Yuan's Ascension

Chapter 174: Enter, Exceptional Body Refining Talent (4)
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Chapter 174: Enter, Exceptional Body Refining Talent (4)

Great Jin and Wu Yuans teams each occupied a corner of the training ground. As time passed, both sides remained vigilant yet not overly concerned.

"According to the intel, there is an invisible power controlling the Chu-Jiang Immortal Realm. No one can begin fighting before the realm officially opens," Li Yan chuckled.

Wu Yuan and Song Guang couldn't help but nod. No one here was a fool, they could all tell that the Chu-Jiang Immortal Realm had its laws and procedures, a stark contrast to the immortal relics that were nothing more than ruins.

Having anticipated this, individuals like Jin Qing and Li Yan had brought an ample supply of food and water in their storage artifacts. Starvation was not a concern.

Meanwhile, Wu Yuan, Li Yan, and the others observed that there appeared to be no distinction between day and night within the Chu-Jiang Secret Realm. Above them, the dark clouds lingered, refusing to dissipate.

Approximately a day later, after the two teams had completely settled down, a wave of light appeared at a corner of the training ground, startling everyone. Then, twelve figures materialized.

"It's Chu Ping! The Baijiang King has come in person."

"And there's Bu Yu, the strongest in the Jiang Continent.

"Chu Jun, Chang Dong, the top Grandmasters of the Jiang Continent are all here!" The teams that had arrived earlier observed the newcomers.

There was no doubt that Bu Yu and Chu Ping stood out the most.

Hes the Baijiang King? Wu Yuan's gaze fell on the silver-robed man who had flowing hair and thick eyebrows. Every gesture he made exuded an undeniable aristocratic air.

Wu Yuan couldn't help but acknowledge that the Baijiang King certainly looked impressive. No wonder he had quickly garnered the support of various factions of the Chu-Jiang lineage, becoming the ruler of four provinces.

Chang Dong, Old Yuanhu? Wu Yuan's gaze then shifted to the red-robed elderly man. He remembered that he had killed two of his disciples. Who knew if the elderly man had truly let go of his hatred?

Indeed, it is The Rain Hierarch who is participating this time. And following the hierarch are Gu Wang and Zhang Changsheng.

Previously, during Wu Yuan's battle with Grandmaster Wang Huang, Gu Wang and Zhang Changsheng were the ones ordered to protect him.

Perhaps it's because these two have the highest chances of becoming Grandmasters within the sect.

Gu Wang, fourth on the Jiang Continent Human Rankings, needed no further introduction.

Zhang Changsheng might not be the strongest among Savant experts, but his youth granted him a unique advantage. With further tempering, he held the potential to reach the Grandmaster level.

However, the overall strength of Great Jins team is rather concerning. Wu Yuan furrowed his brows slightly.

After a moment of careful consideration, he decided to keep his identity concealed for the time being.

That Jin Qing gives me the feeling that he is no ordinary martial artist, defeating him wont be a simple task. Lets wait and observe for now. A surprise attack at a crucial moment can sometimes be the most effective.

Despite Great Jin's suspicions regarding Wu Yuan's identity, they had yet to connect him with the Cloudstride Sect, thanks in part to the cover provided by the experts from the Starcom Consortium and the Pleiades Guild.

The moment Chu Ping and Chang Dongs group arrived, they immediately felt immense pressure.

Over there is the team composed of the Starcom Consortium and Pleiades Guild.

Great Jins team is larger than expected. They have five Great Grandmasters, including Jin Qing and Yue Shanzhong.

Thankfully, their three factions had wisely chosen to unite beforehand. Otherwise, facing the Great Jin alone would undoubtedly spell their doom.

Shadow Blade is absent? Chu Ping scanned the training ground, his gaze stopping briefly on Wu Yuan and Li Yan, but he did not harbor excessive suspicion.

Grandmaster Yu, Shadow Blade is really not from your Cloudstride Sect? Chang Dong was equally perplexed, believing that Shadow Blade should have either entered alone or joined forces with Bu Yu. Yet, even up till the moment they activated their tokens, they had yet to see any trace of Shadow Blade.

Shadow Blade is not a Grandmaster of the Cloudstride Sect, Bu Yu asserted with a calm expression.

