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Chapter 1230 - 1230 Three Ten Master God-Tier God Spirits! Olosius’ Fate Trap!
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Chapter 1230 - 1230 Three Ten Master God-Tier God Spirits! Olosius' Fate Trap!

As soon as these two existences appeared, an incomparably terrifying divine might suddenly erupted.

In the face of the terrifying divine might of these two existences, more than half of the 33 Lord Gods actually could not stabilize their divine bodies at this moment. Although the other half of the Master God-Tier relied on their tyrannical strength to not be disturbed, they also revealed shocked expressions.

They looked at the nomological attacks that they had released.

The 33 Master God-Tier nomological attacks descended at the same time.

Then, the emerald green figure flipped his hand, and an emerald green tree the size of a palm appeared in “His” palm.

Right on the heels of that, an emerald green light that was filled with vitality quickly spread out from this small tree. These lights were like willow branches that intertwined and tangled together. Soon, they formed an emerald green light shield that stood in front of “Him” and Zhou Zhou.

And the silver-white figure beside “Him” also made a move.

“He” raised “His” silver mechanical hand and quickly entered a series of silver codes in the air in front of “Him”.

[Command: Tower Shield Defense!]

[Command: Energy Buffer!]

[Command: Energy Absorption!]

[Command: Energy Conversion!]

[Command: Invalidate damage!]


Almost in an instant, a huge golden tower shield phantom appeared around Zhou Zhou, the Goddess of Life, and Zero.

The attack of the 33 Master God-Tiers instantly landed on the golden tower shield phantom.

Then, something that left the Gods dumbfounded happened.

The joint attack that Olosius and the other Master God-Tiers regarded as a sure-kill attack was actually absorbed by more than half when it landed on the surface of the golden tower shield. The remaining half of the attack was easily neutralized when it landed on the emerald-green light shield.

After receiving the joint attack of these 33 Master God-Tiers, the two of them actually didn’t seem to have consumed much energy. They even had the time to nod at each other.

When the 33 Master God-Tiers saw this, they were immediately stunned.

Zhou Zhou looked at the two people in front of him and smiled.

Then, “He” nodded slightly and politely said,

“Greetings, Goddess of Life—Your Excellency Tritis.”

“Greetings, Machina God—Your Excellency Zero.”

“Greetings, Your Excellency Common People’s Regal.”

Tritis and Mechanical God Zero also greeted Zhou Zhou politely.

Even though Zhou Zhou’s main body was only at the Mid-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade, he had the combat power of a Master God-Tier.

Coupled with the fact that the other party was a Lord nomological God Spirit who had become a Regal and had a chance of becoming a Supreme God Realm or even a Supreme Will Realm in the future, the two Master God-Tiers did not treat Zhou Zhou as a junior. Instead, they treated him as an equal.

On the other side, when Olosius and the other Master God-Tiers heard Zhou Zhou call out the names of these two Master God-Tiers, they were immediately shocked.

“Goddess of Life—Tritis?!”

“And the most mysterious Machina God—Zero?!”

“They’re coming!”

“‘They’ are actually protecting Zhou Zhou?”

“Zhou Zhou can actually ask two of the 10 Master God-Tiers to protect ‘Him’?!”

When the Master God-Tiers saw that these two legendary Master God-Tiers were actually protecting Lord Zhou Zhou, they were all shocked.

“Zhou Zhou can actually ask two of the 10 Master God-Tiers to protect ‘Him’?!”

Even though they were both Master God-Tiers,

any one of the 10 Master God-Tiers could be considered a Legendary-level God Spirit after all.

Some of them had never seen it in their entire lives.

Unexpectedly, not only did he see them today, but he also saw two of them at once.

They felt that it was ridiculous.

It was just like when he was buying groceries on the streets and met a young hunk bargaining with a vendor by the roadside.

The most ridiculous thing was that these two top ten Master God-Tier existences were actually protecting Zhou Zhou.

If this news were to spread, who knows how many life forms and God Spirits would be shocked.

The myriad races were already in a dilemma. Should they continue to support the powerful Old Era races or the Lords of the New Era with unlimited potential led by Zhou Zhou?

Originally, most of the races and factions were afraid of powerful races and factions. No matter how famous Zhou Zhou was, they did not dare to give up their positions to join Zhou Zhou for the time being.

However, if the news that two of the 10 Master God-Tier existences were supporting Zhou Zhou together spread, the balance of the myriad races in the world would probably be broken.

