Villain: Manipulating the Heroines into hating the Protagonist

Chapter 390 Jiang Chen Makes His Move Against Angelic Sky City
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Chapter 390 Jiang Chen Makes His Move Against Angelic Sky City

The following morning, after their intense night, Wang Jian and Lady Xia got themselves ready for the day ahead. They donned their best attire, concealing any traces of their passionate rendezvous from the world. Wang Jian looked every bit the mighty emperor, while Lady Xia exuded elegance and grace.

In her chamber, the opulent surroundings were a far cry from the fervor of their night together. Wang Jian cradled Lady Xia in his arms, his fingers tracing absentminded patterns on her skin as they delved into the issues plaguing the Elysian Blossoms Organization.

Lady Xia heaved a soft sigh, her head resting on Wang Jian's chest.

"Darling," she began, her tone tinged with concern, "the organization is in a bit of a pickle. It seems that some small factions across the Everlasting Mystical Empire have started peddling fake Elysian Blossoms products."

Wang Jian's grip on her tightened, a frown creasing his features. "Fake stuff? Seriously?" His eyebrows knitted together with worry.

Lady Xia nodded, her fingers idly playing with the fabric of his robe. "Indeed, love. The knockoff products are shoddy, and folks have quickly caught on to the ruse. It's smearing the good name of the Elysian Blossoms Organization."

Wang Jian's annoyance simmered, and he was resolute about tackling the problem. He leaned in for a kiss, not letting his concerns fully cloud their moments together.

"I've got this," he affirmed with determination. "No one's going to tarnish your organization's name, mark my words."

Lady Xia's eyes gleamed with gratitude as she gazed into his determined eyes. Her fingers brushed his cheek affectionately. "Thank you, my emperor. Your attention means the world to me."

Wang Jian was on a mission, ready to tackle the Elysian Blossoms Organization's counterfeit troubles head-on.

He quickly realized that this wasn't just a typical scam; it was an intricately designed scheme that needed careful untangling.

The culprits behind the operation were no ordinary swindlers.

Instead, they were the remnants of the human noble and royal families that once dominated the Eastern Seas.

After suffering devastating defeats at the hands of the Sea Monsters, these folks had strategically moved to the Central Region, their sights set on reclaiming power and wealth.

The humans were playing their cards carefully, opting for the Southern Region as their target.

The Northern Region was an impenetrable fortress, guarded by the Elven Race's Immortal Dominion, while the Western Region was already claimed by the Dwarven and Giant Races.

So, it was the thriving Everlasting Mystical Empire in the South that had drawn their attention.

The sham Elysian Blossoms products were just the tip of the iceberg, part of a vast network of deceptive operations.

They dabbled in all sorts of shady dealings, from selling shoddy materials to weapons and armor that were barely fit for purpose.

It was nothing short of daylight robbery, with the wealth of the Southern Region's people ending up in the hands of these audacious opportunists.

To add fuel to the fire, their operations had triggered a significant rise in criminal activities throughout the Everlasting Mystical Empire's territory.

The humans' relentless greed and cunning strategies posed a dire threat to the region's overall stability and prosperity.

Wang Jian wasn't about to let those sneaky noble families keep up with their tricky business. He knew it would mess up his empire's growth and stability big time. So, he decided it was time to end their little charade once and for all.

He told the Three Sects of the Celestial Nexus Immortal Dominion to get into action. They had a clear mission: hunt down every last member of those noble families behind the whole counterfeit racket and bring them to face justice.

Wang Jian was dead set on making sure these folks paid for what they'd done. Messing with his empire? Yeah, they'd bitten off way more than they could chew.

Capturing those human noble and royal families from the Eastern Seas turned out to be quite the cakewalk for the Three Sects of the Celestial Nexus Immortal Dominion.

Although these families had some backing from the Three Sects of the Radiant Oasis Immortal Dominion, it seemed those sects didn't want to stir up too much trouble.

So, in about a week, every member from those families was lined up in front of Wang Jian in the grand hall, awaiting their fate.

