Past life sage: This life a dual cultivator

Chapter 384 Changes In The Yellow Stone City
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Silence loomed large in the devil camp when the imperial army and the Xuantian sect was building the defence of the Yellow stone city. If one would look closely, they could find anticipation in devil generals' eyes. There was an ardent expression on many of their faces as they looked towards the spatial crack time to time.

Time started to lapse as the devil generals waited patiently. Spatial fluctuation finally came from the spatial crack after few hours of waiting. Powerful soul fluctuation rolled over as the devils started to emerge one after another. There were eight devils in total and each of them were ferocious and mighty.

"We have twenty generals in our side now", lord Tianzun murmured after the eight devils emerged. "It is the time for lord Marquis to emerge", he murmured again after the eight devil generals came out.

A terrifying figure emerged from the spatial crack after few minutes. He was a seven-foot-tall devil who had fierce spikes jutting out from his hands. He was a devil marquis as formidable as the emperors of the Northern desert continent. He had sinister red eyes that glowed with a fearsome light. He took a look towards the cultivators of the Xuantian sect and every human warriors shivered in fright when they faced the monstrosity infront of them.

Their shock and fright yet to fade when another chilling aura erupted from the spatial crack. A devilish female emerged who had curved horns on her forehead. She had a stinger like tail on her back and she was holding a terrifying sawtooth sword in her hand. As if her appearance was not enough to scare the human cultivators, she was riding the back of a two headed Serpentine creature.

'Marquis Scarlet moon! What is she doing here in such a place?', lord Tianzun thought to himself with a fearful expression on his face. He knelt along with other devils to pay respect to newly emerged marquises.

"We welcome lord Ghost claw and lady Scarlet moon. It is our honour to be in your command", the devils spoke simultaneously. They stayed kneeling untill the male marquis addressed them. "We have only one goal here. That is to kill as much as we can and establish the Abhorst empire as the absolute ruler".


"Zhan Chen!", Zi Nuan exclaimed after Zhan Chen entered her personal compartment. She was not in deep cultivation. So, she immediately found out after Zhan Chen invaded her personal compartment.

"Why are you here? Don't you know that it is forbidden for men to enter the Serene bamboo peak?", Zi Nuan asked with a frown on her face.

"You know my reason. I have come to see you", Zhan Chen spoke.

"But it is too risky. You could have send me a message", Zi Nuan's eyes softened.

"I have obtained permission from the peak master of the Serene Bamboo peak. I think it wouldn't be a problem if I come to see you", Zhan Chen spoke.

"What about Ningxi? Where is she?", Zi Nuan asked. Her heart started to beat faster as she felt the gaze of Zhan Chen over her body.

"She is cultivating in her compartment. I have followed her along after visiting the Serene bamboo peak", Zhan Chen spoke. He picked the beauty from her sitting position and pressed his lips on her lips.

"Zhan Chen stop, we should not do it when Ningxi in next door", Zi Nuan tried to separate herself after the kiss. She could feel something erect poking against her belly. She knew what was about to come. So, a panicked expression appeared on her beautiful face.

"Princess, I have already received the consent from Ningxi. She is okay if I court you but she has warned me not to annoy you", Zhan Chen spoke. His hand was already roaming in the back of Zi Nuan as he massaged her tender flesh.

"Zhan Chen, please. It will be immoral if she finds out", Zi Nuan spoke. Her face was already red because of the stimulation she had received.

"Princess, look at me. Tell me, if I am planning to let you go. Today, I am planning to taste you completely. No one even the peak master of Serene Bamboo peak can't stop me today", Zhan Chen spoke.

"Ba thumb", Zi Nuan felt her heart would leap out of her body if she heard anymore of Zhan Chen's words. Her body was already reacting after she heard the dominnering words from Zhan Chen.

"You are completely unreasonable! In that case try to be gentle. I don't want Ningxi to find about us", Zi Nuan rolled her eyes charmingly. She let go of her restraint and wrapped her hand around Zhan Chen's back.

Zhan Chen cupped her face with both of her hands and planted an agressive kiss on her lips. Zi Nuan's lips swelled slightly as Zhan Chen nibbled on her lips agressively.

"Zhan Chen, slow down", Zi Nuan spoke softly. She had not much complain only love and longing as she looked towards Zhan Chen.

Zhan Chen planted another kiss on her vermillion lips. She grabbed the globes below her waist and looked towards Zi Nuan with a passionate look on her face.

"Princess, I have to confess. I have multiple women but no one can make me lose my control like you. I really couldn't supress my instinct whenever I meet you. It is your natural gift but it is a fatal attraction for me. I don't know what will I do if I hurt you accidentally", Zhan Chen spoke. He was completely sincere because he knew it was the only way he could develope a bond with Zi Nuan.

"Do you really like me this much?", Zi Nuan asked Zhan Chen. Her heart was already gushing with tenderness and love as she looked towards Zhan Chen.

"Princess, it is true. It is hard to control myself whenever you are around me. It is about being physical and it is a necessity for me. But beside that, I am really fond of you. You are graceful, you are gorgeous, moreover you are protective. I don't think anyone can replace your place in my heart. Every women had a unique personality. So, I can't mix up anyone with your identity. I am thankful that I get to make you my woman", Zhan Chen spoke.

"You scroundel, stop talking", Zi Nuan felt emotional all of a sudden. She wiped her tear with her hands and looked towards Zhan Chen.

"No need to control youself. Do whatever you want with me. I will not blame you. Moreover, I know that you will heal me if I feel uncomfortable anywhere", Zi Nuan spoke. She started to remove her own garments and looked towards Zhan Chen charmingly after being naked.

"Idiot! Remove your clothes", she spoke softly. Zhan Chen gulped his saliva and nodded his head. He was really smitten after seeing the exquisite beauty infront of him.

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