The Transmigrated Author

Chapter 1: The Transmigrated One [Edited]
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Chapter 1: The Transmigrated One [Edited]

Authors Note: Before reading this I advise you to read the prologue before starting this chapter :D

unless you like skipping chapters but I'm not stopping you tbh -?Λ‰\_(- ^ -)_/Λ‰


Tat, Tat, Tat

I typed endlessly on my keyboard for hours on end the sun had dipped below the horizon hours ago, leaving me bathed in the blue glow of my laptop screen. Coffee fueled my veins, and my eyelids were heavy with exhaustion, but I couldn't stop. Not today.

This chapter, the finale of my web novel "I Was Reincarnated to Stop a World-Ending Threat," held the weight of a thousand revisions, countless stolen hours, and a dream I desperately wanted to realize.

Jan, the hero reborn to face Nero, the embodiment of destruction, had become more than just words on a screen. His struggles, and his victories, echoed in my own heart, fueling the relentless pursuit of the perfect ending.

Endlessly I typed as each sentence scrutinized, each paragraph polished until it gleamed. I felt a slight doubt fearing failure in my ear. Would this ending be perfect for the readers?

Suddenly, a sharp scent pierced the coffee haze. Glancing down, I could see the stain of spilled caffeine spreading on my chair cushion. A familiar laugh escaped my lips, tinged with self-deprecation and the exhaustion of writing.

Another loss of my tunnel vision, a small price to pay for the ending of this story.

Ding!, Ding!, Ding!

Just then, a notification rang from my computer, shattering the silence.

[Hello there, fellow Novelist! We are offering testing trials to promising authors for this new POWERFUL writing tool assistant that will guarantee to change your novel for good! If you are interested, please click the link below the drop-down box!

From, ORW.Org]

A scoff escaped me. The nerve, these spammers, trying to peddle shortcuts to a craft that demanded blood, sweat, and tears.

Brushing off the email I had received earlier, I took a good look around the state of my room, and honestly, it could be worse... Even though I was struggling to make it to the top 1000 rankings in terms of novels, my room proved that even with some time to myself, procrastinating a clean room would almost be impossible for someone like me.

Well, since it was Sunday, I guess today wouldn't be bad to keep my room from looking like a complete dumpster factory.

Carefully, I cleaned parts of my room from my clothes on my bed to the leftover bowls on the floor, and afterwards, my written drafts on my desk that covered my PC.

[2 hours after cleaning...]


My stomach growled, I couldn't be hungry and tired at the same time, so I think to celebrate today's final chapter submission, I could make Egg fried rice.

Excited to have a good meal for once in a while, I opened my fridge to see that there was nothing but a bowl of expired cereal and milk on the side that had one more day left from also expiring.


With a grumble, I heated the leftover rice and whipped up a simple meal. As I ate, the email about the writing tool crossed my mind.

Could this tool be what it says it is? The temptation was almost irresistible, I mean it's a free trial so I guess trying it out won't hurt.

Ctrl + W (Closed Tab)

Clicking back to the email, I quickly signed up.

[] - Open -

Upon clicking on the website, there wasn't anything that stood out. The background was plain black with the signup option, which didn't take too long.

[Enter Beta Code]

Oh, I'm sure they gave me a code somewhere inside the email. I scrolled down for a few minutes, passing over the terms and conditions, and arriving at the bottom of the email they had provided me, there was a code.


Click, Click, Click

This website seemed to be more on the hidden side since I searched on the internet for any kind of website related to this organization but apparently, there were none. The tools included in the beta showed that I could one-click import my convenient novel.

I did end up testing some parts of the tool and exploring its features. The interface was sleek and user-friendly, allowing me to navigate effortlessly. As I clicked through the various options, my curiosity grew.

Tap, Tap, Tap

I decided to take advantage of the one-click import feature. In seconds, my entire novel was transferred into the mysterious writing tool. It felt like I had handed over a piece of my soul to an unseen force.