Wang Jian's gaze bore into the assembled individuals with a mix of disdain and fury. "You fools," he spat, his voice tinged with anger. "You never should have dared to target my empire."

The noble and royal families, now apprehensive, exchanged uneasy glances among themselves. They realized they had underestimated the resolve of the emperor they had thought to outwit.

Wang Jian continued, his words laced with contempt. "For your arrogance and greed, I will make sure your families pay dearly." He paused for a moment, letting the weight of his threat sink in. "You will all be bound by a Bloodline Contract, one that will make your entire bloodlines slaves to me and my descendants. You will serve my empire and my people for generations to come, and your wealth and power will be forever at our disposal."

The shock and despair on their faces were evident.

As the members of the captured families begrudgingly signed the Bloodline Contract, a palpable sense of unease settled upon them.

The contract seemed to come alive, manifesting ethereal reddish chains that coiled around their necks.

These otherworldly chains had their other ends linked directly to Wang Jian, sealing their servitude with eerie symbolism.

For a brief moment, the chains emitted an unsettling, faint glow, casting an eerie atmosphere in the grand hall. Then, just as quickly, they vanished. The feeling of restraint, however, lingered as a constant reminder of their newfound status as slaves to the empire.

What transpired next was nothing short of a bombshell for the captive families.

Wang Jian issued a shocking order, commanding that the women among them be handed over to his personal soldiers, regardless of their familial roles.

Daughters, mothers, and wives became objects of desire for these soldiers, who were more than willing to accept the unexpected "gifts."

The most exquisite and captivating women among the group were reserved for Wang Jian himself. He intended to fully enjoy their beauty.

The captive families were left in stunned disbelief, overwhelmed by the consequences of their actions. They had never fathomed that their schemes would lead to such a devastating and humiliating outcome.

As the unexpected events unfolded within the grand hall of the Everlasting Mystical Empire, a new development was occurring in a distant corner of the Central Region. The Barbarian Race's Immortal Dominion, now devoid of any of its members, resources, or minions, had established a presence in this new territory.

The Ogre Spirit of the Immortal Dominion had shrewdly connected itself to the sole Earth Vein in the region.

It was determined to bide its time, slowly recuperate the Immortal Dominion's lost resources and minions, and eventually exact its revenge on Wang Jian for his actions.

However, the grandiosity of Wang Jian's Empire remained a formidable obstacle, and the Ogre Spirit knew that its plan for vengeance would require time and patience.

But it was willing to wait, with the Earth Vein serving as its conduit for power and resurgence.

Amidst the swirl of change in different corners of the world, things were getting pretty interesting.

Down below, in the deep, dark ocean, the Sea Monsters decided it was high time to make a splash. These aquatic enigmas had been lurking beneath the waves for eons, and they figured it was about time to show their faces.

New Sea Monster clans emerged from the depths, and it was pretty clear they meant business.

They were gearing up for a head-on showdown with the Three Sects over in the Radiant Oasis Immortal Sanctuary.

Out in the open sea, you could almost taste the tension in the salty air.

But the Immortal Dominion of the Radiant Oasis wasn't one to back down. They were ready to defend their turf, and it looked like the ultimate battle for the Immortal Dominion was about to kick off.

Over in a completely different corner of reality, the ever-resolute Jiang Chen was switching gears.

Jiang Chen was gearing up for an epic face-off with these high-flying angels. He'd rallied his troops, and they were all ready now.

The Angelic Sky City was like a floating fortress of power and grace, but that wasn't about to slow them down.

His first goal was to bring the Angelic Sky City down to Earth, quite literally. He understood this wasn't going to be a walk in the park. Unlike typical Immortal Dominions, the Angelic Sky City had an indirect link with the Earth Veins. It was part of a complex network of connections, forming a potent Angelic Array Formation.

Breaking through this ancient and formidable array was a task not even Jiang Chen and his entire force could manage. So, he had another strategy up his sleeve.

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