The Transmigrated Author

Chapter 2: Pinnacle Academy
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Chapter 2: Pinnacle Academy

[Pinnacle Academy]

Pinnacle Academy had earned a reputation as the training ground, for aspiring heroes. The selection process was a balance of merit and ability ensuring that only the promising individuals ascended its grand staircase.

The merit system, a tapestry woven from the threads of accomplishments provided an overview of each student going beyond just physical strength to encompass the full range of their abilities.

However, amidst the triumphs and glory, there were also shadows lurking. The academy's esteemed image was tainted by the influence of privilege and wealth.

Those who couldn't navigate the path based on merit had alternative routes available to them – those who were affluent could secure their entry into this sanctuary for heroes. Families with status, known for their power and authority also found themselves having reserved seats at Pinnacle's prestigious tables.

Yet perhaps the biggest contradiction existed within the core of the academy itself – its faculty members. These mentors are responsible for shaping the future and are not immune to biases and corruption. Stricter regulations enforced with a grip dictated not only the curriculum but also influenced teaching philosophies.

The staff members themselves held differing loyalties and motivations creating a mosaic of mentorship that would ultimately shape the destinies of those, under their guidance.

Pinnacle Academy, with its contrasting blend of principles and hidden realities, served as a reflection of the world it aimed to safeguard. Inside its captivating premises, where magic intertwined with wisdom the individuals destined to be the heroes of humanity would be shaped, challenged and maybe even transformed forever.


haah, haah, I haven't been this tired since the glory days of middle school. I was catching my breath while exercising around the city of Seoul. I tried increasing my stats for stamina since the first year of school would be a living hell for me.


A sudden notification on my system popped up. As I stood still in the middle of the pathway I checked to see what the system had for me.

[Your Stamina has slightly improved! 1.5 points have been added.]


Dismissing the screen, I was left dissatisfied. Two points added to my now 13.5 stamina felt underwhelming after three hours of relentless running in the park. My soul seemed ready to ascend to the heavens, panting continuously as I rested my hands over my head.

I wasn't here to train and pass the time. A more crucial matter awaited – the introduction of our main character. I didn't know when he would arrive, but the central park was his favoured running ground.

For a while, I waited... quite a while. Engaging in a workout near a tree across the pathway, I might've looked like some lunatic doing 15 to 20 reps of push-ups, but my focus remained on raising my stats.

An hour would slowly turn to another 3 and I realised that today, at least, I decided to give up on waiting for the main character. Assuming he'd always be here since he enjoyed running around the central park. Luck wasn't on my side today. It was probably best to buy some groceries and head back to the apartment to assess my capabilities.


[A small event will occur, please be aware of your surroundings]

After seeing the system notification this probably had to be my first quest. my first quest seemed close.

[Deadeye has been activated!] fπš›π—²πžπ°e𝗯n𝗼vπ—²πš•.𝚌o𝐦

Activating deadeye, I scanned the surroundings for any suspicious activity. Counting the number of people in the area – 24 of them – I remained alert as the sun descended.

"Steal her belongings!"

From afar, I detected two low-life thugs closing in on a lady. As she began running, I realized my fatal mistake – I was a sharpshooter with no weapon. Panic set in momentarily. Recollecting my thoughts, I had to act.

Without time to think the woman ran straight towards me, the thugs focused on her. I had about 3 seconds to put up a fight.

Glancing at the ground, I spotted a few pebbles. Activating my ability 'Quick Shot,' I flicked the pebbles with enough speed to hit the two thugs in the head. The impact left a small dent on their foreheads, blood trickling down. Surprised, they turned their attention to me.

"Dak, that pimp just threw pebbles at our foreheads."

"Let's get him, Zee."

Both thugs charged at me. I wasn't strong enough to knock them out, but that was expected. While they approached, my special ability 'Sixth sense' kicked in. For a brief moment, I could dodge their attacks with ease.

As the thugs closed in, their intentions clear, I weighed my options. No weapons, but I had Deadeye, Sixth Sense, and Aura Concealment. I activated Aura Concealment immediately, attempting to blend into the surroundings. The system confirmed my successful concealment.

The thugs hesitated, looking around as if trying to pinpoint my location. Their confusion bought me precious seconds.

I moved silently, picking up all types of rocks. Instinctively, I identified a potential escape route and calculated their movements.

I aimed for a nearby tree, distracting them momentarily. They turned to the sudden noise, giving me the opportunity to maneuver. I considered my next move as dodging them wouldn't suffice for long.

I activated 'Vulnerability Reader.' Identifying weak points, As sparks of light blinked around their body parts, carefully I aimed for the weak points on their bodies.


In rapid succession, I launched pebble strikes. The thugs were getting assaulted by the rain of pebbles.



realizing that my pebble tactics were working I hope they realised they were dealing with more than just a random bystander.

As I tried moving away to another position they found me and started closing in the distance between them and me, now angrier and more cautious. they had landed a blow to my lower stomach.

This was the first time in a while since I've felt pain.


[Warning you've received a critical hit! HP is now 25/50]

I grabbed a hold of my lower stomach and looked towards the health stat in my system window. I can't believe I'm a glass cannon without the canon. Just glass. Now I was desperate; I needed to end this quickly. The only ability I had to actually damage them was Deadeye, so I decided to target their legs, aiming to disable rather than injure them.

