Shadow Monarch: Heroines Could Hear My Thoughts?!

Chapter 124- Kaisa: The SmilingDemon (Part 1)
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Chapter 124- Kaisa: The Smiling Demon (Part 1)

The huge door was so intimidating to look at as it not only gave this, weird, bone-chilling feeling as if danger was looming over it but also because of the engravings on it. Even though Rin didn't have any idea what they meant, he could see that it was not something wholesome written there.

The other thing is the dry, pale-brown spots riddling the door. From just one glance, Rin could tell that these were blood spots. He didn't know whether it was really actual blood or not but it still made him even more serious and focused.

After that, he stepped closer to the door and pushed it open. He needed to use a good amount of strength to push a door that huge.

When he finally pushed it enough to pass through, Rin walked inside. The moment he took a step inside the room, the doors closed shut on their own submerging Rin in complete darkness. However, he didn't lose his composure because of it as his eyes had the ability to see in the darkest of places with ease.

'Nothing is here?' He thought to himself as he scanned the place thoroughly.

The room was made full of hard rocks with nothing else worthy to notice about it except for the bridge that linked the entrance to an arena-like circle in the middle. This big arena was floating on top of a bottomless, dark pit. Glancing down curiously, he couldn't fathom how deep it was as it seemingly extended endlessly into the core of the world.

'It's gonna be hard to keep watching my steps not to fall into this hole.' He thought.

He quickly shook his head and walked through the bridge toward the arena. His dagger was ready for any sneak attacks.

However, what happened instead was that the whole room suddenly lit. A series of torches hung on the wall were suddenly lit. Each torch was big enough to be sufficient to light a small house.

After that, the earth shook slightly under him. A feeling of dread assaulted Rin as he sensed the approaching aura. However, when he noticed where it was coming from, a frown appeared on his face.

'It's coming from inside the hole?!'


The moment he tried to move before whatever abomination reached him, the place shook again with a stronger intensity. The whole place was submerged in chaos as Rin found his balance getting screwed.

Then, out of the abyss, a huge silhouette rose up, towering over Rin and the whole arena. The body of the monster was extremely long, bigger than a medium-sized building. Its rough and black scaly body had tens of long arms on it that run across its body from the head all the way to the end similar to a centipede.

However, its most noticeable feature is the weird mask on its face. Indeed, there was something akin to a white mask stuck to its face that had a contorted smile splashed on it. A smile only seen on theatre masks that represent comedy.

'A smiling mask?'

As for the creature's actual face, it was hidden from eyesight.

[Kaisa: The Smiling Demon]

[Rank: D]


That was the only thing Rin could see from its information and it was more than enough to make him frown.

'A D-Rank monster?' Rin thought.

Just remembering the last time he faced one of these monsters, Rin could only shudder. That was by far the closest he was to die in his whole two lives. Even the fact that he beat that crazy demon is a miracle in and out of itself.

Now, he was facing another one of these monsters. However, there was one difference between that encounter and this one and that difference is that Rin wasn't the same Rin of that time.

'Let's see how much I improved after all this time.' He thought with a daring smile. He was still nervous but he kept his calm and composure.

Twisting and turning with its snake-like body, the monster finally landed on the arena and gazed at Rin. Deep in its contorted eyes, he could only see a deep abyss unfathomable to humans. He didn't get how a creature can be that dark and evil. The deep hatred he saw in its eyes was enough to make him question what made it this angry.

After making eye contact for a few seconds, the monster's tail quickly rose in the air and then launched toward Rin.



The tail pierced the ground making it explode in a haywire of dust and debris. It was able to slice through hard boulders with ease like a knife going through a piece of softened butter.

"Damn, that was clo-"


Without any warning, the monster's tail rose up again and darted toward Rin who had jumped to the side at the last second. 𝐟𝐫eewe𝗯𝐧𝚘ve𝐥.c𝚘𝚖

Two huge craters were carved into the arena in less than 10 seconds.

"Let me finish my wor-"


The monster dragged its tail through the ground following Rin closely. It didn't care about anything except to actually shred Rin to pieces. There wasn't even an ounce of hesitation or even a moment of assessment for its opponent, nothing of that sort at all.

'This monster doesn't joke!' He thought as he clenched his teeth.

Jumping to the side, Rin dashed around the edge of the arena while getting followed by the tail.


Each hit shook the arena as if it was assaulted by an earthquake.

"My eyes are filled with dust, fuck! WOAAAAH!!" Rin spat out a bunch of salivae to get rid of the bad taste of dirt in his mouth. But, even that split second was exploited by Kaisa.

"Bluh! Bluh! My eyes. Give me a fucking break!"

Having enough, Rin quickly darted toward the monster. He thought that if he kept on dodging, he might find an opportunity to get closer. But, he was completely wrong for two main reasons.

The first reason is the huge size of the monster which made it impossible to deal a critical hit to it even if he was able to find an opportunity. Its skin and huge frame would only stop his dagger from digging deep into the monster's flesh. The second reason is the huge control Kaisa has over its tail. Even though a tail of that size should've been considered hard to move and as a consequence becomes slow, it was actually very swift.

'So, my only bet is to aim for the head.'

Looking at the shiny mask, Rin's eyes flashed with a strong glint. He had a gut feeling that aiming for that mask was the right thing to do in this situation. There was something fishy about it that could only make him curious to try and stab it.

However, that plan of his wasn't going to be a smooth sail by any means as the moment he stepped closer, the tail quickly jumped on him.

'This shitty thing!' Clicking his tongue, Rin side-stepped the attack and continued running. He wasn't going to stop, not when he was getting this close.

'I'm there. Just 15 more meters.'


But, Rin's steps were forcefully halted as he felt a chill run down his spine. Then, without hesitation, he jumped in the air and retreated back. His survival instincts, honed by countless life-and-death situations kicked in.


The place where he stood was assaulted by a missile-like object. Its speed was enough to pierce the ground and leave a trace there.

"Cough! Cough! What the hell was that?" He exclaimed as he swiped the dust away from his clouded eyes.

Much to his surprise, what was launched at him wasn't a missile as he thoughts but instead an arm. Precisely one of Kaisa's arms.

'What the fuck?!' Quickly glancing at the monster's body, he located the place where the arm was missing. There was now a bloody hole in the monster's body where an arm should be.

But, before he could even regain his composure from that, the injury started wiggling faintly. Then…


A brand new arm appeared there. It looked shiny from the weird mucus on it as it wriggled left and right as if it was trying to regain mobility after being numb for a while, except that it wasn't numb but was actually cut off and reappeared!

'It can regenerate missing arms?'

Seemingly noticing Rin's shock, the monster quickly twisted its body, aiming the side where its countless arms were located, toward Rin. It was as if he was getting targeted by countless sniper rifles except worse!

"Fuck… me," Rin said in a quiet tone.


Countless fleshy missiles were blasted toward him at a very high speed. Each arm was strong enough to pierce Rin's body and each one was aimed precisely at where he stood.


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