Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1955 - 1955 Just To Meet You
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1955 Just To Meet You

Ning Nuo thought for a while and said, “I can withdraw from the recording of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. They can find another permanent guest. It won’t affect them much. However, there are still some scenes left to shoot for Clear Water Tales. Why don’t I finish filming it and wait for them to start broadcasting the show? Otherwise, their losses will be too great. I’d rather compensate them with the penalty for breach of contract than waste their efforts now.”

“It’s up to you.” These were all small matters. Lin Yu felt that there was no problem at all.

“I don’t expect everyone to forgive me. I just hope that I won’t cause too much trouble for everyone.” Ning Nuo had replaced Ning Luyao for so long, and most of the people she met were quite good.

This circle was not as despicable as the rumors said. She had made many good friends in the production team of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Everyone there helped each other, making Ning Nuo, who never had many friends, feel a different kind of warmth.

Lin Yu’s heart ached as he hugged her tightly. She was born into a family that didn’t show her any love. She took the college entrance examination at the age of 15 and went overseas at the age of 16. She had experienced countless hardships in her previous life.


In the future, he would protect her!

After gaining the approval of various parties, the fourth episode of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was successfully broadcasted.

Moreover, it was broadcasted ahead of the third episode.

Although it was inevitable that they would be suspected of trying to gain popularity, the entire production team’s original intention was to let everyone know that when disasters happened, celebrities were not useless. They also wanted everyone to know how precious it was for humans to help each other.

Therefore, this time, the content was divided into two parts. One was before the earthquake, and the other was after it happened.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was broadcasted on Weibo.

[We didn’t edit the show too much. We just used the form of a documentary to tell everyone what we experienced when the earthquake happened. The television station’s version is 90 minutes long. On the internet, we uploaded everything that happened over the duration of 10 hours for everyone to watch.

[We will donate all the proceeds of this episode to the injured and their families. Thank you for your support.]

As it was a hot topic and showed the artistes’ true reaction to the earthquake, the trailer attracted countless attention.

In particular, Lin Yu and Ning Luyao’s fans were already waiting for the episode.

It was because in the trailer, the production team publicized the news that Lin Yu would appear.

Under the control of Sister Ai and Brother Yong on Weibo, the conflict between the fans of both sides was controlled to the greatest extent.

However, in private, Lin Yu’s fans still looked down on Ning Luyao.

They found it hard to accept a pretentious bimbo and b*tch!

No one could scold her on Weibo, but they could at least vent their anger in the comments section, right?

Actually, the entire production team was very cautious and tried their best to avoid using Lin Yu and Ning Nuo’s relationship to promote the show. However, they still attracted a group of anti-fans.

[The programs nowadays are really getting more and more shameless. They’re really cruel. A disaster has already happened, yet they’re still trying to clear Lin Yu and Ning Luyao’s relationship? Why aren’t the relevant departments banning this program?]

[That’s right. This is too much! If they show off their love on the show, won’t they let down those injured people? Won’t they let down the rescuers who worked so hard to save everyone?]

[Anyway, as soon as the episode comes out, I’ll boycott it! I definitely won’t tolerate these actors having it their way!]

The episode started amidst the argument.

The show this time was very solemn. It was no longer a variety show. Instead, it was edited as a documentary.

The solemn atmosphere made everyone quiet down.

The birds in the forest dispersed, and the pheasants ran around.

While everyone was joking, Ning Nuo began to persuade everyone to find a place to hide.

Zhou Wan’er mocked her, but Ning Nuo ignored her and tried her best to persuade the others.

Mr. Cheng Kang also used his experience to stand on Ning Nuo’s side.

[This can’t be fake! To be honest, the earthquake came very quickly, but she was able to sense it in time. She’s really capable.]

[Yes, to be honest, this bimbo shouldn’t be slandered here.]

[How can you call her a bimbo? If they hadn’t gone into hiding, I wouldn’t know about the artistes, but these staff members carrying equipment would definitely be dead or injured!]

Sure enough, as the video progressed, an earthquake really happened.

Those staff members all had looks of lingering fear and relief on their faces. One of the cameramen even said, “Thank God! Otherwise, my equipment alone would have killed me!”

[Xiuwen is also very good. He pulled Jia Jia back at the critical moment!]

[It’s good that Cheng Kang used humorous words to ease everyone’s anxiety!]

[Ning Luyao threw all her clothes on Xianxian’s head to protect her! Xianxian’s fans, it’s time to express your gratitude!]

The footage swayed, which showed how dangerous the situation was even if it was only for ten seconds.

However, the audience member’s hearts were about to jump out as if they were there.

Seeing that everyone was helping each other, cheering each other up, and doing their best, the various fans got rid of their prior misconceptions.

At this moment, everyone was united like never before.

[Everyone is really good. They didn’t forget to help each other at a time like that.]

[Everyone in the production team of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has a good relationship with each other. I can tell from the previous episodes. I’m really touched.]

[That’s right. They might have panicked when such a disaster happened, but when I saw that they still cared about the people around them, I felt that their friendship was precious.]

[Moreover, their reactions are definitely genuine. They couldn’t be acting at all. There was simply no time for them to act. Therefore, they’re really great.]

[But that Zhou Wan’er is really an anomaly! Previously, she even said that everyone was targeting her and isolating her. Didn’t you see that she rebutted whatever Ning Luyao said? She’s really too much!]

[That’s right. Everyone else is united, but she’s the only one who talks too much. When everyone isn’t panicking, she’s the only one crying and shouting.]

After this show, everyone knew what kind of person Zhou Wan’er was.

To think that everyone had sympathized with her before and thought that Ning Luyao must have taken the lead in isolating her. Now, it seemed that she was the one who messed with Ning Luyao.

For a moment, Zhou Wan’er’s popularity could be said to be terrible.

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