It was broken because of the existence of Zhou Zhou, the Lord of all races.

They looked at each other and saw the shock and trance in each other’s eyes.

“They” were only here to assassinate Zhou Zhou. Why did it suddenly involve the balance of the myriad races?


He was in big trouble!

At this moment, Olosius was staring intently at Zhou Zhou.

Even though the appearance of the Goddess of Life and the Master God-Tier had greatly exceeded “His” expectations, “His” intention to destroy Zhou Zhou remained unchanged.

As long as “He” could destroy Zhou Zhou, “He” even had the confidence to advance to the Supreme God Realm.

So what if there were two Master God-Tiers?

So what if they were two of the top 10 Master God-Tiers and had the possibility of advancing to the Supreme God Realm?

Wasn’t “He” someone who could be kneaded at will?!

Therefore, “He” immediately turned to the Master God-Tier and shouted,

“Don’t be afraid!”

“So what if the Goddess of Life and the Master God-Tier are here?!”

“We have more than 30 Master God-Tiers. If we attack together, even if they are two of the 10 Master God-Tiers, they might not be able to withstand our attacks.”

“After we kill Zhou Zhou, we won’t fight the other party. The other party can’t do anything to us.”

“Don’t forget the benefits of killing Zhou Zhou!”

“Now, even these two Master God-Tiers have appeared to protect Zhou Zhou. This is enough to prove how shocking the secrets of Zhou Zhou are.”

“Do you really want to give up the secret on ‘Him’?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the Master God-Tier’s expressions changed slightly, and their gazes toward Zhou Zhou gradually became filled with greed again.

Olosius was right.

Looking at them just now, the two of them joined forces to guard and barely blocked their joint attack.

If the 33 Master God-Tier attacked together, they might be able to defeat them and take Zhou Zhou’s life.

When the Goddess of Life saw this scene, she frowned slightly and her eyes turned cold.

She was the Goddess of Life, best at creating life and also at destroying lives.

The 33 Master God-Tier might not be able to do anything to her even if they attacked together.


She glanced at Zhou Zhou, afraid that he would not be able to take care of Zhou Zhou in the upcoming battle.

The Master God-Tier did not say anything. He silently took out four Master God-Tier Elementary Grade mechanical guards from his mechanical space.

Olosius’ confidence soared seeing how cautious these two Master God-Tiers were.

The 10 Master God-Tiers?

In the confront of a group fight, numbers meant advantage.

“Zhou Zhou. Today, I will take your life.”

“So what if there are two of the top 10 Master God-Tier existences?, You’ll still have to be careful when facing us, right?” Olosius laughed.

“33 Master God-Tiers besieging two Master God-Tiers, and you’re still so smug?” Zhou Zhou gazed at “Him” with disdain. “No wonder you couldn’t become a Supreme God Realm expert. You couldn’t even enter the top ten Master God-Tiers. That’s all you have going for you.”

Olosius felt slighted.

“You’re saying this because you don’t know how terrifying the 10 Master God-Tiers are. I don’t blame you.”

“You’re also saying this because you don’t know how terrifying I am. I don’t blame you for that either.”

Zhou Zhou gazed at “Him” with a faint smile.

Olosius didn’t understand Zhou Zhou’s words, but “He” didn’t mind and voiced ferociously,

“Unless you can summon another 10 Master God-Tier-level existences today, you can accept the fate of being my food for advancement.”

When Zhou Zhou heard this, he suddenly looked at “Him” with a strange gaze.

Then, he voiced pitifully,

“So this is the tribulation of fate.”


“You should know something as the Master God-Tier of Fate, right?”


“Don’t open your mouth, or your words will become true.” Zhou Zhou voiced seriously. Then, as “His’ expression changed drastically, he shouted into the depths of the starry sky,

“Your Excellency, Master God.”

“How long are you going to watch the show?”


“We were discovered by the Regal!”

Under the astonished gazes of all the other Master God-Tiers, a tall and mighty God Spirit wearing a Yellow Gold armor and carrying a Yellow Gold bow and a pair of Yellow Gold axes flew out of the sun and landed in front of Zhou Zhou.

Then, “He” turned his head and glanced at Olosius.

“Olosius, I am the third Master God that you saw today.”

“Congratulations, what you see is not the revelation of fate, but the trap of fate. You’re going to fall.” “He” voiced lightly.

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