I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy

Chapter 267 - 178: Golden Core Pursuit !
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Chapter 267: Chapter 178: Golden Core Pursuit !

Translator: 549690339

Therefore, he was not stingy with Spirit Stones and immediately took out fifty more middle-grade ones, inserting them into the slots.


His divine consciousness surged, pushing the high-grade Immortal Boat to its limit and breaking through space. In just a flash, it had already traversed a great distance. Within three breaths, its shadow was nowhere to be seen, disappearing into the distance.

An incense stick’s worth of time later.

The retreating Immortal Boat reappeared, speeding in the opposite direction towards Shu Du like a whirlwind.

Aboard the Immortal Boat, Han Yi’s expression was grave.

He had just used the Yi Yao Secret Skill to confuse the heavenly patterns of this murder to prevent someone from tracking him through causality. However, he detected a trace of danger within the secret skill.

No matter how much he tried to confuse or obscure the heavenly patterns, a bloody glow kept emerging.

This frightened him immensely.

This pursuit wasn’t over yet, a thought flashed through Han Yi’s mind.

The moment this thought came to him, he had already swiftly stopped the Immortal Boat. Then, he decisively turned around and headed back to Shu Du.

Given that he had used an artifact and his Spiritual Sea Power had been severely depleted, his Divine Soul strength greatly weakened as well. If he encountered a Foundation Building late-stage cultivator or stronger, it would indeed be dangerous. It would be better to temporarily retreat to Shu Du, where he could at least ensure his safety for the time being.

If he continued forward, the bloody glow would be fierce, bringing the danger of death.

Once in Shu Du and restored, he could wait for another opportunity to find a different route back to the Xuandan Sect.

That was Han Yi’s new plan.

As the Immortal Boat turned back, it would not take an incense stick’s worth of time to traverse the twenty li of distance at its current speed.

Half an incense stick’s burning time after Han Yi left,

A figure emerged from the void, walking without any magical instrument beneath its feet, stepping casually into the void.

True person.

This was a Master Golden Core.

He was a middle-aged man with a long sword across his back. The scabbard and hilt of the sword were both bronze in color. The middle-aged man stepped out of the void and landed in the forest below, surveying the scene and immediately realizing what had transpired. f𝗿𝐞ewebno𝚟𝚎𝗹.𝗰𝐨m

“The Heavenly Will Sect, Han Yi?”

“Daring to covet my Immortal Boat, you’re courting death.”

The long sword behind the middle-aged man soared into the air of its own accord. It was also bronze in color, broad and blunt. The sword hovered in the void as the middle-aged man stepped onto it and flew, his speed thirty percent faster than that of the high-quality Immortal Boat that Han Yi had driven.

This was the full-force explosion of a Master Golden Core, which was naturally faster than an Immortal Boat.

The direction he pursued, without any hesitation, was straight towards Shu Du, as though he had already determined the direction Han Yi had left in.

On the other side.

Han Yi had already covered ten li of distance on the Immortal Boat when he encountered another group of Daqian official cultivators out on patrol. Han Yi reported his Xuandan Sect identity and passed through smoothly. However, this delayed him for a moment.

When he was one kilometer away from the Immortal Gate of Shu Du, he suddenly sensed something and looked back. He saw a figure slicing through the sky, approaching from the direction he had flown in, closing in on a spot ten li away from him.

Of course, the cultivator traveling in the same direction as Han Yi was also stopped. However, it was unclear what item they had shown to the guards that allowed them to quickly pass through.

From nine li away, Han Yi could not see clearly, but a sudden sense of urgency exploded in his heart.

This person, this cultivator, had come to hunt him down.

Foundation Building late stage or Master Golden Core?

Recalling the words of the three Fragrance Sect evangelists earlier, the Immortal Boat beneath him belonged to the Fragrance Sect’s hall master.

The answer was obvious.

The other party was the Fragrance Sect’s hall master, and he had caught up with Han Yi because of this Immortal Boat.

He had been careless.

Han Yi’s heart raced and beads of cold sweat broke out all over him.

His divine consciousness surged into the Immortal Boat, speeding away. Once he entered the Immortal City, he leaped down from the Immortal Boat with a thought and landed on a bustling street using Sword Control.

The Immortal Boat continued to speed forward, but since there was no divine consciousness controlling it, its speed was at least halved.

An incense stick’s worth of time later, the unmanned Immortal Boat had automatically traveled to the middle of the Ninth Immortal Ring. The middle-aged man arrived on the Sword Control and caught up with the Immortal Boat. After seeing that there was no one on the boat, his gaze flickered and his brows furrowed deeply.

“A treasure-level Immortal Boat, abandoned just like that.”

“This Heavenly Will Sect’s Han Yi, he’s not simple.”

The middle-aged man waved his hand gently, and the Immortal Boat flying in mid-air gradually shrank until it was the size of a palm before he put it into a Storage Ring.

“However, daring to kill the Fragrance Sect’s evangelists, and three of them at that, including core evangelists like Tang Yue-xi and Guang Jinglong. I must kill this person.”

“Even if he can hide for a while, can he hide for a lifetime? As long as you are in Shu Du, I will be able to find you.”

The middle-aged man soared forward on his controlled sword, crossing the boundary between the Ninth and Eighth Immortal Rings, and landed in a vast sect residence.

Any cultivator familiar with the layout of Shu Du would know that this residence belonged to one of the Three Great Sects of Daqian, the Southern Dipper Divine Palace.

On the other side.

After escaping from the Immortal Boat in the Ninth Immortal Ring, Han Yi identified his location and, referring to the map that Zhou Su had given him earlier, flew with Sword Control for two hours. Instead of landing randomly, he arrived at a certain neighborhood marked on the map and directly descended in front of a loft called the Myriad Immortals Inn.

Just like the Fei Xian Tower, the Myriad Immortals Inn was also a part of the Immortal Pavilion’s enterprise.

In fact, as the unanimously acknowledged number one business in Daqian, the Immortal Pavilion’s enterprises covered all aspects of the world. Add to that the fact that the Immortal Pavilion had a powerful backer – rumored to be the son of some reigning Emperor – their background was rock-solid. Nothing in Daqian could compare, which allowed them to expand with virtually no resistance..

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