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336 Still Alive

“When I am trapped in the strange green qi, I feel as if my soul and body are being pulled.” Qin Huai looked down at his hands. The sensation from that time still lingered in his mind.

“That kind of power would be very difficult to fight against just by relying on individual ability.” He frowned. Did this mean he had to limit the use of his power in the future?

“No, Mou Jinfu and I were not swallowed by the strange green gas in the end. This proves that our strength has not reached its standard,” Qin Huai pondered for a moment. Still unable to find more clues, he decided to focus on increasing his strength first.

Qin Huai examined his personal panel, which displayed a substantial amount of experience for dark water manipulation, thunderbolt blade, rockfall fist, and five serpentwing techniques. In addition, the poison king technique had successfully broken through to the second-level bone pattern realm with the experience bar at 53%, which was all thanks to Mou Jinfu.

Qin Huai sat cross-legged on the bed, using the divine power book of a thousand creations to stack his temporarily useless techniques on the nine dragons true qi technique. As the night passed, Qin Huai’s four cultivation techniques had all been converted, increasing his level in the bone pattern realm from 15% to 30%.


“The higher the realm, the more difficult it is to raise one’s cultivation.” Qin Huai’s expression remained indifferent. He slowly stood up, pushed open the door, and walked towards the flower boat where the leader Wen Zonghao was.

On the flower boat, Wen Zonghao sat on a bamboo chair with a gloomy expression. His cold eyes swept across Second Master Yin Rongen and Third Master Huang Qiguang.

“Leader, when we arrived, all the people on the ground were dead. Boss’ trusted aides, the Thunderbolt Gang, and the remaining members of the Dark Dragon Gang… None of them survived. There are about four hundred people in the bone pattern realm and the blood refining realm,” Yin Rongen said in a low voice.

“You know, that’s not what I want to hear.” Wen Zonghao looked down at Yin Rongen, who was kneeling on one knee.

“Boss and Fifth Brother… They were not among the identified bodies. But I believe both Boss and Fifth Brother are still alive,” Huang Qiguang replied in a low voice.

Wen Zonghao narrowed his eyes. “If they’re still alive, why wouldn’t they come back? Are they afraid there are others in the gang who want to kill them?” His voice grew colder.

Yin Rongen and Huang Qiguang’s bodies began to tremble. It was not fear… It was because of the power slowly flowing out of Wen Zonghao’s body that made their bodies quiver involuntarily.

But regarding the disappearance of Qin Huai and Mou Jinfu, the two of them were naturally pleased. Their plan had been successful, even beyond their expectations. They had thought they would only eliminate Qin Huai that night but were surprised to see the troublesome Mou Jinfu missing as well. It was a double blessing.

“Eldest Brother and Fifth Brother must have the heavens’ blessings. They will be fine,” the two of them echoed each other.

“They’re fighting with the Thunderbolt Gang and the Dark Dragon Gang,” Huang Qiguang lied through his teeth.

However, the truth was known to all three of them.

“Thank you for your kind words, brothers.”

At the stairs, Qin Huai slowly ascended and entered their line of sight.

Yin Rongen, Huang Qiguang, and even Wen Zonghao were stunned to see him, especially since Qin Huai held Boss’s signature golden walking stick.

The pupils of the three constricted. “This is…” Yi Rongen narrowed his eyes, asking the obvious.

The three of them looked at Qin Huai, who had a hint of sadness in his eyes, and remained silent. Anyone who believed such words would be a fool. They all knew that the Thunderbolt Gang and Mou Jinfu were on the same side, and now, Qin Huai had appeared before them. This meant that Mou Jinfu had died in Qin Huai’s hands.

Huang Qiguang narrowed his eyes as he looked at his young fifth brother.

“Boss has been working hard by my side since he was in his teens. He has worked hard for our Blood Poison Gang all his life and has worked hard without complaint… Now that he’s dead, it can be considered a worthy death.” Wen Zonghao’s voice was heavy.

“Seven days later, at noon, we will bury Boss! All Blood Poison Gang disciples must attend! Gather all the disciples!” Wen Zonghao’s voice paused. “We will definitely demand an explanation from the Thunderbolt Gang!”

“We accept your orders!” The three of them cupped their fists at Wen Zonghao.

“These corpses should still be handled according to the old rules. Bring them to my small pharmacy…” Wen Zonghao instructed Yin Rongen and Huang Qiguang.

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