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Chapter 770

Rising Dragon Convention Scrap

I heard someone call us dragons out. Was it you? fumed Jade Wyrm, choking a man. Youre but a lowly iron-scale leopard. You have a problem with what I say?

I I stammered the terrified fiend, kicking his legs.

Is there a problem with speaking facts? Mu Yu rhetorically questioned, flicking a reed at Jade Wyrm.

Jade Wyrm instinctively extended an arm to catch the reed but retreated when he identified Mu Yu as the attacker. Mu Yu, you want to die here and now?

You have a problem with me telling the truth? fumed the dragon vine, transforming and staring down Jade Wyrm.

Ah, Lord True Dragon!

It really is Lord True Dragon!

The dragon vine morphed into a proud, casual young man and kept staring down Jade Wyrm.

Jade Wyrm tried forcing a smile, then bowed to hide his scowl. You speak in jest, Lord True Dragon.

As if being haughty wasnt enough, you bootleg dragons are now trying to overturn losses under outlandish excuses? Are dragons too good to lose with integrity?

You misunderstand, Lord True Dragon. He who wins is the better man. I am merely here to quell the disturbance.

Tell me what problems you can identify, then, demanded Mu Yu, spinning a reed between his fingers.

Mu Yu, Im not conversing with you.

You bullied my bother. You expect me to just watch you bully my brother? Mu Yu disputed, placing an arm on Xiaoshuais shoulder.

They all tried to start on me after I defeated Long Aotian, Xiaoshuai added as he ate.

Long Bailian, give me a full recount. We dragons are upright beings. If we lose, we lose with dignity, demanded Jade Wyrm.

Long Bailian, hand covering his snapped fangs, decided to make the most of his backing and claim, That kid gravely hurt Long Aotian and disparaged us.

What tripe is that? You were the ones who started all the name calling, protested Mrs. Zhu, ducking behind Mr. Hama when Jade Wyrm looked over.

I saw everything that took place, yet youre going to lie to my face? As fellow fiends, you should be practicing equality, yet you dragons constantly insult other fiends as lowly fiends. Do you think Fiend King Green Dragon accepts you breaking the bonds between fiends? the dragon vine questioned.

Youre no fiend; youre just a lowly toss-out plant. How dare you talk down to me? You think youre qualified to lead our fiend race?

Smack! Mu Yus slap dislodged the remaining fang in Long Bailians mouth.


Fiend King Green Dragon explicated that his successor had to be a true dragon Therefore, it doesnt matter what his successors background is. You just challenged his authority and downplayed his command. Jade Wyrm, do you teach your subordinates what it means to comply with their superiors? Mu Yu taunted.

My Lord, he hit me. H-he hit me!


Long Bailian couldnt believe Jade Wyrm would slap him.

I apologise on for failing to teach him better, Lord True Dragon. We certainly should be united in strengthening our race and fighting against humans to escape these harsh lands. Wouldnt you agree, Mu Yu?

A small leak is all it takes to sink a great ship. If the fiend race refuses to cull all those fiends who have no respect for others, fiends will suffer here forever. If fiends want to conquer human territory, theyll have to do more than jape and rely on dishonourable means. Humans are united. If fiends are discriminating against their own kind, theyll never be a match for humans. A purge of those ruining the unity is necessary, dont you think, Jade Wyrm? Mu Yu responded.

That is why Lord True Dragon advocates equality among fiends, the doctor chimed in.

The cheers from the primitive fiends had Jade Wyrms face cramping. Still, he forced himself to smile. Mu Yu is absolutely right. Long Bailian was in the wrong today. As I have punished him for his misdemeanour, let the convention continue. Dismissed.

Jade Wyrm then approached the dragon vine. Our future depends on you. Though you have not matured yet, I do look forward to your upcoming performance. If you lose, we will feel let down.

I wont let bootleg dragons run the day.

Jade Wyrm, inflamed, decided to hold back and fake a friendly smile upon seeing Mu Yu fiddling with a reed. I also look forward to your performance, Mu Yu. Let us see how great the one who rescued two fiend kings is. Please dont use ruins poison in the match; its not fair.

I wouldnt use poison against fodder, Mu Yu replied, snipping the reed in two to startle Jade Wyrm. He threw the ordinary reed at Jade Wyrms feet.

Jade Wyrm jumped back upon seeing the approaching reed.

Mu Yu simpered. Right, Jade Wyrm?

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