Yuan's Ascension

Chapter 171: Enter, Exceptional Body Refining Talent (1)
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Chapter 171: Enter, Exceptional Body Refining Talent (1)

Ly City, one of the many county cities scattered across the Chu Continent, was a place that drew little attention. On any normal day, the top experts one could find within the city were first-rate Adepts. Even second-rate Adepts were considered prominent figures.

But today was different. Today, in an unassuming courtyard house tucked away in the city, over a dozen individuals had gathered, seemingly waiting for someone to arrive.

One among them was a bald, muscular man clad in black heavy armor. He casually swung a wolf's tooth cudgel, his face expressionless. Another figure in a black cloak leaned against a gazebo pillar, exuding an air of ease and confidence.

"Brother Li," a man in white robes, appearing to be in his 30s, approached the cloaked figure with a frown. "Theres less than half a day remaining until the opening of the immortal realm. Where is this friend of yours? If he doesn't show up, do we continue waiting?"

"Patience, Brother Song Guang," the black-cloaked figure replied nonchalantly. "I am certain he will arrive. The realm will stay open for at least three days, giving us enough time to enter even if he arrives later."

Though the white-robed man didnt look too pleased, he chose to remain silent, finding a spot to sit.

"I wonder who Grandmaster Li Yan is waiting for."

"It must be a Grandmaster."

"How can an individual who dares to possess a Chu-Jiang Token without the backing of a faction be weak?" Eight figures waiting at the edge of the courtyard discussed in quiet murmurs.

These eight, who were usually regarded as big shots by the common folk and other martial artists, now found themselves as mere followers and subordinates within this courtyard house. As their eyes fell on the black-cloaked figure, the white-robed man, and the bald man, a flicker of involuntary awe appeared in their gazes.

Grandmaster! Three Grandmasters, all gathered here.

In the courtyard, a heavy silence hung in the air, each individual lost in their own thoughts.

Shadow Blade, you better not have swindled me after taking the Ancient Immortal Dew. The towering, black-cloaked figure's hood concealed a turbulent mind far from the calm exterior he projected.

It was Li Yan, the very same man who had struck a deal with Wu Yuan in the past.

As time ticked away, an unsettling unease began to gnaw at Li Yan, despite the silence from the white-robed man and the bald muscular figure in their midst.

Shadow Blade is likely an expert from the Cloudstride Sect. Did he decide to join forces with Bu Yu after his ties to the sect were exposed during the battle against Wang Huang? The more Li Yan pondered over it, the more plausible the scenario seemed.

Time continued to slip away and the sun gradually began to set. Even the Grandmasters and eight accompanying Savant experts were beginning to grow restless.

Suddenly, a voice as light as a feather yet resonant like a bell, shattered the silence. "Brother Li Yan, sorry for the wait. The cold voice echoed through the courtyard, catching the attention of all present.

"Who's there?" The white-robed man, previously meditating in a lotus position, instinctively opened his eyes and darted back several zhangs.

The bald muscular man also swiftly turned around, his gaze fixated on a corner of the courtyard. The eight Savant experts followed suit, their hearts trembling slightly.

In that corner, a young man emerged, dressed in black with the appearance of someone in their late twenties. His fair skin and the sword hanging from his waist gave him the air of a charismatic nobleman who had traversed the far reaches of the world.

Everyone in the room felt their hair stand on end, immediately raising their guards in alarm.

One had to understand that night had yet to fall. Yet, the young man in black had managed to infiltrate a courtyard house with three Grandmasters and eight Savant experts completely undetected.

The stealth skills exhibited by this young man were enough to send shivers down the spines of the Grandmasters. Suppressing his astonishment, Li Yan lifted his hood and approached the newcomer.

"Brother Li, you didnt notify me, Zang Jing, that you were already here." the young man greeted with a smile. "It took me quite a while to locate you."

"Zang Jing?" Li Yan blinked in surprise but quickly understood the situation. Shadow Blade did not wish to reveal his identity. He didnt mind and played along. "Haha, Brother Zang Jing, my apologies. But you've arrived just in time. The immortal realm has yet to open.

The newcomer was none other than Wu Yuan. Although his appearance and attire had undergone a significant change since his last encounter with Li Yan, the latter had little doubt that it was the same man.

Firstly, a Grandmaster possessed the ability to alter their appearance with Transfiguration. With Shadow Blades reputation, it would be strange if he did not make use of this skill. Secondly, their agreement was known to only a few others. Lastly, while Li Yan could not discern one's identity through their soul's aura like a Heavenly Ranker, he practiced a secret art that allowed him to roughly identify an expert's identity through their qi.