As I launched my assault, one thug managed to grab me, but my speed allowed me to slip out of his grip. The other, affected by my pebbles earlier, stumbled. It was a narrow opening, and I seized the opportunity.

Pulling more rocks from my pocket I unleashed another flurry of pebbled strikes to their legs, hindering them without causing severe harm.


"AHHH! STOP!" The thugs were screaming in harmony as I kept shooting pebbles at them with my fingers.

I didn't stop until a notification was on my screen and I relentlessly shot them until I ran out of pebbles the thugs on the ground were crying helplessly.


[Quest Completed: Protect the Innocent - Reward: 10 QP]


[Fighting Skill Increased: Quick Shot levelled up! Grade 10 -> Grade 9

Stamina Increase: 13.5 -> 15.5 (+2.00)

Strength Increase: 12 -> 12.2 (+0.20) ]


The thugs were crying in pain and I couldn't help but let out a bit of laughter. I wasn't a hero, but I did fulfil a quest.

But that sure was draining, and I felt my head feel a little hazy was this mental stamina? I was spinning around trying to maintain my balance and I fell towards my knees.

I sighed in relief; laying on the ground contemplating my next move the woman whom they were chasing earlier looked to approach me as she stared in awe.

"Thank you so much for helping me," her voice shaky but sincere she bowed her head in thanks.

"No problem. Glad I could help," I replied, sitting down on the ground exhausted.

She looked at me for some time like she was lost and suddenly snapped out of her trance "Oh! You're hurt. Come on, let me take you to the nearest medical centre." She held her hand out to me.

I hesitated, not wanting to be an inconvenience to her, but she urged me to accept. She offered a supportive arm, and together we made our way to the medical centre.

Upon arrival, the receptionist recognized her and immediately directed us to a doctor. The medical staff attended to my wounds, stitching up the cut on my forearm and providing some basic first aid. The doctor advised rest and cautioned against any strenuous activity.

The woman stayed by my side throughout the process, expressing her gratitude once more.

"I can't thank you enough! By the way, I work for the Virtue Guild as a receptionist. If you ever need assistance or a place to stay, consider this as a token of my gratitude."

She handed me a small card with the guild's emblem and her contact details. I took it gratefully as it's pretty rare in the novel to receive things like this.

"I appreciate it. thank you for helping me." I said, still processing the events of the day.

As we left the medical centre, the night air felt cooler, and I sensed a mix of emotions. She offered to accompany me back to my apartment, but I insisted I could manage.

"Thank you again," I said, genuinely grateful for her help.

[Alert! you have earned 25 PPP.]

Amazing. Who knew that helping out strangers could get me some points, But I still needed to figure out how I'm supposed to spend these things.

I walked all the way back to my apartment which was only 10 minutes away from the central park and 15 minutes away from the Instant Destination Stone the IDS.

Finally, in the cozy part of my new apartment home, I needed to figure out the actual functions of these points.

"Excuse me System, what can I do with these points I have?" I asked in a polite tone.

[Quest points can be used to alter or change the scenario of an event or quest completely but the downside is that the reward could be greatly affected by this. It also goes the same way with rewards as well, If you want a really good reward, the amount spent could be a lot or the quest could be even harder than before via difficulty scaling.]

Interesting... As I stroked my chin in thought, So not only would I be able to get better rewards from dungeons with this currency but I could also be able to change the way a quest could be used.

"What about PPP?"

[Player Performance Points can be used to improve the appearance, relevance, and aesthetics. Here are the following:

Cosmetic Enhancements: Spend PPP to unlock exclusive outfits, accessories, and visual effects, allowing the MC to stand out aesthetically in the world.

Social Influence: Strengthen alliances with influential factions, boost charisma temporarily, and influence interactions by investing in PPP strategically.

Special Quests and Events: Unlock unique quests and limited-time events reserved for high-PPP characters.

Influence on the Story: Shape the narrative by spending PPP on influencing the story!, unlocking alternate story paths, and altering outcomes based on the points you have.

Skill and Ability Enhancements: Improve popularity-linked skills, gain advantages in social situations, and enhance strategic capabilities using PPP. ]

I realized the potential of the Player Popularity Points (PPP). It wasn't just about appearance; it was a key to shaping my experience in this world. As I contemplated the possibilities, the system continued.

[It's essential to use PPP strategically. You can decide how you want to be perceived in this world, be it a charismatic leader, a mysterious figure, or anything in between. Balance is crucial, as overspending might lead to unforeseen consequences.]

The system's advice made sense, and I decided that I needed to be thoughtful about how I spent my PPP. My mind buzzed with ideas, but I needed to prioritize. Appearance mattered, but so did social influence and the ability to customize my surroundings.

"Thanks for the info, System. I'll keep that in mind," I said with a sense of determination.

[You're welcome, Mr. Axel. Remember, your choices shape not only your character but the entire narrative of this world. Enjoy!]

The system's words lingered in my mind as I sat in my cozy apartment. I glanced at the guild card the woman had given me. The Vitrue Guild wasn't a guild I created so I assume this was the choice of the assistant tool. But this is sure to be a potential ally or a resource for the future. With this in mind, I decided it was time to explore more of this fascinating world.



The map materialized before me, and I scrolled through the points of interest for some time and I realised that I had no phone, no watch, and no PC. So the first thing I'd do tomorrow was to buy one of three.

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