Hours flew by as I immersed myself in the tool's capabilities. It suggested plot twists, enhanced character dialogues, and even proposed alternative endings. The convenience was undeniable, but an uneasy feeling lingered in the background.

Tap, Tap, Tap

The notifications kept coming. The writing tool offered to refine my writing style, optimize pacing, and predict reader engagement. It was like having a literary genie at my fingertips. But with every tap, I couldn't shake the growing sense that I was relinquishing control over my creation.

As I looked deeper, a realization hit me. The tool was altering the very essence of my story. The characters' voices started to sound less like mine and more like a calculated formula for success.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Another notification. The tool promised to skyrocket my novel's visibility and climb the rankings. It tempted me with shortcuts to literary fame. But beneath these promises, I sensed a price that wasn't explicitly stated.

[1:26 am]

Looking at the time It was getting late, so it was best if I slept now. I can always work on the novel later.

Rising from my chair, I hurried into bed, and like a teething baby, I drifted into sleep.




A jolt ripped me from sleep. dazed, I blinked, As I tried hitting the snooze button on the nightstand.

When I realised that that my phone wasn't the alarm going off my vision adjusted to a room that wasn't mine.

Looking to the side was an unfamiliar alarm clock that I had never seen before. There was also no familiar mess of clothes and discarded drafts, just modern furniture and an unfamiliar silence.

Panic clawed at my throat as I scrambled upright, the bed softer than memory. Where was I? Did I get Kidnapped?

Looking around the room, my PC wasn't facing the front of my bed; instead, it was replaced with a modern desk with a bow hanging from the wall.

To my right, there was a sliding wardrobe that probably contained my clothes, and there were empty frames alongside the window.

That wasn't the most of my concerns as of now.

Where am I?

Getting up from my bed, I jumped a few times and slapped myself a few times, and reality struck me.

This couldn't be a dream. On the desk, there appeared my glasses and a wallet which had money inside of it.

Putting on the glasses, a whole new world seemed to have opened up for me.


My voice screamed like an 18-year-old teenager. It was a bit deeper and soothing to an extent.

But that wasn't the scariest part...

There appeared a system before my eyes.

[Welcome! Axel Saint Rel Laurence]

You have been transported inside your novel: I was reincarnated to stop a world-ending threat

As the author of your novel, the system has decided that you are able to choose 3 main abilities out of the 5!]

Me? Inside of my own novel? No... It can't be. Haah, Haah, Haah, Each time I was breathing in I could feel the air shortening each time I thought about the situation.

Impossible. I can't survive this world. There was just no way...

As I carefully tried to calm myself down from the situation, I quickly regained my composure as I saw another message appear in front of me.

[The System is kindly asking you to choose 3 abilities out of the 5 please Mr Axel :D ]

Oh, sorry, System. I'll choose it right now. I bowed, apologizing the system also has feelings as well.



[Abilities Selection:]

{Sixth sense:}

- This ability is a heightened perception beyond the five traditional senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. This extrasensory ability enables an individual to perceive and interpret information that goes beyond the scope of ordinary sensory perception.


- The ability to enter a state of heightened concentration, enhancing the main character's precision and focus. While time doesn't slow down, the user gains an acute awareness of their surroundings, allowing for precise aiming and target tracking. This skill demands significant mental stamina and becomes more effective with continuous practice.

{Mana Affinity Mastery:}

- The character has an innate mastery over a specific type of mana (fire, water, air, etc.), making them exceptionally potent when wielding spells related to their chosen affinity.

{Aura Concealment:}

- The ability to mask presence, making it challenging for others to sense or detect them unless they actively focus on doing so.

{Mana Overflow}

- Excess mana spills over from the user, creating a protective aura that absorbs and nullifies incoming magical attacks. ]


Wow, I was amazed at what this system had offered me, and I needed time to think if I wanted to survive in this world.

First of all, I needed to see what my 'Talent' was.

"System, If you may. Can I please see what my stats are?"

