Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1953 - 1953 Just To Meet You
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1953 Just To Meet You

All the television stations were paying attention to this disaster.

There were also various progress reports on Weibo.

After that, Lin Yu donated construction vehicles and ambulances. All his company’s vehicles were nearby, so they could rush over as soon as possible.

Fortunately, after about three days and three nights of rescue, the situation was basically handled.

[There are no casualties in the entire production team of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.]

[The elderly in the mountains have all been saved. They’re not dead. The injured are not in danger.]

[All the tourists have been rescued. No missing persons were reported, and there are no deaths. The injured survivors are not in danger.]

Good news came through TV stations, radio stations, and Weibo.

The rescuers were still searching the mountains to ensure that no one was left behind and no family members were reported missing.

The netizens were relieved.

[Thank goodness! The rescue team has really worked hard!]

[Hail to the great rescuers!]

[This earthquake was actually not small. To be able to save so many people so quickly with no casualties is really impressive.]

[That’s right. It’s really rare. It’s also because the rescue team has sacrificed too much.]

[I hope the injured can recuperate well. If they survive this ordeal, they’ll definitely have good fortune in the future!]

[I hope the natural disaster will pass as soon as possible and everyone will live in a happy and healthy environment forever!]

All the employees of Lin Yu’s company were back.

Their faces were covered in dust and mud, and some of them were even slightly injured. However, everyone was gratified because they had contributed to the smooth disaster relief.

They were also proud of themselves!

They felt that they had done something meaningful!

When they returned to the company and saw their colleagues welcoming them, everyone immediately felt valued again.

Seeing Lin Yu standing in the lead, everyone was even more excited.

Lin Yu said firmly and steadily, “Welcome back, everyone!”

“In order to show our respect and gratitude to you, the company has decided to give each of you a bonus of 100,000 yuan!” Lin Yu announced this decision!

The employees who participated in the rescue were surprised. When they took the initiative to participate in the rescue, they didn’t think too much about it. They just felt that helping each other was something they should do.

It was already very impressive and satisfying to be able to return safely and be respected by everyone.

They did not expect President Lin to give such a generous bonus!

There were dozens of employees who participated in the rescue.

Of course, everyone was not only touched by the bonus itself but also by their own efforts and contributions. In President Lin’s eyes, they were also valuable and worthy of respect!

Sister Ai immediately nodded at the finance manager.

The finance manager immediately handed them a sum of cash.

“Actually, at a critical moment like this, it’s already good enough for everyone to be able to protect themselves. It’s even rarer to be able to protect others at a time like this. We don’t advocate for people to do things that are beyond their ability, but we encourage everyone to help others when they have the strength!

“You guys did very well this time. This sum of money isn’t much. It’s just a token of the company’s appreciation. Thank you.”

Lin Yu’s voice was firm and filled with gratitude.

The employees were filled with respect for him. In fact, President Lin was also one of the people who stayed at the scene after the accident, wasn’t he?

After work, Lin Yu went to the underground parking lot. Su Shulin was about to get into his car. When he saw him, he insisted on riding in Lin Yu’s car. He teased, “Oh, President Lin! You’re the spokesperson who says one thing but does another!”

“Do you believe that I’ll throw you out of the car?”

Su Shulin hurriedly stopped being sarcastic and said, “When did you start liking her? You even hid it from me before and insisted that you didn’t like her.”

“Are you my mother? Do I have to tell you everything, Mr. Su?” Lin Yu said in amusement.

“At the very least, we’re close friends. But I had to find out from Weibo. Aren’t you being too much?”

Lin Yu said, “It was an emergency. At that time, our photos were exposed, so it was naturally better to make it public. The best public relations is the truth itself.”

“So you’re really together with her?”

“Why? Can’t I?”

Su Shulin waved his hand. “Sure, sure! What can we say about President Lin’s personal matters? But you have to remember that although Yao Yao is quite good, she’s also embroiled in scandals. You have to be mentally prepared.”

He was talking about Ning Luyao’s scandals. As Lin Yu’s best friend, it was not appropriate for him to bring this up when Lin Yu was so happy.

But a proper reminder was necessary.

He found it strange. Yao Yao was such a cute and interesting girl. How could she get involved in those scandals?

Could it be that she was framed by her management company?

After saying that, he waited for Lin Yu to get angry.

After all, honest words were unpleasant to the ears.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yu was smiling and wasn’t even looking at him.

He did not take these words to heart at all.

“What are you laughing at? Have you gone stupid?” Su Shulin asked.

Why was Lin Yu laughing?

He already knew in his heart that she was not that pretentious woman. Although there was no evidence, he had a clearer idea of what was going on.

From everything she had displayed so far, he knew she wasn’t that woman.

Hence, what Su Shulin said was not within his consideration at all.

Outsiders thought that she was Ning Luyao, but only he knew that she was his Nuo Nuo.

“Do you have anything else to say?” Lin Yu asked.


“If there’s nothing else to say, then get out of the car!” Lin Yu stopped the car.

“Hey, what are you doing? Can’t we go for a drink and a meal together?”

Lin Yu smiled. “I just want to do these things with my girlfriend now.”

“Ugh!” Su Shulin was so jealous that he wanted to vomit.

When Lin Yu went back, he parked the car and went straight to Ning Nuo’s villa.

He opened the door, but there was no sign of her.

After looking around, he heard movement from the kitchen.

Ning Nuo was focused on listening to architectural materials while cooking noodles. When she was getting soy sauce, she turned around and saw him standing at the door.

The young man was tall and elegant. He stood amidst the smoke in the kitchen.

Ning Nuo smiled, and Lin Yu walked toward her. “What are you cooking?”

“Tomato and egg noodles, and a dessert. Let’s have something light, okay?”

“Okay.” Lin Yu stood behind her and looked at the pot. Her cheeks were blushing due to the heat.

He reached out and hugged her waist. Ning Nuo’s face turned even redder, and her chopsticks trembled.

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