Yet, doubts unfurled within the depths of Bu Yu's heart. Her eyes swept across the figures on the training ground until they landed on a young man clad in white robes with a sword by his waist. A sliver of confusion crossed her mind as a sense of familiarity washed over her. However, she couldn't help but feel some uncertainty. The figure before her was different, dressed in unfamiliar attire, and Wu Yuan was known for his saber techniques, while this man wielded a sword.

Chu Ping murmured, "Everyone, dont forget what we discussed previously. Considering the strength of Great Jins team, we will proceed with Plan A."

"Let's move in teams! We will divide the Redwood Spirit Fruit among the four of us. It can only maintain our combat abilities, but won't enhance our strength or help us break through in soul power. The allocation of the Purplewood Spirit Fruit will depend on the situation," Chu Ping stated.


"Very well." Bu Yu and the others had no objections. They had already agreed that if Great Jins team was weak, they would search individually to cover a larger area and increase their chances of finding treasures. However, if the Great Jin proved to be too strong, they would move in teams, prioritizing their survival over acquiring more loot.

"Everyone!" Song Guang from the Starcom Consortium took the initiative to stand up, his gaze scanning the other two teams. "Currently, our three teams have collected a total of thirteen Chu-Jiang Tokens."

"According to the information left by the Chu-Jiang Empire, in just two more days, the invisible restrictions placed on the training ground will be lifted."

"I have a proposal. Would everyone be willing to hear it?" Song Guang's voice echoed across the training ground.

All eyes turned to Song Guang.

"Grandmaster Song, please go on," said the silver-robed Chu Ping of Baijiang with a smile.

"Please, go ahead," Yue Shanzhong from Great Jin's team also spoke up, his tone courteous.

Despite the friction between Great Jin and the Jiang Continent Alliance, neither side seemed eager to offend Song Guang and Li Yans team.

"The Redsoil Mountain Range serves as a boundary of the Chu-Jiang Immortal Realm. Beyond the mountain range lies the inner region, where the two spiritual fruits can be found."

The mountain range, with its faint reddish hue, stood out prominently.

"In contrast, the outer region is home to ordinary spiritual plants, etherstone, Ancient Immortal Dew, and other treasures." Song Guang continued with a smile, "Given our time limit of five days, I suggest we adhere to the usual customs of the Chu-Jiang Empire. The Grandmasters shall venture into the inner region, leaving the outer region for the youngsters."

The Grandmasters of the two teams exchanged glances. If they were to engage in a free-for-all battle royale, the Savant experts would be rendered entirely useless. None of them could interfere in battles between Grandmasters.

The inner region, spanning nearly 1000 li in length and breadth, held countless dangers. On the other hand, the outer region stretched for hundreds of li, requiring the Savant experts to meticulously comb for treasures.

Five days? It was an impossible task to thoroughly search the entire realm in such a limited timeframe.

"Very well, we agree," The Baijiang King declared with jovial laughter.

"We agree as well," Yue Shanzhong chimed in.

Song Guang nodded. With this, a preliminary agreement was solidified among the three teams. However, this agreement was essentially unenforced. If any Grandmaster decided to secretly infiltrate the outer region and kill the Savant experts there, no one would be able to stop them.

The following day, the three teams ceased all communication, choosing to meditate in silence. The world around them remained dark and gloomy.

In the blink of an eye, it was already the third day since Wu Yuan, Song Guang, and the others had entered the realm. During this time, no additional experts had arrived with a Chu-Jiang Token.

Suddenly, a low hum filled the air, its vibrations sweeping through the training ground and lifting the invisible restrictions placed on the cultivators. A voice reverberated in the ears of all present.

"The Fourth Eldritch Realm is hereby open, and will close in five days! The Eldritch Chamber, positioned at the heart of the Fourth Eldritch Realm, is now accessible. Those wishing to enter must arrive within three days. It shall be resealed after that period." The emotionless voice then faded into nothingness.

With that, freedom of movement was granted to everyone. Yet, no one made any rash moves, as confusion etched itself onto their faces. All of them had heard the voice, but what was the Eldritch Chamber?

But unlike the rest, a trace of desire flickered across Jin Qing's face.

The Eldritch Chamber? I see now! No wonder it's called the Fourth Eldritch Realm. To think there's an eldritchs inheritance here! This is my chance!

Swiftly, he gathered his thoughts.

Initially, I had intended to bide my time and let all of you search for treasures before killing you and seizing them for myself. Jin Qing's eyes flickered with a murderous intent. But now, you can all rot in hell.

With a thunderous boom, Jin Qing blasted himself straight toward Chu Ping and Bu Yu.

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