[Sure!, Here you go, Mr. Axel!]


{Axel Saint Rel Laurence STATS:}

Age: 17

Talent: Marksman Of Weaponry [Grade 8]

- You are able to use all types of weaponry that can fire.

- You have improved precision with bows

- You have 10% increase in fire rate

Affinity: Flame, Water

Health: 50/50

Strength: 12

Stamina: 10

Speed: 55

Intelligence: ?

Mana: ?

Special Stats:

Archer: 2/10

??: ? / ?

???: ? / ?

???: ? / ?

???: ? / ?

Special Abilities:



Piercing Shot Grade 10, Vulnerability Reader Grade 8, Quick Shot Grade 10,


Fuck... A moment of realisation had hit me I was a sharpshooter in my swordsman-based novel.

This situation just got worse.

Having a sharpshooting talent was the worst type of talent to get.

Still, I had to make do with what I had, and why am I so weak? I expected to at least be stronger than the average individual.

Jeez, whoever was in this body blew it by handing me such a weak body.

But I knew complaining wouldn't do me any good, so there was no need to get greedy. The skills the system showed were all pretty good for my current state.

I'll think of this as a nobody getting an upgrade.

"System, I'll choose Deadeye, Sixth Sense, and Aura Concealment."

[Confirmed! Abilities will now be placed in the special category.]

A sudden change had spiked throughout my body. It was clear from all the goosebumps I felt that my senses were aware of everything that was in front of me and everything that was behind me.

As this ability upgrade went to my eyes, my blind self felt like the vision impairment I had was just improved by 2 fold, wait no, 10-fold. I thought it was all in my head but all of this was real!

I could see properly without my glasses!

Now, I needed to know the situation I was in so I knew the right person to ask, "System? Could you please tell me what to do next or give me some advice?" I asked with a polite voice.

[Sure! Since it's your first time landing here, the information provided will be free. :D ]


[Yes! Free! Since it's part of a set of rules we follow, we will only provide you with sets of information such as hints, a person's thoughts, locations, and plot advancements. There are many things we could list, but as you know, there is a cost.]

Well, my novel wasn't a system genre, unless we got to a certain part of the story.

So I guess I'm the only one who has this kind of special and unique system.

But I was confused since I thought the system was supposed to be a loyal free tool given to those who have it, but I guess someone like me, who isn't the main character, doesn't deserve free things, huh? "What's the cost?" I asked curiously.

[It would be our special currencies called: QP (Quest Points), PPP (Performance Popularity Points), and BP (Battle Points). Each of these has specific functions that only exclusively benefit you, the author. Since this world, is extremely difficult to live in, we have prepared a specific scaling system depending on the settings of the plot. :3 ]

Even with the assistance of this system, I wouldn't be able to reach the heights of the main characters at the end of the story but even so, I had to at least try my best for now.

It does make sense logically, so I could assume that I can benefit a lot from this if I work hard enough. "Continue, please," I asked politely.

[Okay! With the currencies, it's very simple: QP is earned by completing our quests! PPP is earned by making a name for yourself in this world, aka becoming someone important to the plot of the advancing story.

Be aware there can be changes made to the novel due to scaling and balancing. BP is earned by battling with easy or difficult enemies or even duelling with the main characters of the story!

This is all the starting information I can provide you, so I'll tell you the final piece of information that you need to know. For a bonus ~

{Pinnacle Academy Saga} You stand at the beginning of the main story. For the initial 2 or 3 years, alongside other main characters, you can choose whether to remain within the academy or venture outside later.

Proceeding... you have enrolled in the most challenging and respected institution, The Pinnacle Academy, known for producing exceptional heroes. Your current rank is 985 out of 1102 trainees.

You have one month before you enter; please make sure to train diligently to keep pace with the main story. A map will be provided for your whereabouts; just think 'map' inside your head, and it will activate alongside other commands such as 'stats.' That concludes the information, Mr. Axel! :D Best of luck on your journey.


