Shadow Monarch: Heroines Could Hear My Thoughts?!

Chapter 125- Kaisa: The Smiling Demon (Part 2)
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Chapter 125- Kaisa: The Smiling Demon (Part 2)


A huge explosion errupted in the middle of the arena. The whole place swayed left and right along with the impact of the missiles. The whole floating arena immediately tipped to the side, dragging everything on top of it down to the abyss.

Kaisa immediately plunged its tail into the ground and twisted its body around it to keep itself balanced on top while letting everything else fall into its demise, including Rin. The huge cloud of dust and debris that covered the whole place didn't allow the demon to see whether Rin died instantly or was on the verge of dying.

It didn't even entertain the thought that Rin could've escaped that hit unscathed. It was timed perfectly and also had the element of surprise in it which Rin could never predict. Who would expect the monster's arms to be fleshy missiles that could regenerate?

The arena's weird inclination eventually was fixed and the dust was swiped away into the abyss under it.

Looking at the huge crater where its arms landed, the demon searched for Rin's disintegrated body. But, forget about a mess of flesh or a dead corpse, there wasn't even a trace of blood there.

The monster became confused as it instinctively stretched its neck closer to take a more precise look. But, that exact move was the biggest mistake it could do.


Rin sneaked behind it and jumped on its body before dashing toward its head. All of this happened in a quick moment so the monster couldn't react in time. At the exact moment the arms would've hit him, he activated shadow manipulation and quickly vanished in his shadows. A moment later, he appeared again under the smoke screen, hiding what he did from Kaisa and even Emilia who had a strong frown on her face.

She was ready to jump into the arena and save Rin. But, seeing him get out unscathed from the smoke screen and even sneak behind the monster, she could only blink a few times as she asked herself.

'How did he do that?'

Not only has avoided those missiles at the last moment, but he also came unscathed too. Then, she recalled what Rin said to her before.

'He is still hiding his element. But, what kind of power could make you evade such a head-on blast?'


The dagger was plunged into Kaisa's mask, cracking it a little bit. The sound of the cracking was eerily similar to that of bones breaking. Even the texture of the maks when Rin touched it was basically no different than touching hard bones.

'Why does it have a bone mask?! Is it actually a part of its face and not a mere mask?!'

With a closer look, Rin could see that the mask did indeed seem to be glued to the monster's face tightly. There wasn't even a small separation between the skin and the mask


The demon instantly started swinging its head back and forth crazily as it tried to shake Rin away from it.

'Fuuuck!! This is making me feel nauseous!' Rin thought as he grabbed tightly into its scales. His body was getting yanked forcefully. After a few seconds, he lost his grip and he was basically thrown high in the air.


The monster's arms regenerated and were blasted toward Rin along with its huge tail.




Getting blasted violently, Rin could only clench his teeth as he waited for the impact. His body reached the other side of the room and smashed against the wall violently. He felt the breath getting knocked out of his lungs as his eyes widened.

But, he was far from over with this, as the moment he tried to push himself out of the human-sized hole he created in the wall, the monster's tail was already getting closer to where he was.

'Give me a fucking break! Don't you get tired?!' He screamed in his head as he jumped in the air.


Debris hit the back of his head as he tried to land on his feet. The jump was quite high and it was going to hurt if he didn't lessen the impact of the landing.


Spinning in the air, he landed on both of his feet and on one of his arms before

"Superhero landing!" He muttered to himself with a nervous chuckle.


However, even the time for silly jokes and useless comments wasn't allowed for Rin. He was entrapped by Kaisa as it kept showering him with missiles and a building-sized tail that seemingly was fast enough to keep up with him.

The situation was getting more and more disadvantageous and he was sure that if he kept going like this, Rin was basically fucked. He had no way of pulling off a sneak attack like the one he did before as Kaisa is now more awake and more alert than ever before. That chance will never come again even if he tried to create it with his own hands.

So, his last chance was something completely different… Action Points. Even though he didn't want to use them all in such a situation, Rin had no other choice if he wanted to actually win. Besides, he had kept them stacking up for cases like these where had no way of winning no matter how cunning he was, a direct confrontation that didn't allow for tricky plans and smart thinking.

Opening his system stats on the side, Rin checked his Action Points.

[System Profile]

[Name: Rin Silvereye.]

[Class: Shadow Bringer (First Phase)]

[Race: Human/ ???]


[Strength: E]

[Agility: E-]

[Dexterity: G+]

[Intelligence: G+]

[Charm: A-]

[Magic: C-]

[Action Points: 5145]

'I increased 1000 action points after killing all of those monsters? Lower than I expected but it is what it is.'

After the previous 4000 points he used in his spar with Emilia, Rin thought he will at least get 2000 points. But, through that matter, he didn't really do any plot-changing events or met any plot-related people.

It seemed that even meeting and getting beaten up by one of the cult members wasn't considered a plot-related event by the system so it didn't count the Action Points because of it.

'How much would 5000 points increase if I put it all in strength? Tsk!!' He asked his system.


The barrage of attacks kept trailing him wherever he went.

[It will increase to E+]

'Only that much?'

[Yes, the higher rank you go, the more points are required to get stronger, host.]

'Fuck! Fine, put half of the points in Agility and the rest in Dexterity.'

His dexterity and intelligence were considerably weaker than his other stats by a huge margin so he decided to put his bet on getting Dexterity to a higher rank. He still didn't understand how dexterity worked or how it can help him but since he was fucked anyway and he couldn't make a breakthrough in his strength, he might as well put his bet on Dexterity and hope for the best.

It was a risky move, but, when did Rin ever do something that wasn't risky? He was basically gambling with his life 24/7 and smiling while he was at it. He was already a reckless human being.

[Agility stat has increased from E- to E]

[Dexterity has increased from G+ to F+]



The moment the system allocated the points to the two stats, he felt a weird change occur in his body, precisely inside his head. It was completely different from the other times when he evolved his stats and that intoxicating feeling of power and endless energy.

This feeling was more mind-rooted as it weirdly changed his thoughts.

'Wait, why am I using my body like this?' He asked himself with a confused look.

Checking his posture as he ran, the way he gripped the dagger, and even the way he evaded the monster's attacks, he found many flaws in them. He felt as if everything he was doing was wrong and that he should fix it instinctively.

This sudden effect surprised him greatly but also made a wide grin appearing on his face. He was really happy with this effect. For a stat to actually increase his mastery over his dagger and also fix his body posture.


Following these new ideas, Rin noticed the instant change. His speed increased visibly and he found it way easier to avoid the missiles. Each attack was no easier to side-step as if his body was now way more flexible like rubber.

However, except for the change in his head, nothing changed inside his body. The only thing that changed was the way he used it to the highest efficiency. That mere change in muscle movements, spine inclination, and footwork was more than enough to allow Rin to use his abilities to their full potential unlike before.


Jumping out of the way while leaving behind a huge explosion, Rin's face looked ecstatic.

'I'm the god of dexterity!!'


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