My Genes Can Evolve Limitlessly

Chapter 681 - 681 Origin 2
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681 Origin 2

Upon hearing this, Lu Yuan looked at the mirage dragon in shock and then pointed at his own body.

“Are you saying that the thing in my body is the origin of this universe?”

The mirage dragon sized up Lu Yuan, its golden-green eyes carrying a mocking expression.

“Otherwise, what do you think is capable of raising your originally inferior transcendent gene to the divine rank?”

Lu Yuan was speechless.

She felt like she was being looked down upon.

However, as a divine beast, Lu Yuan’s genes when he came to the Misty Forest last time were only at the elite level and the leader level. It was indeed inferior.

Speaking of which, he had transmigrated here. Was this an abnormal change that occurred when the universe origin fused?

The original Lu Yuan should have been killed by the Soul Devouring Pearl. Did the universe origin fuse with his body and then attract his soul?

Lu Yuan felt that this was the most likely possibility.

Then, Lu Yuan thought of another question. He looked at the mirage dragon and asked, ”

“Since the willpower of the universe initiated the origin and fused it into my body, what about the willpower of the universe itself? Wasn’t there still information about the Land of Origin?”

The mirage dragon said,

“The current information of the Origin Source is only a mechanized operation. It no longer has intelligence. After the Origin Source is initiated, the will of the universe itself has already dissipated.”

The mirage dragon glanced at Lu Yuan. “If you can be strong enough in the future to destroy the mother nest, then you will be the universe’s will. Of course, if this universe is invaded by the mother nest, the entire universe will cease to exist. It doesn’t matter if the universe’s will is there or not.”

When Lu Yuan heard this, he completely understood the situation. His mood was a little complicated.

He didn’t expect the Evolution Cube in his body to be the product of the universe’s origin.

Then, he thought of the evolution cube’s continuous transformation. After killing the mutated ferocious beast, he obtained an unknown aura.

He asked curiously,

“Then after I kill the mutated beast, there will be an unknown aura absorbed into my body, and the universe origin in my body will become stronger. What is the reason for this?”

The mirage dragon smiled and said,

Lu Yuan nodded in understanding.

“I see.”

The mirage dragon stared at Lu Yuan and said,

“So, work hard. You’re the last plan of the universe’s will, and also the last line of defense for the creatures in this universe. If even you can’t resist the mother nest, then this universe is hopeless. In addition, due to the disappearance of the universe’s origin, the strength of the universe membrane was constantly decreasing. It wouldn’t be long before the exotic beast mother nest launched an all-out attack.”

The mirage dragon did not continue, but Lu Yuan understood what it meant.

If Lu Yuan couldn’t stop the so-called exotic beast nest, then everyone would end up playing together.

This put a lot of pressure on Lu Yuan.

He did not expect that an ordinary human like him would really have to bear such a heavy burden.

He was only 22 years old!

Lu Yuan dispelled the thoughts in his mind and asked,

“My current genes can no longer evolve after evolving to the divine rank. Then, how can I advance to the divine rank and above?”

“The knowledge contained in the god-class genes is left behind by the universe’s will when it created the origin ground. It’s the knowledge regarding the deep application of laws. However, the application of laws is only an application. It doesn’t mean that you can become the master of the laws and completely control the laws. And surpassing the god level meant that one had complete control over the laws. One would represent this kind of law. However, controlling a law could no longer be recorded through genes. The limit of transcendent genes was naturally only god-grade. If you wanted to break through to the god level, you would have to seriously comprehend the laws contained within the transcendent genes in your body. You would have to control the laws and become the ruler of the laws.”

Lu Yuan suddenly understood, “I see.”

No wonder he was unable to evolve his transcendent genes to god-grade and above. It turned out that transcendent genes were only god-grade.

The knowledge contained in a god-grade transcendent gene was related to the deep application of a law. However, controlling laws was not something that transcendent genes could record. Even the universe’s will back then could not do it, right?