"Thank you very much system."

If I knew a debrief like that would be very tiring, I wouldn't be lying. And with that, the system had disappeared, although I wasn't sure if they appeared with my glasses off.

So I did what any other person would do; I took off my glasses and said,

"System. Stats."



{Axel Saint Rel Laurence STATS:}

Age: 17

Talent: Marksman Of Weaponry [Grade 8][...]

Affinity: Flame, Water

Health: 50/50

Strength: 12

Stamina: 10

Speed: 55

Intelligence: ?

Mana: ?

Special Stats: [...] Special Abilities:[...] Abilities: [...]

QP: 0, PPP: 0, BP: 0


Amazing... This is how it feels to have a system of my own. The possibilities felt endless, yet I was still empty of hope; there was no way I would make it out the first year with a base stamina of 10. I'd probably die from walking. The overall stats weren't too bad, though.

However, I don't understand why my mana and intelligence stat isn't revealed maybe it was because I'm so overpowered that the numbers are immeasurable, or rather I was too stupid and too weak to have numbers be registered for that stat.

So I had to plan at least 3 months, no... 6 months in advance for the first few main events to come.

As curious as I would always be, I had to see what I looked like. Exiting out of my room, I found the bathroom which was across my room.

Stepping in front of the mirror, my initial take was...surprisingly normal. Messy black hair with that "just rolled out of bed" charm, dark blue eyes that mirrored the same confusion back at me, decently tall, and – okay, the face wouldn't win any "most handsome" awards, but it'd do.

That much I could admit. It wasn't like I could judge based on this novel's beauty standards. The heroes probably glowed with otherworldly radiance or something. π˜§π“‡π˜¦π˜¦π”€β„―π˜£π“ƒπ“Έπ“Ώβ„―π˜­.𝑐𝓸𝓂

Yet, I felt disappointed... It wouldn't it be hilarious if, even in a fantasy world, I remained average? A thought bubble appeared above my head – "Guess even magic can't work miracles" – making me snort into the silence.

Maybe in my high school days, I could've passed for "not bad looking," but those prime years were long gone.

Returning back to my room, I had to change clothes since all I was wearing was a plain white tee and bedtime pyjamas. It was time to explore the world created by my imagination.

I opened the wardrobe to see that there was a uniform for the Pinnacle Academy provided with the school dressing code. There wasn't any room for formal clothing since it heavily focused on training the students' ability to fight and understand essentially the theoretical side of things. But as expected, the clothing looked better than I thought.

Carefully observing the clothing, a screen popped up.

[Pinnacle Academy Uniform, Grade: C - Has resistance to low-grade monsters below C and has an enhancement feature that adjusts to the person's size.]

So I also have the ability to appraise items as well, huh? That means I can make a fortune out of this hehe. A mischievous chuckle had escaped my mouth but was stopped shortly after hearing a knock on my door.

"Hello, are you Mr. Axel Laurence?"

A guy who looked like a postman was standing before me; he didn't have any redeeming features; he just looked normal.

"Yes, I am."

I said this in a casual tone, hoping that it was okay to speak like this since this novel had a different slang or way of speaking. The postman looked at me after confirming with his clipboard.

Tak, Tak, Tak,

"Okay! I've confirmed the residency of the person, and here you go."

He handed me an ID card, which meant that this was my access to the Pinnacle Academy. The postman left after handing me the card.

Stepping outside of this surreal world for the first time, I could feel that I was definitely in another world because Earth had never felt this good before.

So this is what air filled with mana was like. I took another step, out to see a beautiful city that unveiled the settings of my world. There was no doubt I was in Seoul. With a good idea of my location, I contemplated navigating my way to places I wanted to explore.



An image of a 1920 x 1080 map appeared before me on my screen. There were points of interest and guides on how to quickly get to places, but outside of it, I would have to discover certain places first to unlock their location on this map. So, for the first time in a while, I went outside to walk.

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