table.

He looked down the stage and turned to look at the sword evaluators behind him.

“Seniors, I’m sure you’re looking forward to seeing the comments of Shopkeeper Han of Imperial View Sword Shop, right?”

He held Han Muye’s jade slip in his hand and weighed it gently. He chuckled and said, “I’ll show all the jade slips immediately. Let’s read them together.”

With that, he reached out and scanned all the jade slips. Spiritual light passed through, and light screens were activated, revealing words.

At this moment, everyone’s gaze fell on Han Muye’s jade slip, and they were stunned.

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