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Chapter 769

Sunshine Valleys Prodigy

Who is your guardian, you naughty boy? questioned the referee, as he swept his gaze over the crowd.

The doctor had to raise his hand and explain, Uh, let him participate. He is Sunshine Valleys uh umm a prodigy who rarely shows his face.

Are you serious, Doctor? He has no cultivation. I advise against it for his sake.

Cant Sunshine Valley send anyone decent? Is this how low you primitive fiends have fallen? disparaged Long Aotian.

Dragon Wriggling on the Ground, did you think this was a talking contest? You going to fight or not? Xiaoshuai grouched.

I wont hold back against a lowly fiend. Ill break your legs! responded the Body Severing Realm Ninth Layer dragon fiend.

Bootleg dragons and their big mouths.

Ill teach you a thing or two about respect on behalf of your parents, you wretched fiend! brayed Long Aotian, morphing his arms into dragon arms and advancing at blistering speed.

Xiaoshuai performed some shoulder swings and then jumped up, kicking off the back of Long Aotians head. Youll teach what?

Long Aotian felt his blood and qi escape his control as Xiaoshuais tap sent him reeling! When everyone expected Long Aotian to land outside the ring, they saw Xiaoshuai in front of the former once again to send Long Zaitian back into the ring with a kick.

Were you going to teach me how to get stomped?

Xiaoshuai subsequently proceeded to kick Long Aotian from one side of the ring to the other and then flit across to drive the latter back the opposite way, enjoying himself for fifteen minutes. The referee could not waive the fight since Long Aotian did not legitimately lose, and Xiaoshuai, who was as fast as a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator, would not end it. If Xiaoshuai meant to, he could have turned Long Aotian paraplegic with a single kick.

Good job, Rodent, applauded the dragon vine.


Whether it was because of how deep Xiaoshuai kicked Long Aotian into the ground outside the ring or Xiaoshuais performance, the crowd juddered. Only when Xiaoshuai dusted his hands and fetched Shadow Splitter Sword from the ground did the spectators notice that Xiaoshuai did not even use his weapon.

Doctor, is he really a kid from Sunshine Valley?

Ahem, began the doctor. Without going red in the face this time, he claimed, He is, indeed. Hes our prodigy. We have m-m-many more geniuses like him! With Lord True Dragon now supporting us, we will have even more children just as gifted as him.

You despicable, vicious child! a fanged dragon fiend stood up to accuse.

What are you on about? Long Aotian clearly tried to kill the boy. He was the one threatening to break the boys legs.

A grown young man picks a fight with a kid and loses fair and square. Then, you turn around and complain you got hit?

Dont you lowly bugs dare to talk down to us dragons!

Yeah, one of your ancestors is one of us primitive lowly bugs, moron.

Now youre speaking my language. Its not a true festival if there are people not participating, hehehe, commented Xiaoshuai, returning to Mu Yu and throwing Mu Yu Shadow Splitter Sword. π–‹π”―π”’π”’π”΄π–Šπ”Ÿπ”«π–”π–›π–Šπ–‘.𝔠𝔬π”ͺ

Mu Yu pinched Xiaoshuais cheek. Youre not at Body Severing Realm, are you?

Yeah, Ive demolished Big Earthworm every time, answered Xiaoshuai, pulling out a drumstick.

When did I ever lose to you, Rodent?!

Whats going on here? Stop! Jade Wyrm discharged his energy to end the quarrel taking place.

My Lord, those lowly fiends sneak attacked us, cried the long-fanged dragon fiend now all bruised and with only half his fangs remaining.

Are you lowly primates revolting?! blustered Jade Wyrm.

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