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Chapter 771


I hope to see an equally admirable performance in the ring, said Jade Wyrm, running off once he saw all the raised eyebrows when he flinched over an ordinary reed.

The three other dragon leaders were privy to what was going on but judged it to be wiser to keep their noses out of it.

Did you see Jade Wyrms reaction? He looked as mad as a man who drank tea with piss in it! Xiaoshuai mocked back in the resting tent, rolling on the ground and laughing hysterically.

Qiao Xue also found it amusing, but she warned, Careful now. I assume youre now aware Jade Wyrm chases everyone down he has a grudge against.

Keep lining them up and Ill keep knocking them down, the dragon vine declared.

Dragon Vine, you have to win. Dont let your ego take over. This isnt your fight alone; you are everyones hope, Mu Yu reminded from his chair.

Fine drawled the dragon vine. Ill zap them as soon as the matches commence.

While the others were still cheering outside, the doctor entered the tent to caution, Mu Yu, your match commences in an hour from now. You will be fighting a member of the demon spirit dragon pythons Long Qi. Lord True Dragons opponent will be a member of Dark Forest Black Tigerdragon Long Wenmao. Be careful against them.

Mu Yus opponent is Long Qi? queried Qiao Xue.

Whats the big deal? Mu Yu lazily asked.

He took home second place in Body Synthesis Realm group last year. Not only is 80% of his blood that of a true dragon, but hes also a Body Synthesis Realm Eighth Layer fiend. Dont underestimate him.

Correction: he ascended to Body Synthesis Realm Ninth Layer when you left, corrected the doctor. Hes looking to dethrone Long Feiying, who took home first place last year in the Body Synthesis Realm bracket. The forty-two year old has the best chances of ascending to Ascension Realm. If he does, Purple Lightning Flying Dragons faction will overtake the other three factions.

What can we expect from Long Wenmao? Mu Yu inquired.

He took home first place in the Spirit Severing Realm bracket last year; hes won three years in a row, as a matter of fact. He, as a Spirit Severing Realm Fourth Layer fiend, defeated Ninth Layer opponents. The last time his blood purity was tested, 90% of his blood is true dragon blood.

Long Xingyun may have had the some blood purity, but Long Wenmao would crush him underfoot easily. Rumour has it that Long Wenmao defeated a Body Synthesis Realm First Layer opponent while he was only a Spirit Severing Realm First Layer fiend. Unlike Long Xingyun, he won three dragon scales.

Which means that Ill be facing the strongest competitor in my bracket in my first match? remarked the dragon vine.

Big Earthworm is weak. I wouldve signed up to fight the Spirit Severing Realm fiends if I knew the Body Severing Realm fiends were so weak. I cant even break a sweat.

Youre the weakling. Ill put him on his prissy bottom in seconds!

Mu Yu, Im worried about you the most. They wont dare to publicly kill Dragon Vine; however, theyll put in all the stops to kill you. Be very careful out there, stressed Qiao Xue.

You dont think I can win? I dont think Im that fragile.

Qiao Xue did feel better to know Mu Yu had his bloodlust power. Regardless, it was not a permanent enhancement. I cant feel at ease. Im positive Long Qi has prepared items to counter your abilities. You should think of your fight against not just him but all four dragon factions.

Ill beat him four times if thats what it takes.

Once the next round was announced, the atmosphere at the area intensified again. Mu Yu could not care less how the fiends evaluated him or how confident his forty-one-year-old opponent was.

This is disgraceful. Why do I have to fight a human?

Mu Yu brushed off the snubbing, relaxing as he waited for the bell.

I dont care what a repulsive human has done. I just want to let you know that you Long Qi pointed his thumb down.

Ref, can we get this over with already? Mu Yu queried.

Not yet. Body Synthesis Realm matches require two judges to watch together. I just received a notice that one judge needs some more time.

Hahaha, looking to die sooner, or looking to beg sooner?

Mu Yu folded his harms and shut his eyes.

Long Qi sniffed the air. I smell your fear all the way from here.

Mu Yus silence encouraged Long Qi to continue, Usually, deaths are forbidden, but if a human decides to stand in a ring above his level, he deserves to be taught a lesson.

The mockery coming from the anti-Mu Yu club down below also failed to faze him.

Apologies for the long wait. The original judge had a bit of an accident, so I shall judge this match in his stead, announced Jade Wyrm, appearing at the judging table.

Well, I shouldnt be surprised, thought Mu Yu, locking eyes with Jade Wyrm.

Mu Yu? Lucky me. Im going to have front-row seats to your performance, Jade Wyrm conveyed, feigning surprise.

Mu Yu smiled back.

I shall repeat the rules again. Our race hates nothing more than ruins poison, so anyone who uses it will be penalised, announced Jade Wyrm, sneaking a glance Mu Yus way and smirking wryly. Let the match begin!

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