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Chapter 1229 - 1229 The Fate Rebelling Master God-Tier God Spirit—Olosius!
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1229 The Fate Rebelling Master God-Tier God Spirit—Olosius!

The 33 Master God-Tier God Spirits stood far away, staring at him with undisguised malice.

Any life form, even an ordinary Master God-Tier, would probably tremble in fear when faced with this scene.

However, Zhou Zhou didn’t panic at all. Instead, he teased,

“Everyone is already an existence that stands at the peak of the myriad worlds. To think that you would actually attack collectively for a small Lord of a myriad race like me. Looks like This Emperor’s life is really quite important to some people of foreign races.”

The 33 Master God-Tiers of the people of foreign races looked at Zhou Zhou in surprise.

They never expected that this guy would still be so calm even when they were already in front of him. He did not look afraid at all?

Thinking that this guy had the battle record of defeating a fake Master God-Tier, these Master God-Tiers immediately became a little cautious. They even began to observe their surroundings, wanting to see if there were any ambushes nearby.

This scene made the seven-colored-robed Master God-Tier leader furious.

When Zhou Zhou saw this scene, he was stunned for a moment before laughing out loud.

Was his reputation now so great that a single sentence from him could scare them so much that they did not dare to make a move easily?

Not bad, not bad. It seemed that his fearless behavior had finally made his name in the myriad worlds.

Seeing Zhou Zhou laugh, the seven-colored-robed Master God-Tier finally could not hold it in any longer.

“What are you afraid of?”

“The other party has only one person here, but we have more than 30 Supremacies. Even if “He” is as strong as the 10 Master God-Tier levels, “He” might not be our match. Look at how timid you are. Do you still look like a Master God?”

“He” said angrily through telepathy.

Only then did the Master God-Tiers come back to their senses. They could not help but smile awkwardly.

“They” were able to become Master God-Tier, so they were not idiots or rash gods. Seeing Zhou Zhou’s fearless look, “They” naturally subconsciously felt that Zhou Zhou had a trump card that was enough to protect “Him” and even kill “Him”. That was why “They” had such a performance.

This was their experience since they were weak. Generally speaking, they would not lie to them.

But now, they felt that their ‘pretending to be smart’ might be hindering them at times.

It was already not bad for a mere Lord of a myriad race to have a secret technique that could temporarily allow him to have the combat power of a Master God-Tier.

How could he let the other party have another trump card to deal with more than 30 of them at the same time?

That was too heaven-defying.

If he missed the opportunity to become a Supreme God Realm because of a moment of cowardice, they would regret it greatly later.

“They” looked at Zhou Zhou fiercely at the thought of this.

“Being too arrogant will be your epitaph in the future.” A Master God-Tier said coldly.

“Many enemies have said similar things to This Emperor.”

Zhou Zhou said indifferently, “But This Emperor has never lost, and ‘They’ have become the souls of my army.”

“You’re actually the main body?”

The rainbow-robed Master God-Tier looked at Zhou Zhou and a glint flashed across his eyes.

“What? ‘He’ is the main body?”

“I thought “He” was a clone that was left here seeing how arrogant “He” was.”

“Your main body still dares to be so arrogant with us. You’ve never died, right?”

“If we kill your main body, it will save us a lot of trouble.”

When the Master God-Tiers saw that Zhou Zhou had actually come in his true form, their attitudes changed one after another. It was as if they were determined to capture Zhou Zhou at all costs.

When Zhou Zhou saw “Them” in this state, he still had a smile on his face, but a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

“Whether or not you have the ability to take my life will depend on you.”

Zhou Zhou asked.

“Whether or not you have the ability to take my life will depend on you.”

“He” swept “His” gaze over, and a look of surprise flashed in “His” eyes.

“The Fate Rebelling Master God-Tier God Spirit—Olosius.”

“All the races said that you died in the last calamity of fate. I didn’t expect you to still be alive.” “He” said.

The divine body of the rainbow-robed expert trembled slightly.

When the other Master God-Tiers behind “He” heard Zhou Zhou’s words, they immediately widened their eyes and looked at Olosius. Many Master God-Tiers even avoided “He” as if they were looking at a plague, afraid that they would be tainted by any trace of “Him”.

“Olosius? It’s you?!”

“The Original Spirit Race actually dares to take you in as their Master God-Tier? Aren’t they afraid of being devoured by the laws of fate?”

“The Original Spirit Race actually dares to take you in as their Master God-Tier? Aren’t they fearful of being devoured by the laws of fate?”

“The Original Spirit Race probably protected ‘Him’. Among the myriad races in the world, only the three races of the Original Spirit Race have the ability to protect the God Spirit in the hands of the Supreme God Realm.”

“Get away from ‘Him’. I don’t want to be cursed by fate.”

All the Master God-Tier looked at Olosius fearfully.

The rainbow-robed powerhouse was silent for a few seconds. Then, he took off the rainbow-colored robe that was draped over his body, revealing “His” face that was filled with hideous scars and his empty eyes.

“How do you know it’s mine?” Olosius asked in a low voice.

“I was fortunate enough to witness your heroic act of rebelling against fate from the bloodline inheritance of some seniors.”

“Even though you lost badly in the end, once you lose your life, your fate is over.”

Zhou Zhou sized “Him” up and clicked his tongue in wonder. “Your Master God-Tier possession body is not bad. Did the Original Spirit Race provide it to you?”

Olosius fell silent.

At this moment, “He” was even a little afraid.


At this moment, “He” was even a little afraid.

Who is this Common People’s Regal?

He actually managed to see through “Him” with a single glance??

“I can see the revelation of my fate from you.” Olosius fell silent for a long time before saying, “As long as I kill you, I can achieve my destiny and reach a higher level!”

Zhou Zhou nodded slightly.

“He” was now the center of attention of all races. The providence gathered on “Him” could be described as world-


Even the Supreme God Realm might not be as lucky as “Him”.

If a deity who walked the path of the Law of Fate or the Law of Providence killed “Him”, it was indeed possible to use this to reach the Supreme God Realm.

Olosius was the Master God-Tier of the laws of fate. If he could slay him, there was indeed a high chance that “He” would become stronger.


“It’s a good idea, but your revelation of destiny should be wrong.”

“This Emperor won’t die.”

“On the other hand, you guys have to be careful. It’s best if you scram now.” Zhou Zhou said.


“You must die today!”

Olosius’ eyes turned ruthless. Then, he waved his hand. “Everyone, attack. Kill the Common People’s Regal. We all have the chance to become Supreme God Realm experts in the future!”

“He” did not say that all the Master God-Tier present might become Supreme God Realm Venerables because of this battle.

Would he have the chance to slay Zhou Zhou?

However, even though it was only a chance, it was enough for all the Master God-Tier present!


“The chance to become a Supreme God Realm is right in front of us!”

“Common People’s Regal! You’ve already obtained too much fame. It’s not an disgrace to perish in our hands! Give up resisting obediently and surrender!”

“Since you’re going to die, why squander your energy?!”

Zhou Zhou watched quietly as they released all kinds of Master God-Tier Law Skills and charged at him. Their expressions were calm, and there was no fear at all.

As the Master God-Tiers attacked, they were also observing Zhou Zhou.

They had never underestimated this Common People’s Regal with astonishing battle results.

“They” knew that since the other party dared to stay here, “He” definitely had a trump card.

“They” knew that since the other party dared to stay here, “He” definitely had a trump card.

What was this guy doing?

Why didn’t he resist? Why did he just stand there?

Was “He” taking the move to die?

But in the next second, an jade-green figure and a silver-white figure suddenly appeared in front of Zhou Zhou.

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