Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1954 - 1954 Just To Meet You
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1954 Just To Meet You

Although they didn’t do much and their intimate actions weren’t dazzling, the two of them still wasted too much time in the end. When they were done, the noodles were nearly ruined.

Lin Yu still held the bowl and finished all the noodles in one go.

When he was done eating, he put it away to wash it.

Ning Nuo stood beside him to help. Occasionally, when she looked at him, she subconsciously couldn’t take her eyes off him.

How could anyone wash the dishes as if they were in a TV show? His movements were elegant, and his expression was calm and elegant. He wasn’t smiling, but there was a smile in his eyes.


Ning Nuo held her face in her hands, suspecting that she was dreaming.

A moment later, her phone rang. She hurried to answer it.

It was her mother. Her mother’s anxious voice came through. “Are you with Lin Yu?”

“Yes.” Ning Nuo did not hide anything.

“What’s going on with the two of you? What’s your progress?” Her sharp voice was filled with doubt.

Ning Nuo didn’t want to talk anymore. Did her mother even care about her? Why was she talking to her in such a tone?

“Nuo Nuo.” Her mother’s voice changed to a sincere one. “Tell me, what’s your status now? Is it appropriate for you to be with Lin Yu like this?”

Ning Nuo said indifferently, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up first.”

“Wait for me to finish, Nuo Nuo. Don’t tell Lin Yu about your and Yao Yao’s identities first.”

“Why?” Actually, Ning Nuo already knew why her mother said that, but she still wanted to hear what she was thinking from her mouth.

“You’re using Yao Yao’s identity right now. Lin Yu will definitely be with Yao Yao in the future.”

Ning Nuo sneered. “You should go back to sleep.”

Her mother was stunned. “We’re not sleeping.”

“How can you have such a beautiful dream without sleeping?”

Ning Nuo’s mother was even more stunned. She wanted to say something more, but Ning Nuo had already hung up. 𝚏r𝐞𝗲𝚠eb𝚗o𝐯el.com

In a fit of anger, Ning Nuo blocked her mother’s number.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she held them back.

Lin Yu walked over slowly and placed a glass of hot water in her palm. He said in a low voice, “If you’re unhappy, just cry.”

Ning Nuo had learned to shoulder everything herself since she was young.

No matter how difficult it was, she would just grit her teeth and get through it.

She thought she wouldn’t cry. If she endured it, the tears would be held back, then there would be endless anger. After that, the tears wouldn’t come again.

However, as soon as Lin Yu finished speaking, her tears fell.

Lin Yu reached out and pulled her into his arms, gently patting her shoulder.

This woman was usually especially strong. Even he felt inferior to her when she did things.

It was rare to see her so fragile. It was as if she had taken off all her armor, revealing her softness.

His heart ached, and he didn’t know what he could do for her.

After crying for a while, Ning Nuo felt much more relaxed.

“Lin Yu, will you like a woman who looks exactly like me?” Ning Nuo raised her head and asked, looking at him eagerly.

“It’s not just your face that I like; I like your entire appearance. If anything about you changes, you won’t be the person I like anymore.”

His voice was calm, and every word he said was unusually reassuring.

“You already knew… that I’m not Ning Luyao?” Actually, Ning Nuo also sensed something in her heart. There were many things that she did not tell him before.

However, every time he heard Brother Yong call her Nuo Nuo, he was very calm.

When she created a new Weibo account during the official announcement, he did not have any doubts.

Usually, he called her Nuo Nuo and not Yao Yao.

“Are you her?” Lin Yu looked at her.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been lying to you. Ning Luyao and I are twins.”

On the day of the official announcement, things were too rushed and time was tight. Ning Nuo did not have time to tell him. Her creating a new Weibo account under her real name was her biggest hint.

After that, he didn’t ask her anything. She wanted to bring it up a few times, but she didn’t know where to start. Even so, there was a faint thought in her heart that he liked her, not that empty name, so she felt both apprehensive and at ease.

She was contradictory and had too many contradictory traits.

Lin Yu chuckled. It was just as he had thought.

Therefore, when she imitated Ning Luyao in the past, he was very disgusted.

And when she became herself and did everything as she would, he unknowingly became attracted to her.

Ning Nuo could tell from his eyes that he knew everything.

“Did you investigate me?”

“No,” Lin Yu said solemnly as if he was swearing an oath. “I relied on my intuition.”

Ning Nuo’s doe eyes widened slightly before she smiled. “You fell in love with me because of your intuition?”

“Not at first. At first, I just wanted to find a pretentious bimbo to deal with my family in case they forced me to marry.”

“Why did you look for a pretentious bimbo?”

“To get rid of her after that.”

Ning Nuo smiled and told Lin Yu about her and Ning Luyao.

“So now, she’s still unconscious. I can only do this for the time being. I know this is wrong, and I’m lying to my fans, but firstly, I don’t have the money to compensate her for the breach of contract. Secondly, if the Ning family really goes bankrupt, I don’t want my grandmother at home to worry and have no one to rely on.”

Lin Yu said in a low voice, “We can resolve this matter according to the law. Whether it’s the car accident or medical expenses, as well as compensation for Ning Luyao’s lost work, there are legal standards. Also, you didn’t deliberately hurt her. You shouldn’t have to bear so much. Even if there’s really a disagreement, we can settle it in a lawsuit. The law can protect our rights.”

“I’ve thought about that too. It’s just that I’ve consulted a lawyer before. The fees are especially high…”

“I can lend the money to you first. You can return it to me in the future.” Lin Yu lowered his head and said, “You can return it to me with interest.”

When he said that there was interest involved, there was a rare trace of evil on his lips. However, Ning Nuo obviously did not notice this and said innocently, “Then I’ll owe you too much.”

“But you’re my official girlfriend now, aren’t you?” Lin Yu reached out and rubbed the top of her head. It felt too good. He stopped looking like a big bad wolf.

Ning Nuo shrank her neck. “Then can I draw the architectural designs for your future work? I’m inferior to Mr. Su, but my professional skills have been recognized by international professionals. It’s actually very expensive to hire me!”

“Then I’ll have to ask Miss Ning to help me!” Lin Yu smiled.

“I’ll publicly apologize to the industry and my fans when the time comes. It’s indeed my fault.”

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