In other words, divine-tier genes were a key to controlling laws?

However, one needed to find the door that belonged to this key in the vast number of doors. Through the key, one needed to open that door and walk in. Only then would it be considered a new world.

The mirage dragon said,

“Right now, all the Battle Gods in the entire universe are stuck at this step. To be able to become a Battle God, one was already a talented person. However, no one could cross this threshold. One could imagine how difficult it was.”

The mirage dragon glanced at Lu Yuan and said,

“But … ” As for you, the successor of the Origin, the Origin of the Universe has actually left a treasure for you. That is the Heart of Law. With the Heart of Law, your comprehension of the Laws will greatly increase. In addition, you have fused with the Origin of the Universe. It won’t be very difficult for you to completely grasp the Laws.”

Hearing this, Lu Yuan’s eyes lit up. “There’s actually such a thing? Where is it?”

The mirage dragon’s lips curled into a smile.

“Then fight me. Only after obtaining my approval will I tell you about the Heart of Law.”

As he spoke, the mirage dragon’s aura surged, and an extremely terrifying pressure appeared. Even Lu Yuan felt his breathing become a little heavy.

So strong!

Lu Yuan was extremely shocked. This aura was much stronger than the mutated meatball that Lu Yuan encountered back then.

The mirage dragon rose into the air from the lake of fog. Its huge body, which was hundreds of thousands of meters long, hovered in the air. The fog surged and danced with its body.

In the Misty Forest, all the fog that had spread out slowly gathered and floated into the air.

Even the mist in the center floated up with the mirage dragon.

Lu Yuan looked at the golden-green figure swimming in the white fog, and the image of a divine dragon riding on the clouds appeared in his mind.

This was somewhat similar to the myths and legends before Lu Yuan transmigrated.

When the mirage dragon rampaged, the terrifying aura radiated out billions of kilometers. Even the cities not far from the Misty Forest, such as Heaven Abyss City, Heaven Luo City, and Red Maple City, felt the terrifying pressure.

Some of the weaker newbie genetic warriors had their legs trembling. The stronger genetic warriors looked in the direction of the Misty Forest in shock.

The experts above Battle King all rose into the air, their eyes filled with shock.

Heaven Luo City, Heaven Luo Manor.

Gwen, who looked 90% like Amy when she grew up, was floating in the air. She looked at the white mist above the Misty Forest with shock in her purple eyes.

She exclaimed,

“What is that? The monsters in the depths of the Misty Forest were rioting?!”

Beside them, a few Battle Kings and Battle Monarchs approached and looked at Gwen.

“Lord Gwyn, what should we do?”

“There seems to be a terrifying beast in the central area of the Misty Forest that the Battle Emperor found difficult to defend against. Will our Heaven Luo City be in danger?”

“Battle Emperor? How could this be a Battle Emperor? Even if you say it’s a Battle God, I’ll believe it!”

“Then what should we do?”

While everyone was arguing, Gwen frowned and said seriously,

“Alright, stop arguing! Battle Monarchs, come with me. Let’s take a closer look! The Battle Kings would stay behind to maintain order in the city, and prevent any accidents from happening!”

Gwen was swift and decisive, and the others nodded respectfully.

If it was before, although they were very respectful to Gwen, it was because of Adams. Otherwise, as a Battle Monarch, it would be difficult for the other Battle Monarchs to obey her.

But now, they all knew that Gwen’s daughter, Princess Amy, was Lu Yuan’s woman. Moreover, Gwen had a good relationship with Lu Yuan.

Who was Lu Yuan? That was a Divine level expert who had single-handedly pacified all the forbidden zones on Planet Great Enlightenment!

With such a relationship, they couldn’t wait to get closer to Gwen. In the future, they might even be able to have a relationship with that person.

Because of this, the number of Battle Monarch level consecrators in Heaven Luo City was much higher than before.

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