System vs Rebirth

Chapter 703 Path
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"For now, you should sit down and try to think about it," said Damian while observing Noel's expression. It seemed that Noel had chosen something to master. However, he had to know whether that ability was promising or not. After all, if he chose an ability that was too hard to master, the process would take longer.

'There are a lot of people who are taking on a challenge by mastering a difficult ability to show people that they are talented in the Greenwood Kingdom. However, that's just an idiotic way of thinking. Most of them are hit by a huge wall that causes them to fall into despair. So, I hope that you are smart in this process as well.' Damian sighed. He couldn't let his guard drop until he could see some progress in Noel's ability.

Meanwhile, Noel followed his instruction. He sat in a lotus position. This was the most effective post when he was meditating. It helped him a lot while thinking about something.

Noel recalled all the questions Damian posed to him.

"What kind of path do you wish to take? If you have got the answer, then ask another question. How do you want this ability to help you? Then, what do you need in order for your ability to do that? Last but not least, can you proceed right now? If you can't, then you have to strengthen that part first before attempting it."

'What kind of path do I wish to take? It must mean what I want my power to become, right?' Noel instantly stopped at the first question. He was ready for this training, but he wasn't ready for the question.

He couldn't help but imagine the Undying Fire.

'Well, the Undying Fire can be shaped into anything. With the Undying Fire as the base, all my Spirit Abilities like the Undying Phoenix, Phoenix Wings, or even the Undying Fire Feathers, rely on the shape of the Undying Fire.'

'Does that mean my path is the control? I am going to control my Undying Fire?'

Noel couldn't help but fall silent. On the one hand, this path seemed to be effective. If he could control his flame completely, his battle power would increase tremendously. On the other hand, it felt like this wasn't the answer he wanted.

It was not because he was wrong, but it was something related to the third question.

'What do you need in order for your ability to do that… Of course, it's Control. But with how Sir Damian worded all those questions, it seems that he is trying to lead me from many options to only a few options. It means the next answer will be more specific than the previous one.'

'So, if Control is the third answer. What about the first question and second questions?' Noel paused for a moment. 'I don't know what kind of path I want it to take. So, maybe I should answer the second question first? But should I just go for the last question? Maybe the first and second questions aren't that relevant?'

A lot of thoughts and questions confused him. Noel couldn't help but ask, "Sir. What if I find the answer to the last question without finding the rest?"

Damian seemed to have expected this kind of question. He answered without hesitation. "You can proceed. But it will make your ability shallow. For example, you can improve it to one point, but you are limiting your ability only to that point. You should be aware of the patterns in my question, right?"

"Yes. You are bringing me from the general idea to the specific one."

"That's right. Your talent is reflected in it. Let's say I can form the ice spikes in any formation, right? What if my thoughts are only limited to one form? It'll be a waste, right?"

"I see. So, the first question is basically the potential of the ability."

"You can say it like that. You are the one who will set the limit for your own ability. Being more ambitious is a good thing, but it will surely be harder to reach it. So, think about what you want and suit your needs."

Noel nodded.

'Well, I do need my ability to be extremely powerful. But I don't really have a lot of time since the Supreme Devil Organization is targeting me. But am I going to sacrifice its potential just because I don't have a lot of time?'

Noel was in a dilemma. On the one hand, he needed a powerful ability since it would benefit him more in the long run. On the other hand, he couldn't improve his ability if he died in the process.

Noel remained silent for a few minutes. There was a thought about changing his ability. But he dismissed the idea. If he chose anything weaker, he might not have enough power to protect himself and others in the near future.

'As expected… I'm going to improve the Undying Fire. As for the first question, it's hard, but I already have two options. The first one will lead me in the future, while the second one will improve my ability drastically in a short period of time.'

Noel couldn't help but remember how he got defeated by the Supreme Devil Organization. It looked like having his ability improve took priority.

But surprisingly, Noel had a different thought.

'Dimitri is going back soon. And I can trust the people around me. If we don't have enough people, there is still Clara. We can even call other captains or even the commander. He will surely make a move since he must have heard about the Plant Lord.'

Noel took a deep breath. It seemed that he had decided on his path. His goal was also related to it, so he didn't hesitate to declare the path he chose to take in his mind.

'That's right. What kind of path do I want my Undying Fire to have? Of course, I want the Undying Fire to be free.'

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