The Sickly Scion's Petite Wife Is Sweet And Cool

Chapter 23 - Jiajia Takes Action
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Chapter 23: Jiajia Takes Action

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In the carriage, Madam Li and the two children were trembling in fear.

On the contrary, Shen Yijia was a little excited. Even Song Jingchen saw her in a different light.

When Madam Li was young, she had learned a few fancy moves from her father and brothers. When she saw this scene, she was shocked.

Where did Shen Yijia get the confidence to be so excited?

How could he have known that Shen Yijia was holding it in? There hadn’t been any chances to see her fight before this.

She had to endure instead of beating up the guards that accompanied them. Now that she could fight openly to vent her anger, of course she was excited!

“Don’t act rashly!” Song Jingchen couldn’t help but remind her. He was really worried that Shen Yijia would rush out like a steel cannonball if he wasn’t careful.

Shen pouted and turned away from him.

At this moment, there was also fighting outside, but strangely, the sounds of fighting were getting further and further away.

Shen Yijia could not help but lift the curtain to take a look.

The ten officers were caught up in the fight with a dozen bandits and left the scene, leaving a lonely carriage surrounded by the remaining twenty or so bandits.

A look of surprise flashed across the bandit leader’s eyes.

Seeing this, Song Jingchen took out the simple bow and arrow that he had instructed Uncle Yang to make at the last minute. He signaled Shen Yijia to hang up the curtain.

The moment she did that, the people in the carriage were instantly exposed to the bandits.

Seeing the plain clothes of the people in the carriage, a flicker of suspicion crossed the bandit leader’s face and he spat on the ground.

He cursed angrily, “What kind of bullsh*t ‘big catch’ is this? Did they use their whole fortune to decorate this carriage?”

“We’re not big shots, and we don’t have any money on us. If you like this carriage, we can give it to you. Can you please be magnanimous and spare us?” Uncle Yang shouted without needing Song Jingchen to instruct him. His tone was neither servile nor overbearing, and he did not seem to be flustered.

The bandit leader said disdainfully, “Don’t try my patience. You don’t have money, right? I see that the people in the carriage are all thin and tender. They can probably be sold for a lot of money. It just so happens that I lack a wife, so that young lady will stay here and serve me. As for the rest… men and women alike, you’ll all be sold to brothels.

These words caused the lackeys around him to roar with laughter again.

Song Jingchen’s eyes darkened. Before he could instruct Uncle Yang to attack,

He felt something fly out before his eyes.

“Sister Jia…”


Madam Li and the two children had been behind Shen Yijia the entire time, so they could see everything clearly.

Their first reaction was to scream.

It was so fast that even Uncle Yang could not react.

Song Jingchen was shocked and tried to look for the petite figure in the crowd.

No one knew how Shen Yijia did it.

In just a few seconds, when Song Jingchen finally caught a glimpse of her, she had already run to the bandit leader’s side.

Without a word, she violently pulled the burly man off his horse.

Everyone present was stunned.

Before anyone could react, Shen Yijia punched him. “Have you heard of the saying that villains die because they talk too much? It’s for people like you,” she said impatiently.

“Why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror? You want me to serve you. I’ll let you experience the service from my fists.”

“You even want to sell my husband. You’re so ugly, how could your dreams be so idealistic?”

“As for my mother, my younger siblings. You want to sell them for money, don’t you! You’re quite imaginative. Why don’t you start daydreaming right now? Any scenario would be more realistic than that.”

“All of you have hands and feet. You’re capable of doing anything, and yet you chose to be bandits.”


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