"Brother Zang Jing, allow me to introduce you," Li Yan eagerly gestured toward a man clad in white robes. "This is Stellar Councilor Song Guang from the Starcom Consortium, a Grandmaster.

Wu Yuan offered a faint smile. "Brother Song, your reputation precedes you."

Song Guang, ranked 24th on the Land Rankings, was a highly skilled swordsman. Coupled with his affiliation with the Starcom Consortium, his fame was widespread.

"Brother Zang Jing is indeed a reclusive expert," Song Guang replied with a subtle smile.

"And this is Tie Tuo, a Grandmaster from Ninedeaths Circle," Li Yan pointed to a robust man in heavy armor nearby. "You may not be familiar with his name, but I believe you recognize his other identity, Donggu Khan!"

"I've heard of Brother Tie," Wu Yuan nodded, Your name is well-known across the Bei Continent.

The Bei Continent was divided into nine great plains, each ruled by a dominant tribe. Among them, the Donggu tribe held authority over the central plain with King Khan as their leader. Never did Wu Yuan imagine that King Khan would represent the Ninedeaths Circle. Donggu Khan ranked 59th in the Land Rankings.

Before entering, I enveloped this courtyard with my Soul Force, yet these three Grandmasters remained oblivious. Their souls are pretty weak. However, the alliance between the Pleiades Guild, Ninedeaths Circle, and Starcom Consortium piques my interest.

While Grandmasters possessed exceptional vision and hearing, the ability to probe ones surroundings with Soul Force was typically reserved for Heavenly Rankers, which could be employed to deal a devastating blow to martial artists.

"Haha, Brother Zang jests," Tie Tuo laughed heartily, wielding his cudgel. "The Central Plains are where the true talents and powerhouses gather. Neither Brother Li Yan nor Brother Zang are on the Land Rankings, but I have a feeling that both of you are stronger than me!"

Wu Yuan and Li Yan simply smiled in response. Everyone present knew that these two representatives of the Pleiades Guild were likely using aliases.

Following that, Li Yan introduced the eight Savant experts to Wu Yuan, four of whom hailed from the Pleiades Guild. They were known by their nicknames, Big Jiu, Wang Two, Wu Three, and Dong Four.

Wang Two, Wu Three." Li Yan pointed out two Savant experts with a smile. "Brother Zang, they will accompany you into the immortal realm."

Wu Yuan's gaze fell upon the two. Without a doubt, the Pleiades Guild put no thought into their nicknames at all. Wang Two was a sturdy man with a beard, clad in purple armor. Wu Three was a stunning beauty.

"Greetings, Senior." Both Wang Two and Wu Three bowed respectfully, fully aware that underestimating Wu Yuan due to his youthful appearance would be a grave mistake. The remaining six Savant experts also bowed respectfully. However, Wu Yuan couldn't be bothered to pay attention to them. If they were Grandmasters, then perhaps. But a Savant expert? He couldn't care less.

"Everyone, now that all participants are present, I would like to offer a final reminder before we head for the entrance of the immortal realm." Li Yan spoke with authority.

His gaze swept across the crowd, pausing momentarily on Wu Yuan. "During this collaboration, each of our three factions may employ our own methods to seize treasures, but fatal blows are strictly forbidden."

"Understood," the bald Tie Tuo chuckled.

"Of course," the man dressed in white, Song Guang, also smiled.

Wu Yuan merely nodded in acknowledgment, exhibiting a cold demeanor.

"Im glad that we can come to an understanding," Li Yan lowered his voice. "According to the information we have received, Great Jin possesses at least five Chu-Jiang Tokens."

"And it is possible that Cloudstride, the Baijiang Kingdom, and Old Yuanhu may form a Former Chu Alliance." Li Yan's tone grew somber. "If we do not unite, these two factions could pick us apart one by one. We are here solely for the treasures, not for a struggle to the death against them."

Tie Tuo and Song Guang both nodded slightly, this news was not new to them.

Great Jin obtained five tokens? An alliance between Cloudstride and the Baijiang Kingdom? Wu Yuan maintained his composure.

Having been on a long journey, he was unaware of this information.

I created this alias, Zang Jing, as someone who will eradicate the experts of Great Jin. A glint of cold determination flashed in Wu Yuan's eyes. The more that show up, the better.

There was no point indiscriminately slaughtering the innocents under Great Jins rule. Wu Yuan harbored no desire to engage in unnecessary bloodshed. Therefore, during his time exploring the lands of Great Jin, Wu Yuan had refrained from purposefully killing the experts or civilians of the empire, unless they were bandits or ill-mannered troublemakers.

However, the situation was quite different when it came to the Grandmasters of Great Jin. Wu Yuan knew that each Grandmaster he eliminated would significantly reduce the damage they could deal to the Cloudstride Sect.

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